A Meeting of Beasts

The stars can be seen , so lovely for such a sorrowful place. Suicide cliffs are a expanse of rock face that has green foliage and trees near the top. At the bottom the waves of the ocean crash against jagged rocks. Sometimes crimson can be seen in the waves and legend has it that is the blood of those poor souls that have chosen to take their life and all they left behind was blood in the water.
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A Meeting of Beasts

Postby Jon Snow » Wed Jan 04, 2017 6:07 pm

The Leviathan:
12/01/2016 4:54 am
Levi had had difficulty sleeping. Too long - it'd been too long since he last hunted, and he was starting to become... restless. At least, a part of him was. It wanted him to hunt, wanted him to reach out and feed, to seek out something within the dark that would fill the alien void that was it's stomach. The horror had begun to hunt, to feed - to reach into his crown and play with the jewels within it.

His followers would wake up screaming on nights like this - nights when they got a true glimpse of his horror, without any kind of protection that he offered them. So maddeningly beautiful, so maddeningly disgusting all at once - those who saw it's true form were left touching insanity, their minds clouding their vision to protect themselves. So he needed something different.

Knowledge. Power. Power temporal. Power supernatural. Power over another. Night's like these he'd wander the streets of the more power-laden areas of the city - the leylines intangible to his eyes, yet he could still guess at their works. Where they crossed most potently. Areas like the Suicide Cliffs, for instance, were an obvious point for a Nexus of horror filled resonance and, quite possibly, some kind of power to reach out towards.

Levi is a handsome man - that's being gentle about it. He's the kind of individual who would be hard to miss out in the streets. His eyes are a sharp gold, his hair dark and wet from the near-constant rain New Haven was famous for, and he's dressed in jeans and a tan jacket - but there is something otherworldly about him. It's different for many people - an air of danger, intellect, and cunning all at once. He wanders, quietly walking along the sidewalk of the neighborhood, his destination the peaks where the lighthouse stood. He didn't thing he'd discover what manner of thing was there but... places like this were a start.

12/01/2016 5:10 am
*Legion was there. They had come here after their own efforts at hunting. Efforts that had proved fruitful. The horror was sated for now but not slumbering. They weren't starving at this exact moment, but the hunger remained. It always remained. They were never 'full'. Beings of hunger, it was a constant state that fluxuated in intensity and demand.

Currently they were near the top, peering out over the cliffface. Perhaps in the same spot that many mortals had stood and contemplated their lives before ending them. Not that Legion was doing that.

They were tall, all together, but not 'massive', standing 6'3" to 6'4". Dressed tonight in well worn boots, jeans and a jacket that hung to about their thighs. Dark brick red. A ball cap covered his head and was pulled low.

Standing there, eyes peered out over the city of New Haven. Peering down on the lights and lack there of. Forming dark maps in the mind.*

The Leviathan:
12/01/2016 5:23 am
Seeing a presence is always a curiousity. For those of the Mother's brood, the truth of who lay beyond the flesh was quickly revealed. The Leviathan for instance was never quite the same to eyes who looked upon them. A dark mass that is almost - almost - draconic in it's visage, yet so much more. Tendrils of darkness and leathery flesh, almost as formless as the Primodial dream itself.

Family. That's what that was, that echoing feeling. The monsters got along better than the humans did, ironically - a trademark of the mother's touch in their souls, that resonant familial echo that made them all from the same cloth. He'd never met the one at the edge - he'd know if he did, because he never forgot those faces he saw - in fact, he remembered every detail so perfectly he could almost relive them.

A gift, a trait that his Horror bear. He never forgot anything. There was more to the gift, of course. His footsteps are sort on the grass as he approaches. "It calls... doesn't it? The water I mean."

12/01/2016 5:33 am
*A pause and they turned. Levi would see not the form of one single mass, but instead a mass of forms. Small goblinoid, chittering and skittering, Never fully in the light. Darkness and shadow clung to them like a second skin. They were at the base of the tree, clinging to it's bark. Skittering up and down the trunk even hanging from a lower limb. Their eyes gleamed a baleful neon green, and their mouths seemed overlarge with razor sharp teeth. The rest of the creature's features were obscured by darkness. The darkness in which this swarm was birthed, hatched... spawned.

They beheld levi for a long moment before he might see the 'man' that the humans saw. Tall and decent looking with out being knock down attractive. The dakrness seeming to make his features sharper, not smoother. The eyesp eered out from under the cap and beheld Levi. Slowly slipping over him. Even as they did, Levi would feel the mass of chittering swarm also beholding him. All at once.

