Adventure! [Doug/Kelvin]

The stars can be seen , so lovely for such a sorrowful place. Suicide cliffs are a expanse of rock face that has green foliage and trees near the top. At the bottom the waves of the ocean crash against jagged rocks. Sometimes crimson can be seen in the waves and legend has it that is the blood of those poor souls that have chosen to take their life and all they left behind was blood in the water.
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Re: Adventure! [Doug/Kelvin]

Postby Shane » Tue Feb 28, 2017 2:51 am

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"They aren't resting as ghosts though. Cut the anchor and you set them free to whatever lies beyond which odds are is nothing. I don't think we're doing them any favors by leaving them in this state, nor are we doing us any favors."

I looked to the both of them confused mostly and a little scared. I felt panic rise in my chest wondering what was happening beyond the veil of my perceptions that she could see and I could not. Spirits weren't the same thing as ghosts?

"Wait? What's the difference between a spirit and a ghost? Different levels? Why do we need to leave? What's going on? I thought we were going to solve a mystery?"

The panic in my voice grew the more I spoke as I was being shuffled out of the burial chamber and back down the path as I kept looking over my shoulder back the way we came, not knowing what to expect. This seemed like failure, I don't like to fail.

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Re: Adventure! [Doug/Kelvin]

Postby QuicksilverFox85 » Tue Feb 28, 2017 4:36 am

"Ill explain in depth once we get up top." She said gently, she kept her eyes on the chamber as they moved out of it.
They could see a few other ghosts starting to appear as they left but the Thrysus didnt let them linger, not with what she saw.
They had time to consider what they saw because they didnt waste a lot of time talking about it.
Once they got to the ledge she had kelvin go up first, then Solomon and she climbed along side Solomon almost as if she was insuring he was safe.
She pulled herself over and looked over the ledge before gathering the stuff "Lets get back to the Jeep too. Distance is a good idea my friends"

Kelvin kept at a solid pace as they were heading out, making sure Doug and Gem could keep up but getting them out of there most ricky tick. Once they made it topside he looked back towards the cave entrance, making sure that none of the shades had followed them out before heading back towards the Jeep.

I kept looking back, expecting to see something like shadows pouring over the walls, an army of the dead chasing us. Anything like that. She had to have seen something awful to act like this, to run like this. I didn't know her well but she didn't seem like the type to back down from a challenge. So when told to run I ran, I still wanted to know why. I still HAD to find out what was down there and why.

Hauling the ropes she marched to the jeep "Spirits and ghosts are two different things. Ghosts come from humans and animals I guess, I don't know much about ghosts. Not my department, I am not moros like you. Spirits, the are other things. Almost alien. Trees can have a spirits, the clouds, sunlight. Concepts can be spirits. Pain even has spirits. They can urge you to do things, can possess you. I think Ghosts can too but again, not a death mage...but spirits...they do not have human morality. Now, the world has a few layers, the layer that you death mages can see, and then the layer that everyone sees, and then the layer that the Thrysus can see..or anyone with spirit. They feed from those emotions, pain spirit feeds from pain for instant...a suicide spirit would feed from suicide" She stopped at the Jeep to motion back to the cliffs "Suicide cliffs. Any way. The Area is what is called a Wound. Spirits are kind of twisted here. I didn't know it was a wound until I saw those spirits. I dunno if they had not noticed us or what but they had the ability to urge us to kill ourselves"

"Not so much animals, at least from what I've come across. Ghosts do have the ability to affect those around them; usual poltergeist tricks, along with possessing people if the situation's right." Kelvin nodded along as they made their way to the Jeep. His eyebrows went up a bit at the mention of the Wound, glancing back towards the caves again. "Sounds all kinds of pleasant..."

"Yea what's a wound? Can it be healed? What's it entail exactly? What causes it? Are we worried about that isn't there some juujuu you can do to shield us from that. If you see it you can hurt it right?"

Don't know if this would be enough for Belphegor but it was a start at least. Not exactly what I was hoping for, I imagine the Wound is what got the doctor but I still kind of wanted to know what else he found down here.

She leaned against the jeep for a moment. "Oh yeah all kinds of pleasant" She pushed off and started to take gear off and put it away.

