First time seeing Elysium

In Murk wood Cemetery there is a Mausoleum with no gates and seems to have a bit of breathing space unlike the other graves, crypts and Mausoleums in the cemetery. It is beautiful but unmarked and not even the grounds keeper knows who it once belonged to. Which is lucky for him. Those who dare to try to vandalize or sneak in, are never seen from again and with good reason. [Kindred only, unless you want PVP or are kidnapped there. For further description see the setting descriptions]
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First time seeing Elysium

Postby InkFox » Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:25 am

Father Michael / ST
Rayne Thatcher
Dr. Glenn Matherson

09/16/2016 1:52 am
He had been working with her, how to speak to other vampires (which pretty much was, dont talk unless you talked to Cher and if you talk, be respectful or you get dat batton Rouge. He really liked that threat apparently.

It might be to Raynes dismay to find that they are in a cemetery. The cemetery rolled for what seemed like miles and the graves predated the civil war to now. There was a whole area for the suicides that happened in this city, and there was a LOT. Michael told her that was unconcrated ground, as suicides are banned from heaven

They made their way through the graves, and up to the mausoleum. He told her not to worry as there is something that helps humans not see them, or something. Then stepped through the gate and there WAS a feeling of..something. Walking through the door which opened of its own accord, as if it felt their beast they were met by a beautiful statue of a woman with a child, laying in death for all eternity. Two weeping angels seemed to watch them and after a moment the child and woman moved, revealing the stairs

"Always remember ta go to the right. Cher, if you go left it goes to the princes personal places and he will not let chew up again. Dunno, dont WANNA know what he does to those who do not follow da path give"

09/16/2016 1:54 am
*Coming straight from the hospital, Glenn decides that he should spend a bit more time actually socializing with the other vampires of the city. Making his way down the pathway he heads into the Elysium, still dressed in a pair of slacks, dress shoes, a button up and his doctors coat. He'd gotten so used to wearing that thing that he sometimes forgets to take it off*

09/16/2016 1:58 am
She was looking around wide eyed....she wondered...if her family were looking for her...if they knew she was missing or if...they thought she was dead. Did she have a grave of her own somewhere that she didn't know about?

She followed right on his heels not wanting to get lost. She took in the woman and child looking it over for a long moment before jumping slightly when it moved to reveal the stairs. At his warning about the left passage she made a mental note to NEVER go to the left...not if dared or scared or even if there was no other way to go. She gave Father Michael a nod and chewed her lip lightly as they moved on

"Never go left.."

She repeated softly to herself.

09/16/2016 2:03 am
The halls where lit with sconces, though the flames where hidden. At first the path ways where stone, then it turned to bone...they traveled until those who had a clue, realized the area was similar to the catacombs of paris

They turned right, and right again seeming to go deeper into the mountain that they had started on, until they entered into a rather comfortable and beautiful room. The area was big enough to host quite a few kindred, with Victorian era furnature and some art work from more modern eras

He had a unlit cigarette in his mouth, and he gave a look around. His beast was roaming, curious and on gaurd

09/16/2016 2:05 am
*The doctor had already been down there, he'd taken a seat looking around the place relaxing some. Enough so that he failed to notice two others entering. He was simply enjoying the artwork*

09/16/2016 2:10 am
She frowned slightly when she noticed the ground go from stone path to bone, a shudder slipping through her as she wondered how many people they were walking on. Down down down they went turning and twisting down the tunnel until it opened unto the room and she had to stop to look around her mouth dropping open in awe at the sight of it...that was until her eyes landed on the new kindred and her beast reared its ugly head letting out a growl and rattling its cage to get free....but only because it wanted to get away from the other rather than fight it. She took an involuntary step back as she worked to reign in her beast.

09/16/2016 2:18 am
He gave Rayne a look as she took a step back and then started to walk over to Glenn.
"Come Cher, you gon make social like its a good thing, so stop with the Frissions"

He took a seat across from the Ordo and looked him over "Evenin" He looked up to see if the neonate was in tow.

09/16/2016 2:21 am
*Looking away from the painting his attention gotten he gives the two of them a nod* "Good evening, how does it fair for the two of you"

*He gives a half pleasant smile*

09/16/2016 2:22 am
It took her a moment to get her beast to calm but once she did she was hot on the Father's heels. She inched towards them and took a seat carefully. Her eyes darted to Father every now and then to take cues from him. Her hands rested in her lap fingers picking at her jeans from time to time.

"Good evening"

She replied softly

09/16/2016 2:28 am
He put the cigarette behind his ear and a arm on the arm rest, seeming to be comfortable: It made one wonder if comfort was even a thing for vampires.

"Your.." He snapped his fingers trying to remember and then lowered his hand "I am Father Michael, a member of da sactified" Which was pretty evident with the priest collar "Dis be Rayne, she recently joined us" He looked at Glenn "My pardon but I don remember your name"

09/16/2016 2:30 am
*He smiles* "It's quite alright, I keep myself busy at my hospital. I am Dr. Glenn Matherson of the Ordo Dracul"

09/16/2016 2:32 am
She gave a hint of a smile to Glen when she spoke. Father Michael had already introduced her so she had no reason to speak at the moment so she watched the interaction between the two elder Kindred to see how they handled one another.

