The Storm Crows (Werewolf Pack)

The stars can be seen , so lovely for such a sorrowful place. Suicide cliffs are a expanse of rock face that has green foliage and trees near the top. At the bottom the waves of the ocean crash against jagged rocks. Sometimes crimson can be seen in the waves and legend has it that is the blood of those poor souls that have chosen to take their life and all they left behind was blood in the water.
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The Storm Crows (Werewolf Pack)

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Storm Crows

Size ● Physical ●● Mental ●● Social ●● Primal Urge ●●

Originally, the Storm Crows were a pack of five - a Blessed Pack of each Auspice, it was lead by Hudson, a Blood Talon Rahu who had taken in his packmates from the streets and shown them the world and the way it works. The location of the pack's territory was a harsh one - suicide cliffs was known for the Wound which infested it on the spirit side, and each day there was a war to keep the pollution from spreading. The pack hunted, and continued to hunt - gathering renown and power for itself...

Until it was betrayed.

On one particular hunt, the Pack was chasing down an Azlu menace who had taken refuge in their territory. It should have been an easy hunt - they knew the foe, where it was, how it would act. But it was tipped off by one of the Halaku, a group of Hosts that were supposed to be the Pack's allies. That hunt claimed three of their members, including Hudson and their former Totem.

The group did not fare well after that. Doomstrike, the Irraka of the group, left the pack - not able to handle the reminder of the pain lost - and the remaining two wolves were forced to reach a decision on whether they would go their own way or not - leave the territory and start anew somewhere else. They chose to stay, and found new members - building their pack from the ground up once more.

OOC Note: We may not kill off the old Totem.


Snow "Battlesong" White
Alex "Moon Knight" Elizabeth Arden of Castle Bromwich
Colin "Farcry" Wyman

Spiritual Packmates

Rank: 3 | Choir: Crow | Descant: Undecided | Power 5, Finesse 9, Resistance 6 (15-25, went with a flat 20 but could decrease or increase as appropriate) | Influence 3 (Crows? Information? Evidence?)| Numina: 3-5 (Ideas: Chorus, Commune, Wild's Sense) | May be the Totem

Not so much a Spirit that encompasses a single crow, this spirit at it's core takes on a roughly humanoid shape, but what you see in that single shape is not the whole. Murders size is a bit confusing and unexpected to the entity which addresses it, because it seems to be about the size of the gaffling - but like many spirits, what you see is not the whole of the picture. Murder takes on the form of one single shadow entity -- and then several seemingly separate, smaller spirits which are all still a 'part' of it. A Crow that's made it's meals on the savaging of other crows to add to it's 'flock' as well as the hidden secrets that have seen men killed.

Rank: 2-3 | Choir: Information/Secrets/Deception

Everyone is two faced. Everyone has a mask they put on, hidden from the outside world and given to police society. This mask protects people from the ugly truth of what lies just beneath the surface, waiting to bubble up and overtake you. You wake up, you put on your mask first before you ever put that suit on, get breakfast, go to work. That masks the most important thing in your life, because if people saw the monster beneath it, they'd gasp in horror at the foul truth beneath it. Two-Face understands this concept, and feeds upon it - it sees that thing just beneath the mask, that thing you don't want it to know. The Uratha, particularly the Storm Crows most of all, seem to feed a delicious concept of Masking for the world - and for just a special price, it's willing to hold on to the secrets behind that mask and keep it to itself... or maybe let you know what someone is hiding beneath theirs.

Unsurprisingly, Two-Face is one of the most cordial spirits you will ever meet. To your face, he puts his mask on, and treats you with etiquette, genteel, and manners. He is gentle, kind, even sweet in some circumstances, standing up for people who he considers his 'friends'. He'll be a kind ear to listen to your issues and a gentle friend to help you bend ties and find your path. Fall for this ploy, and when you leave, he changes his allegiance as easy as changing hats. He'll tell you to apologize to your friend, while whispering in your friends ear about a relationship between you and his girlfriend. He finds your enemy and sells your secrets, then for a price he'll tell you your enemy found out the truth and sell out their plot, ending in a spiral of payment until someone catches on or someone runs broke - any essence will do, so long as he gains it in this manner. A useful spirit for teaching people lessons about the spirit world.

Take away his mask, and he can't keep up the ruse. He starts to get rude, angry even, and will treat you like the dirt beneath his feet. Sexist, cruel, and vindictive, he will happily use any secrets tactically and dangerously, in an attempt to break your spirit and reduce you further. Behind the mask, he embodies raw cruelty - he will rape, dominate, beat, and torture people who are close to him. All the things that are done outside polite company is placed behind that mask. On the other hand, unlike the mask, this face can be trusted - any deals negotiated without the mask he seems to keep - possibly out of a desire to not have his face revealed in return.

Wolf-Blooded Packmates
Josephine Elizabeth Arden: An overly critical woman, most of the pack has only met Alexandra's grandmother once - if that. A blue blood at heart and soul, Josephine is a British Noble - her title is truly a social matter as no one else in the family besides her seems to care, but she owns lands, properties, and a host of old money.

Ana Elizabeth Arden: Alexandra's mother owns a fashion magazine called Cancanier, which is also the source of most of Alex's income. Reserved and regal, she's also very quiet around the Uratha, and like most of the family, never speaks of Alex's father.

Nathan Roderick Arden: Alexandra's hyper, helpful, eight year old brother.

Mortal Packmates
Tyler Morganson (Snow's Street Family)
Amy Morganson (Snow's Street Family)

Tribal Representation: It used to be that the Storm Crows held a majority of Blood Talons - Hudson was a Blood Talon, as was Vali before she left. Now, the only Blood Talon left is Farcry. Moon Knight is Bone Shadow Ithaeur, renowned with her fair dealings with the Spirits. Snow's lineage is perhaps the most evident, as any who look upon her say she's got the Winter Wolf's very own visage: Snow white hair, eyes like the crackling of a thunderstorm - and that's in her human form.

Leaders: Snow is the Alpha of the Storm Crows.

Purify the Wound
Destroy the Crow

The Unmarked Grave
The Haven

The Pack Territory includes a Wound. This wound is naturally one of the primary things they are trying to fix, and the arrival of the Five Threats has not made this task easier.
Both Alexandra's Father and Brother are werewolves. They left her family and parentage, but are still around and may claim them. Moreover, they may not even be Forsaken.
Obviously, the Pack and the Crow are enemies. However, the Halaku may still be allies.
Avalon, the Alpha of Apex, wants Snow to join and follow her - and is pushing hard to get her to join to form the ultimate pack.


Merits: Den 2, Directed Rage 5 (Pending Review)


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