Then Legion turned to look over the cliff* Not so much to us.... *A hand was lifted, two fingers extended and motioned to the darkness in the night under the tree* The night sings to us though. Sweet songs.....

If this is your place, cousin. We apoligize. We meant no tresspass.
12/01/2016 5:34 am
Raylan has rolled an Wits 3 Occult 1 Lair 2 roll (6 dice), getting 5, 9, 2, 7, 8, 2, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. Raylan has 2 successes.

The Leviathan:
12/01/2016 5:41 am
"No. This is not my place." The Leviathan said, looking to the mass of goblinoids. It was very familiar - like a smaller version of the Leviathan itself. He moves towards the cliff, and looked over it, to the rocks beneath. The water crashes violently against those jagged rocks, and those with the keenest of eyes - or noses - can see the stains of rain at their very tip. It was as though they had been stained permanently with the lives of those who had fallen to their deaths. "I see. Some who come here say they can feel the Mother, calling to them from the Depths. That's why they come. I think it's something a bit different, as she herself transcends physical location... but perhaps this place has significance to her for some reason."

He looked to Legion, and then said, "I am the Leviathan. Levi for short in the company of those who do not know our truth."

12/01/2016 5:47 am
*They listened and then the eyes turned to peer over the edge. Perhaps they saw or sensed the same that Levi did on the rocks below.* We feel the mother in many places. Her reach knows no bounds. Just sometimes she calls that we hear, and sometimes not so much.

*A motion to the city lights* The masses have a singular talent of trying to drown her out.. to form a cacophony of .. noise to hide from her wisdom. Thus... we enter into that sea of humanity to make sure they -hear-.

Eyes turn from the city and the swarm chitters and crawls over one another, repositioning and then looking to Levi.* We are Legion. To those born only of flesh, we go by Raylan.

Nice to meet you brother. *A pause as Legion takes in Levi's form. Appreciating the duality of the horror glimpsed*

The Leviathan:
12/01/2016 5:57 am
He nodded a moment, and then moved away from the cliffs. He looked to Raylan, to Legian, and then said, "You as well. Are you new to the city?" The question almost sounds like it could mean two things. New to the city in body, or new to the city in spirit? The Leviathan was not one who missed the unseen masses - or more accurately, he was not one who'd forget that he missed them. But then, he also didn't know every single face in the city, even with his wisdom.

12/01/2016 6:01 am
*Eyes shifted to watch Levi's movment. Eyes very used to observation, to quite contemplation, unobserved but observing. They watched on levi moved, how his grace was applied, how the power of the horror was channeled into the man. Guaging strength and speed. The eyes also looked for smaller details. The quality of Levi's clothing for one. To denote the man's standing among humanity. The timber and words chosen, accent if any.

Then they spoke, answering the question that was given them.* We are yes, new to the city. Was looking for work and we found....

*The hand raised again, extending to the night air. Slowly playing through the suspended molecules that made up the fog, the mist off the sea, the sea spray if it reached this high on the cliffs* We rather liked the weather.

*Raylan's accent was NOT of New England. Somthing bred of a more.. .Southern climate*

The Leviathan:
12/01/2016 6:07 am
One could tell a lot in those eyes, those gazes that picked out bits and pieces of him. The clothes were rather worn - the suggested poverty, but they were clean enough that it couldn't be total poverty. He's composed - not in the way that suggests he'd work well under pressure but in the way that suggests he knows himself in ways no human ever could.

"I like the weather as well. Erratic, unpredictable - yet, like many things there exists a reason behind it if you know where to look. I enjoy the water, the darkness the storms seem to always find. They isolate people, make it easier to find weaker links in humanity. Easier to find those of us, too, as a result. All those who wash up here."

12/01/2016 6:12 am
*A bit of a chuckle and Raylan turned to look back to the city* Conealment is nice.... the weather muffles sound.. obscures sightlines. Allows for more.... efficent hunting to be sure.

*Then slowly all the eyes flickered back to Levi* Picking out the weak? Where's the fun in that brother? The Refinement. The... challenge?

I came up here to look over the city. Try and get some ryme and reason to the layout, or lack there of.

What brings you to this bleak erie, Leviathan?

The Leviathan:
12/01/2016 6:21 am
The Leviathan chuckled a moment, and then said, "The strong are enticing in their own way - but there are always moments where you need to feed, and you need to do so swiftly. Those isolated masses are all that keep your Horror in check." Not that he was much in the way for keeping his but... well, a carrot and a stick for his jewels.

