Lost in the woods hungry and alone (Attn: Tess)

The stars can be seen , so lovely for such a sorrowful place. Suicide cliffs are a expanse of rock face that has green foliage and trees near the top. At the bottom the waves of the ocean crash against jagged rocks. Sometimes crimson can be seen in the waves and legend has it that is the blood of those poor souls that have chosen to take their life and all they left behind was blood in the water.
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Re: Lost in the woods hungry and alone (Attn: Tess)

Postby InkFox » Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:32 am

Rayne Thatcher
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"We are going to your place? Um...Is that...is that appropriate I...we just met and all..."

She said looking around a little confused and then her brow rose even more

"Wait wait..you fly?! Do you like grow wings or something?"

She watched him as he hurried off to get a book and then she took it when he came back. Her head tilts it and she looked it over, she even opened the front of the book to get a better look at it. When he mentioned not talking in front of the priest she nods and looked around then spoke softly

"Dark Prophet? Is that who you follow? I will not talk about it in front of him I...I don't want anyone to be hurt it is not right. "

She scowled at him some

"Why would I think about biting them...the wolf was perfectly fine ....I think anyway"

She followed him to the car and sat quietly in the back letting her fingers run over the book and flipping through its pages from time to time as she waited for them to get to where they were going.


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Re: Lost in the woods hungry and alone (Attn: Tess)

Postby fairfolk » Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:45 am

Father Micheal
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He gave her a dead look when she asked that, and said "You must be use to everyone wann you cher. Not everyone does. Come sunrise you gon need a place to hid from dat sun, new childer either go with their sire an be safe. Or dose who are unfortun enough to be abandon like you...have a high chance of dat sun burning them up to ash cause they don have the ability to get to safe restin place. Or worse, done gone home and let their family know what they are before bein burn to death" He shrugs. "You don want the easy fix, and safe thats fine. You can take the chances , its Pattons to me, Cher"

"You will see later"

And that was all that was said before they where in the car and leaving

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