She looked at Solomon and offered him a little smile at his questions after question. She pulled the back of the jeep down and pulled herself on it as she considered how to answer

"Wounds..believe they are caused by great atrocities. If I remember correctly" She shrugs "Dunno if it can be healed"

She breathed in and said "You say your pretty much newly awakened. You don't know what Seer is, or a Pentical mage. Or the 5 paths" She motioned between them "Moros, Thrysus, death and life..but your jumping in both feet to learn about a Arcanum that is your inferior arcanum. Harder for you to understand. But let me ask you this, you can see the ghosts..can YOU hurt them?"

Kelvin let her handle the Spirit questions, that being her bailywick and not his. The man's curiosity did bring him up in the Moros' eyes, at the very least; it was good seeing him try to figure all of this out rather than cowering away from it.

"Well if it's tied to the natives I can probably guess what the atrocity was or was related to."

He said as he himself stripped off what gear they had loaned him and put it back into the jeep while shoving his gear into his own bag.

"Inferior arcanum? I'm just trying to understand what's happening and why we seemingly ran for no reason. The only thing I know I can do right now is see every aspect of an object and one time I shrouded an area in darkness. I tried to see if I could listen to that little girl to no avail. so I doubt I can hurt them."

Like kelvin his questions and not letting fear rule him and also elevated him in her eyes. She gave a slow nod "Possibly, would take some digging to find out the answers but we do not have the proper stuff for it now"

To the second she made the sound mmhmm "Yeah. Each tower allows those who sign their name there access to its two spheres of influence. For Moros that would be death and Matter. But it also has a Arcanum, a sphere of influence that it does -not- understand with ease. In this case, Spirit.
I am a Thrysus, a life mage...we deal with Spirit and ..yep, Life. But the mind influence is harder for us to pick up"

She breathed in "You ran because your smart enough to trust the person who can actually see the spirits. There is a law in our society, if you do not have the power don't mess with it and if the person who your with does, pay attention to what they are saying and doing. When it was the ghosts I was letting you guys field it. But when I saw the spirits there, well...But, sadly...while I am a very skilled life mage, I focused on Mind so my spirit was lacking. I can see them, I can talk to them, I can even identify them. Hell I can wake them up. but I can not destroy them, harm them, or even command the yet. Hence why we left.

I am going to see if another Spirit mage will want to come back and look"

She looked him over "You will need to learn. About your path, the Pentical and the orders. You dont want to mess with Seers those are ..well...they are something I rather dislike because they harm people, they keep them from seeing the truth, like you can. They would have happily kept you from the tower" She went around the jeep "I want to introduce you to Orion and probably a sentinel or two"

Climbing in the back she said "Kelvin would make a good mentor for a Moros"

Kelvin gave a small nod. "Better to make a tactical retreat and come back with the proper tools to handle the situation then keep charging in and end up dead or worse."

He tossed the rest of his gear in the back of the Jeep and got into the driver's seat, checking to make sure that everyone was settled before he got the Jeep running and heading down the road. At Gemini's comment he gave her a quiet amused look, then looked over to Solomon. "Not opposed to the idea."

"That makes sense, now that we have a better idea of what we're dealing with we can come back better prepare to handle it."

When she stated the rules he nodded but also shrugged.

"Seemed like common sense, spelunking was already out of my wheelhouse, I'm not going to ignore the voice of experience when it tells me to run. Assuming you can trust who you're with, no offense. I at least haven't seen any reason not to. If you do come back let me know I still want to figure out what happened down there.

"More than happy to listen and learn, no harm in it."

He looked to her his face pinched in thought when she said seers harmed people by keeping them asleep.

"That point is debatable. I've worked with a lot of unsavory characters in my past, you give them the abilities you have and can you imagine the carnage it would bring? Can you imagine gangs instead of using ak's pouring lightning, flooding lands? To quote men in black a person is smart, people are dumb panicky animals. Is it possible that these abilities are as much a curse as they are a gift? Great power and all that? I've not yet made up my mind on this matter yet honestly."

She mentioned a sentinel and his jaw clenched and hardened.

"I'm ok not meeting any sentinel's. Sound like cops. Authority figures and me don't tend to get along to well."

I disliked those with power usually. Those with authority, those with power usually tried to oppress those beneath them so they could keep their power. In m line of work I ran into one to many corrupt cop on Russian payroll.

"Considering my skill set I'd probably focus on matter. Not opposed to the idea either, we'll see how things shake out I guess, don't want to jump the gun."