"I am studying it. The area, the resonance, the people within it. Like you, there are bits of this city that I am trying to understand - but for me, I am seeking it's Deeper Mysteries. The things that they whisper about in their dreams, but no one speaks of aloud. Like the lighthouse." He points to the forementioned monument, and said, "This city holds many secrets, and some secrets have power. Power which I can use, once I understand it."

12/01/2016 6:28 am
*A pause and Legion ponders that. many of the little heads turn towards one another. Softly chittering as if talking amongst themselves in some strange eldrich language, that scratches the brain, like hair thin lacerations. Then the green glowing orbs turn towards the indicated lighthouse. A few of the small creatures skitter towards the cliff. Then more and more.

The 'man' pushed off the tree and walked closer, right up to the edge and peered at the light house. They spoke*

We do not know much of the area. Wasn't much to be found with our cursory glance. Weather, typical stuff.

What of the light house? What mystery dwells within?

*They turned, to look back to Leviathan and then as one they turned away from the edge and approached their brother. Careful not to overlap his shadowy tendrils or condensed form*

The Leviathan:
12/01/2016 6:31 am
"The city doesn't know what creature or man lies within it's depths." He looked towards the lighthouse, and then said, "You enter it at any point and you may never find what it is that turns it on and off. It's not automated, someone deals with it - but no record exists in the city to tell you what. The light house goes off at certain times when it's storming - and adds to the graveyard one more ship. It's why ships fear to dock with this place. Why they keep doing so... well, that's another mystery." He smirked.

12/01/2016 6:36 am
*Raylan raised a brow and glanced back out* Could it just be a rather ill tempered and reclusive human? Or I suppose, lineage of them?

*A pause* You'd think the city or county would have to have some sort of record. If nothing else ownership... liability for those wrecks would fall on someone. First ship that goes down in todays age and someone's going to be suing someone.

*A wry chuckel escaped the man* Trust us... if there's something that cities and counties have... and seem to adore above all else.. it's paperwork.... if you knew just how much we have to fill out on a daily basis... it'd blow your mind.

The Leviathan:
12/01/2016 6:39 am
"And yet..." He motions to the ocean, and then said, "It happens. All the time. It's like they ignore it, forget about it. You'll never see the crash in the news or anything, but a new ship is added all the time. Only a month ago, one more found its way beneath the waves. And the city doesn't see it. The records list a name that differs from time to time - but it's not a real name. Not a real person." He smiled and then said, "Most people do assume what you do, though. The humans. They lie to themselves to avoid having to look at the truth."

12/01/2016 6:43 am
*Nods from among the swarm. The words that Levi gave made sense.* An obfuscation..... how interesting.

Alot of work to pull that off... physically I mean... Mystically it might be easier but nothing we could do. We're not that clever. *A bit of chittering among the smallish goblinoids. Laughter?

Then the man raised ah and, that two fingered gesture, pointing to the water* And our cousins? Do any... pardon the likeness... Leviathans dwell here? They might have insight.

*The hand came up and rubbed a day or so's growth on the chin.* Are you privy to manifests? Could they be skuttled for profit? Modern day costal pirates? Leading the ships to their demise to dive in, retreive and sell cargo?

Could it be something.... as .. -crass-.. .as money? *The southern accent dripping with disgust, as if monetary motivation was just... gross.*

The Leviathan:
12/01/2016 6:50 am
He chuckled and then said, "We are not the only creatures who dwell in these parts. Not the only things which can touch these connections. Wander the other worlds long enough and you can see the effect they have on places like these." He looked to the lighthouse, and then said, "No. No I don't think so. The mundane effort that it would take for that would outweigh the profits that could be made from that venture, and most ships cargo is not worth that kind of heat. Mystical is the only thing that makes sense - at least for me." He smiled and then said, "Those who dwell in the water exist, yes. Our Brothers and Sisters can tell us stories about the waters... and there are things there within them ... but I am unsure if those things are responsible for the lighthouse itself. Connected, perhaps. I could certainly see the ships being -fed- to them. But my curiousity at the moment doesn't lay with them."

12/01/2016 6:57 am
Ahh yes... The others. *The swarm chittered and nodded to each other. The dark clad silhouettes seeming to agree* They do pop up in the strangest places and from what we've heard. Some are damn long lived.

Not that we've had the pleasure as of yet. *Another glance to the water* Someone... or something knows.... What's the old phrase? "Cold waters seldom give up their dead"? We think it was about the Great Lakes though... *The man shrugged.* Not our area of expertise.

We guess you could say we're .... closer to the ground?

