The Sad Tale of Nurse Hawthorn Part One (Jason Strode mood post)

The stars can be seen , so lovely for such a sorrowful place. Suicide cliffs are a expanse of rock face that has green foliage and trees near the top. At the bottom the waves of the ocean crash against jagged rocks. Sometimes crimson can be seen in the waves and legend has it that is the blood of those poor souls that have chosen to take their life and all they left behind was blood in the water.
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The Sad Tale of Nurse Hawthorn Part One (Jason Strode mood post)

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After weeks of seeing odd images of a black-skinned creature in a Nurse's uniform menacing the patients of his ward in their nightmares, a creature almost as feared as Jason himself, the psychiatrist had grown curious about the odd recurring phenomenon. The uniform quickly gave away the fact that it was a nurse,and Jason of course believed that one of the orderlies was mistreating or otherwise intimidating the patients. The Laughing Doctor would not stand for that, and neither would Jason. So he'd begun doing research on the asylum's nurses. He looked into their histories and employment records discreetly, checked for any signs of malign behavior, even surreptitiously questioned a few of them in the break room, but to no avail. Next he tried to get a few of the patients so afflicted to yield up the information, but time and again they threw up walls and refused to talk about the thing that terrorized them. Finally, Jason's patience grew short as his horror was now ravenous from the battle he'd engaged in with a strange monster that pretended to be furniture and he decided on the brute force approach with a squirrely middle-aged man named Phillip Simpson. Phillip had initially acted just as the other patients did, refusing to say any more once the question of a frightening nurse was brought up. Jason was having none of it.

The Doctor leaned in closely, across the desk - he often treated less dangerous patients in his own office - his eyes growing wide and his tone very dark indeed "Phillip, you are disappointing me right now. You are lying, and that kind of deceptive behavior is a very bad sign for someone who wants to be successfully treated. Not to mention, you are making it more difficult for me to do my job. You are going to tell me the truth and we are going to make some real progress, or I am going to have to make sure my monthly evaluation of you says some very unfavorable things. I can't in good conscience recommend you be released if you aren't ready. Understand?"

Simpson's eyes widened in horror behind his horn-rimmed glasses, and the Laughing Doctor's unnerving cackle echoed through the Hive as he drank in the man's fear. It took a split-second before Phillip Simpson, shrinking back in abject terror, begun to spew forth information about the thing that terrorized his and many others' dreams.

"She...she comes into our rooms at night and...hurts us." Jason didn't remember any nurses by that name. Now he eased up and leaned back into his leather chair.

"Tell me more, Phillip. Remember, I only want to help you."

Phillip squirmed uncomfortably "I...can't. You won't believe me and If i do you'll think i'm crazy. I'll never get to go home to my wife again.."

"Phillip." Jason said comfortingly "I promise you, no matter what you tell me I will believe you and I will help you. And I was just a little grumpy before from being tired. I recommended your discharge already. You are set to be released Friday. I know what you're going through. I've been through it myself. I'm still dealing with it. Please, trust me." That was entirely true; Phillip was no danger to himself or anyone else. He'd taken to therapy well, religiously taken the medications that would quiet the frightening voices in his head and learned behaviors and coping mechanisms to deal with is condition. Most of Jason's patients were some variety of schizophrenic since he was unofficially the asylum's subject matter expert on that particular illness, by virtue of suffering it himself. Or so it was believed. true or not, his reassurances that Philip would be released made the man nearly forget the fear he'd felt and sit up straight.

"It's Nurse Hawthorn."

Jason immediately recognized the name. She was a nurse who had worked here while he was still a patient, a mainstay at the asylum who spent nearly thirty years working there. But she had died years ago of a heart attack, in this very ward while doing her rounds.

"She's dead, Phillip. i remember her from my time here. She was a nice lady and actually cared about the patients."

Phillip shook is head vigorously "She's still here, Doc. She makes her rounds every night at two A.M. and she...she's dangerous, doc. You have to believe me, she comes with her cart and tells us to 'take our medicine so we'll get better', but her cart doesn't HAVE any medicine so she gets angry and starts screaming and threatening us. Some of the patients are afraid to sleep because of her. You believe me, right? I saw her, lots of us see her all the time."

Jason's mouth hung open. That explained a lot about the reports of several of his patients being exhausted and doing nearly anything to avoid being returned to their rooms after normal hours "I believe you, Phillip. And i'm going to help you."

The Doctor had a ghost to deal with.


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