Right now I was stuck between them and Belphegor. I had to play the ends against the middle for now until I saw what either side was offering, trying to get out of me, and what they were about.
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Re: Adventure! [Doug/Kelvin]

Postby fairfolk » Tue Feb 28, 2017 5:30 am

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"Exactly" She said to both of them.
"yeah Solomon, if you promise to NOT go back until I am ready I will absolutely take you with me. And if you really like looking into old mysteries we can truly talk about that later too"

She had curled in the back seat so that her back was against the roll bar and her feet along the bench so she could watch 'Solomon' as they talked. Her lips curled a bit "believe it or not, Magic is part common sense. Though..not everyone displays it" She smiled "No offense, Ill take it as you trusted me enough to listen. Maybe that will grow."

She nods "There is that BUT, I w‎ill say that my explaination is a over simplification of what they are and what they do. They have no true freedom but we can discuss that later and, AND if you earn my trust Ill explain exactly how and what I know about them. Just trust me when I say that while you might be ruthless, I dont think you would want to be someones pawn forever"

She sat up and put her head on the seat, her face still looking at Solomon, but her free hand going up to wrap around the seat so the palm rested on Kelvins chest. "I'd advise meeting one but since your ooposed to it right now we can forego it. But only because you asked nicely " She grinned and then grinned wider "Your really going to really dislike the Obrimos if you dislike authority figures. Those guys" Whooo she sucked in air "Talk about some up tight , self rightous know it alls. Some are pretty cool but.." Her eyes crossed.

She grinned "Your skill set huh? What IS your skill set. Also, just for the record: Mages dont really give a shit what you do in the mundane world. Its what you do in the world of the Awakened that actually matters. But some of us are in places to be able to help each other mundanely" She shrugs and reached out to push some dirt off Doug..Solomons face. "Bit of dirt there.."

"Well. Just be aware that two things will likely happen if you take him up on the offer, it is something you SHOULD consider carefully as Mentor and Student tends to be considered sacred, but you would also fall under my cabals protection. Just saying"

She looked him over and said "Knowledge is power, and never comes free. I already told you that. I ask one thing from you for what I have told you, Just be honest wtih me. How did you awaken exactly"

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Re: Adventure! [Doug/Kelvin]

Postby fairfolk » Thu Mar 02, 2017 4:33 am

"Something that people forget is is the importance of differentiating between 'can I do this?' and 'should I do this?' when it comes to what we can do. Definitely something to keep in mind moving forward." Kelvin offered a small nod, keeping his eyes on the road while Gem handled the questioning for the time being.

"Don't know if you saw my spelunking skills but I don't think I could go back without you even if I wanted to. Depends on the mystery but yea I'd be interested."

I couldn't help but smirk when she said magic was common sense.

"Einstein said there are two things that are infinite. The universe and human stupidity. Wouldn't trust anyone to have it."

He took in what she said about the Seers but with a skeptical lense. She was clearly biased and prejudiced against the group, her opinion of them couldn't be clear in this instance. Though if they were just pawns that already checked me out.

"I prefer to stay an independent contractor in most things. I'm sure your Obrimos friends aren't all bad."

He listened intently taking in her words then Kelvin's as he drove. He'd put off joining or considering the offer until he at least spoke with Belphegor.

"A meeting of the minds has to be established for any deals. I was not made aware that this information was anything but free thus the deal would be invalid. Now I'm going to share because it builds a bridge instead of tearing one down."

I smirked turned around and showed her my identification.

"To bad he can't see it, apparently he'd be able to see it's a fake right off the back. Nice to meet you my names "Doug" and I'm a counterfeiter. I ended up in this situation because I did work for the Russian Mob, mostly to assist in their human traffiking operation. I put that last part together myself and it got me a knife in the gut, this "pawn" knew a little to much and paid the price for it. Now I'm here..."

"I tell you answer my questions and I will answer yours, in payment. I said that just after you guys came over the bridge after the ghost tried to push me off" She breathed in "I think too it was a barrier there that did it, had either of you jumped over it would have tried. Seemed to leave us alone until that point"

She nods "But I can see" She said going back to the quote she had given prior that it was not clear. But, just...remember, even between friends when it comes to magic there is a price. " she leaned up and took the ID she turned it over and then looked up at the review mirror to Kelvin.

She started in Romanian "Indregoste..." Then wrinkled her nose "considering what I am, I think I would have use for you. But we will get to that once more trust is established. There are somethings you do not tell another without knowing it will not pass ones lips after being told"

She leaned back and started to undress cause she hated jeans "Pentacle mages are the opposite side of the seers, there is a group called the Mysterium. I am a member of the Mysteirum, we are considered libarians, we keep magic knowledge as well as artififacs. I am .." She considered and handed the ID back before pulling a shirt out of a bag in the back and pulling it over her shoulders "I am a reclaimer, Think, Laura Croft with magic. I kind of got talked into being a Vet by the guy we are taking you to meet...I have no idea why..."