The Leviathan:
12/01/2016 7:05 am
He chuckled and then said, "Most are. In fact, many of our kind are quite satisfied with the scarce general bit of knowledge our connection to the Dream gives us. I, myself though... I've been around far too long and collected far too many secrets." He starts speaking bits and pieces of a tongue that makes no sense, and then said, "All areas of the mystic are my expertise. What I don't know, I intend to learn."

12/01/2016 7:11 am
*The many eyes flickered over to Levi at the strange language that had been coming out and the shadows seemed to darken around Legion for a moment. The silohettes darkening and seemign to fade a bit into the background but when nothing of ill intent came from the words, the darkness returned to normal. Almost as if Legion had been pulling it tighter around himself, about to disappear but then.. didn't.* Was that Yiddish?

*A beat and then a smile crossed the 'mans' face. Rueful.* More power to you Brother. It's good to have... goals. Aspirations. Something to strive for as we prod along. Moving among them... *The hand extended. First two fingers indicating the city.* Thinking thoughts... that are not their thoughts.

There's an old book store down there. 100s of years old. We saw it the other night. You might find a secret or tome there to your liking.

The Leviathan:
12/01/2016 7:17 am
He smirked and then said, "It's a language spoken by certain witches - something undecipherable to creatures not of their kind. You might call it one of the pieces of babel's original tongue, before it was shattered into a million pieces. It holds power, but I can't quite get it to come out of my tongue correctly yet." He considered and then said, "Perhaps I will give it a look."

12/01/2016 7:20 am
Really? Lots of those here? Witches I mean. I seem to remember tales of them in New England. Not.. from Brothers or sisters, but as a child.

Sounded a bit like Yiddish. They used that to bring life to the Golem, did they not? The old Magical Jews?

12/01/2016 7:21 am
Really? lots of those here? Witches we mean. We seem to Remember tales of them in New England. Not.. from Brothers or Sisters, but as a child.

Sounded a bit like Yiddish. They used that to bring life to the Golem, did htey not? The old Magical Jews?

The Leviathan:
12/01/2016 7:24 am
"Indeed. They would often inscribe upon the forehead of the golem the word emet, for truth. Curiously enough, it's the same lore of these particular types of whichs I speak of. To them, magic is truth - to write that upon such a creature is to literally bring life to them. And, in the same way removing a single letter of the spell can bring death to the creature so born." He smiled and then said, "I've felt a number of them. And... other things. You will learn to feel that certain creatures are everywhere. Some of them are close enough to you to form kinships. Others are... distasteful cousins."

12/01/2016 7:30 am
Really? *Legion seemed... surprised* .... Really! *Yep distinctly surprised.* We.... didn't really know... Dated a beautiful Israeli in highschool... Didn't know anything past that story. Much less truth to the tale. Mostly we just remember her grandmother yelling at us in Yiddish and brandishing an eight inch butcher's knife.

To hear that the legend is based in truth... enlightening. Strange... but enlightening.

*A pause and Raylan nodded* Felt the brush now and then, moving about, but never close enough to hone in on really. Not exactly thick on the ground but we expect to find more here than were we were from. Larger population.

The Leviathan:
12/01/2016 7:34 am
"Indeed. The Jewish language is quite beautiful, their mysticism even more so. Studying it is quite enlightening as to the importance and power behind language - and how easily a word can be twisted to mean something else. Language is powerful, even without magic backing it up." He looked to the night sky, and then said, "I should continue my hunt. It was a pleasure meeting you Legion. Perhaps, if your interested - we can meet once more when you've settled in."

12/01/2016 7:37 am
Perhaps we are just creatures of few words...

*A nod of agreement and then Raylen opened his hands gently, as if to indicate Levi was more than welcome to continue his hunt* We would be interested. Do you have a means of contact that we could reach you?

The Leviathan:
12/01/2016 7:38 am
He paused and then said, "A number of ways, yes. The dreams are one, of course - but if you have a phone I could give you a number to contact me through."

12/01/2016 7:41 am
*A nod and a hand slipped up. Pulling out an Iphone in a dark waterproof case. Waking it up, the Eshmaki looked up and raised brows, ready to receive the number. Then giving it's own in return.

Once the numbers were exchanged a nod and two fingers came up to touch the bill of the ballcap they wore* Untill we meet again, Brother.

Happy hunting.

The Leviathan:
12/01/2016 7:42 am
Notably, Levi did not pull out a phone - but then, it would seem he doesn't particularly need one for the number. He exchanges it, and then continues on, parting with the words, "Until next we meet, Legion."

12/01/2016 7:43 am
The shadows slipped in and reclaimed the Swarm and Legion was 'gone'.*
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