09/16/2016 2:33 am
*Glenn's eyes look her over for a moment before looking back to Michael* "I take it this young one here is a fresh recruit into the night society"

09/16/2016 2:35 am
"Well gahd-A dawn!" He said and smiled a bit "Yeah. She was don made unlawfully, from what I understand. We just waiting on da prince to decide what to do about it" He looked at her and then him, he motioned towards Glenn "Da Ordo ..the Sanctified see as blasphamous and heredical but they be decent enough often times, well we see what we know of dar beliefs as such" He looked to Glenn "She learning, slowly. Figure she should be exposed to all da covenants for a moment" He paused and asked "Aint you Tai Ta?" Then forced a blink "Er, a haunt"

09/16/2016 2:38 am
Her brow furrowed and she glanced to him "Blasphemous and heretical....why so? If I may ask that is Father.."

09/16/2016 2:43 am
*He looks to Rayne and very straight forwardly puts it* "Because, as the Lancea would put it, we choose to thwart the curse placed upon us by God...though it does lead me to question. If the curse was really placed on us by God Almighty, he who is All would a bunch of vampires be able to thwart his will?" *He just smiles a bit to that one* "Just food for thought*

*He extends his hand* "Well Rayne, welcome to your new life."

*Back to the Father* "Well, if it were to me to make that call, I would say that depends on the usefulness of her sire. If he's useful than he pay some sort of penance to the Prince, a life boon to be called in at any time. If he is but a waste of space than he should be executed for his crime. Balance the scales out so to speak"

09/16/2016 2:47 am
He made a motion to the Ordo "And that, is why" He chuckled rather good naturedly for a man of faith. "Not that I would speak for gods mind but think that it might be da same as with the humans, they can create life now, that ..DNA stuff, cloning and the like. We got it in us, but we arent supposed to do it: Like a test of faith or trust" He shrugs

"You can speak to him, Cher. Just remember to be polite"

Then nods "well, what I know is hes a Grel beyond that I dont know who he is. But if he created wit out permission which is the suspicion as the Cardinal knew of no new embraces, it might be given da baton rouge and spent eternity in the catacombs. since we canna leave the city, we got a tight number o us, so one here, one must go"

09/16/2016 2:51 am
She gave Father Michael a nod and then glanced to Glenn her head tilting ever so slightly

"How is it that you thwart his curse? His will for that matter?"

She carefully took his offered hand shaking it gently.

"Thank you sir..It takes a bit of getting used to..."

09/16/2016 2:59 am
*He looked to Rayne* "Well, as much as I respect anyone's right to believe what they will, I personally do not believe in a higher power. Not arrogant enough to state it as a fact, just stating that I've not seen enough to sway me to the faith.

But what we do is scientific in manner, we test our bodies, and through various means we weaken the curses that hold us in thrall. I for example am attempting to overcome our weakness to sunlight. I've managed to overcome any need for the day sleep that pulls at us. It's why I'm able to operate in the hospital during the daytime hours. Others attempt to overcome the power that the beast holds on us....that urge you got when you first saw me, some learn to control or overcome that. Yet others attempt to overcome the need to feed, or at least attempt to prolong how long we go without sustenance and on what we can sustain ourselves.

The very young among us, yourself certainly, are able to sustain ourselves on the blood of animals, never having to take from humans. The older we get the less likely that is to be, yet some of ours have learned to continue to sustain ourselves on the blood of animals.

Also, unlike our other gifts, once one learns one of the dragons coils, it is a permanent thing"

09/16/2016 3:04 am
"I heard told by one dragon, it was not that they did NOT believe in da god. But that they lived in spite of him, basically, a bit pissed at da existence given to them" He shrugs "Though faith is personal and after testing, and testing many lose it"

The lights in the room seemed to flicker as the shadows near the door seemed to draw together and move along the room like a hunting thing, they raised and took horrendous form before falling down and continuing to move about the room. The presence though, was there, powerful and strangely the feel of a powerful beast came with it, making even father michael pause and watch it. Slowly he pulled the cigarette from his ear and put it between his lips like a nervous habit

09/16/2016 3:09 am
She just blinked in amazement at his words and then looked to Father Michael and then back to Glenn her eyes glittering with fascination

"That is.....amazing! I did not know anything like that was even possible!"

The feeling of the powerful beast though caused any excitement she had to drain away as her jaw tightened and her teeth ground as she fought to stay in her seat next to the Father. Her eyes darted frantically around the room as she tried to find the source and at the same time keep her beast in check though honestly all it wanted at this moment was to get away from the more powerful predator in the be free of that feeling of being stalked...of being next in line to be lunch..

09/16/2016 3:12 am
*He begins to speak until the change in the room, pausing a moment looking around before he continues to speak* "That is the good thing about the Ordo, faith is not a part of it. If one believes than they believe, if one does not, than they do not.