"That's an old Voltaire line, I think; common sense isn't common. Always good to see it in others, though." Kelvin smirked a bit at that, nodding as 'Doug' went over his Awakening. "Having a near-death experience is pretty common when it comes to folks who walked the same path as we did. Was working a massive fire myself and had part of the roof cave in on me."

"Protecting the burial chamber in its own way, maybe..." Kelvin nodded, glancing over to Gemini and blinking as she started getting down to her underthings. "Well, you are good with animals. Did seem to fit pretty well."

I smirked as she quoted herself, I had remembered but the hopes is always that the other part, especially when under such duress did not. Was a good way to get something for free, oh well.

"That's true of everything in life. No such thing as a free lunch...a stolen one on the other hand."

He shrugged and held out his hand for her to return the ID.

"Yea I get it we're all strangers and a rapport needs established, not going to fault you for vetting the new guy in town. The Lara Croft thing sounds fun, not my specialty exactly. Libraries never did much for me, I read a book once and I knew it forever made everything rather mundane."

I turned to Kelvin and looked like I started to access a memory and then just dropped it.

"Eh, don't care enough to search my memory banks to find out. Yea seems right for a path that walks so close to death. As for the spectre, might have been guarding or might have been recruiting, hard to tell for now."

She nods "True, anyone who tells you differently is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Those of my order though, we believe if your not willing to pay the price then your not worthy of knowing the information. Sounds elitist but the truth is with magic, its dangerous if your not careful."

She smiled at him and changed into shorts too, she was a thrysus so to her flesh was pretty malable. Hence she tended to look at nudity differently. Something that Orion was trying to embarass out of her, but had found that was not working. She found THAT funny.

"Yeah, Kelvin is..Im tattling on you Kel. Hes also of my order, but hes a Gaurdian. Even the Libarians need muscle. And I can teach you how to do more tomb raiding later, it would be fun" She looked up "If you speak Russian id exchange that knowledge with you. would be fun I think"

"Well, like I said..I dont know Death but I do know we where not assulted until I jumped the cliff and If I had to infer why things happened, thats the route I would go. I suppose I am a optimus, but with the death spirits there...I dunno. truly, I do not know"

She leaned forward and put her arms on the seats once more "kelvin just take him to our house, Ill call Orion"

Kelvin smirked a bit at the 'tattling', nodding. "Agreed. I've seen some...interesting things over the years, and something trying to eat your face is the low end of the totem pole."

"Sounds like a plan." The Jeep was pointed towards the house in Brunswick, and away they went.

"Definitely sounds elitist, I mean I get the baby with a handgrenade mentality but it's too late I'm already holding the damned thing."

I didn't snap my eyes away exactly, I did look away though as that was the polite thing to do. She did say she was a Romany and gypsies had a certain reputation...

"Sure I could do that but I have a lot more to learn than you do there. They were protecting the area but it was filled with spirits of self harm and suicide..."

His voice trailed off, lost in thought before they changed directions and he looked to them.

"That a good idea? I just met you essentially."

I shook my head to KElvin's remark though.

"I prefer being not eaten by all possible means. So why are spirits of sucide gathering BEHIND the barrier then?"

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Re: Adventure! [Doug/Kelvin]

Postby fairfolk » Thu Mar 02, 2017 4:46 am

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She shrugged "Its not as bad as that, there are reasons within reasons " She considered another way to explain it and said "Giving you the ability to cast a rote A spell, above your knowledge level would be dangerous for you to try. Payment, is a way to insure you get what you are paying for and creates trust. Its called Quamxi." She smiled giving a shrug " Then you can teach me more, but right now id like to be able to learn Russian. To be fair, Im not overly worried about the gap between cave diving and Language. It is mundane. THAT said, you have the right idea. Equal trade"

She looked at Kelvin "I like him, hes smart" And grinned before turning back to Doug/Solomon.

"Is there a reason we should worry about taking you to the house? I cant really cook for us if we aren't there...Besides, I am pretty friendly but that doesn't mean I can't defend myself if need be. So, not exactly worried about it" Plus Orion would see to dealing with him if he was a issue sooo ..

She considered his question before saying "They could have wandered from the area they started at because they felt us. There is a lot of could haves in this. So without going back, dunno"

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