In neither case does it effect the works of the Ordo. In fact I'm fairly certain a number of ours take Sunday Mass and feel that the curse is a test from god, and they're test is to overcome it just as we are meant to overcome a great many obstacles placed before us in life"

*Looking over to Rayne* "Well I can only tell you so much, there are others within the Order far better at explaining the Order than I"

09/16/2016 3:18 am
"I heard told by one dragon, it was not that they did NOT believe in da god. But that they lived in spite of him, basically, a bit pissed at da existence given to them" He shrugs "Though faith is personal and after testing, and testing many lose it"

The lights in the room seemed to flicker as the shadows near the door seemed to draw together and move along the room like a hunting thing, they raised and took horrendous form before falling down and continuing to move about the room. The presence though, was there, powerful and strangely the feel of a powerful beast came with it, making even father michael pause and watch it. Slowly he pulled the cigarette from his ear and put it between his lips like a nervous habit

09/16/2016 3:18 am
The shadows found their way to the corner and there they darkened, a crescent parted showing only the jagged teeth of something. Glenn, being Nosferatu knew that presence: The Spider

The darkness spoke, the teeth moving, it was unnerving to say the least "So this is the one"

Father Michael made a sound in the back of his throat and said "Dis hear Miss Rayne. Uh, " He looked to her "Dat is the Prince LaVign"

He had just gotten that out when the shadows spoke again "Doctor Matherso, we have not seen you in some time"

09/16/2016 3:24 am
She swallowed hard as she saw nothing but a mouth appear out of the was an odd watching the Cheshire cat appear or..disappear for the first time as a child. She shifted in her seat her eyes flicking between Father Michael and the...Prince? If her heart still beat it would be working major overtime right now lucky for her it didn't.

She looked at the shadows once more though never above the had eyes right? Somewhere in had to and if it did she did not want to upset it by looking it in the eyes. Her mouth opened and closed a few times as she tried to find something to say but in the end the Father introduced her and she gave a little bow of her head in recognition of the presence.

09/16/2016 3:29 am
*Glenn gave the prince a nod, a slight bow almost* "Yes, it has been some time since I have been down here. I get caught up in working with my patience"

09/16/2016 3:33 am
"And how goes that?" The shadow asked politely.

The shadow fell to the ground and moved then crawled up the couch to form and peer RIGHT into Raynes face, just that jagged smile

"Seems she is learning well enough.."

09/16/2016 3:37 am
She could not help but suck in a sharp breath as the smile seemed to be right there in her face...if it had bad breath she would know there is no way she could not notice. Her body trembled slightly but she did her very best not to move...not to make a sound or more of a sound then she had already anyway. Her fingers picked at her pants as she sat there not knowing what was expected of her at this point...but he was not talking to her....he was talking about her...and so he did not expect an answer from her....right?!

09/16/2016 3:37 am
*He smiles, his patience, the one thing he genuinely enjoys talking about* "It is going well with them, had some doctoring to records going on so that there's no real question as to why I need the shades drawn when I see a patient,...sun allergies, which technically isn't a lie. Having overcome the need for the day sleep has helped tremendously in my favor, and not having to regularly renew my lifelike parlor means I don't raise suspicion"

09/16/2016 3:40 am
The shadow turned slowly to regard Glenn and gave what appeared a nod. "good. I like to hear this"

Then as it started to sink once more into the floor "She can live, but you are accountable Father Michael"

Father Michael scowled a bit "Sure, Your Majesty. Ill pass a good time with it"

And just as quickly the shadow was gone

09/16/2016 3:42 am
She visibly deflated as the shadow was gone, sinking as deep into her seat as she could...wishing she could meld into it for the moment. Her eyes flicked to Father Michael and she tried to smile...but she was shaking for sure.

09/16/2016 3:48 am
*He thinks about it for a moment* "If I recall, there is a chance that her sire will be back. Don't the Gangrel have a tendency to see how their offspring survive without a guiding hand at first?"

09/16/2016 3:50 am
He watched the shadow "well Gawdah girl, dat prince done let you live" He looked to Glenn "You must be good luck"

He shrugs "Sumtimes we do da embrace and watch but usually not in city side" He looked at Rayne "You tell da dragon how you don got embraced cher"

09/16/2016 4:02 am
She blinked herself out of her shock and looked to Father Micheal giving him a soft smile and then she glanced to Glen shifting a bit in her seat

"It was after a photo shoot....the photographer asked me out to dinner and well we went on a picnic in a clearing in the forest. We were enjoying dinner and he was kissing me when several people came out of the tree's. The photographer went to go talk to one of them and...they argued about him feeding in this guys Territory."

She took another breath a shiver running through her

"I ended up running from them and....the feral man chased me...he caught me and lifted me by my throat...there was a shock of pain and then..bliss and all went dark...I don't remember anything else until Father Michael found me...except being uncontrollably hungry"

09/16/2016 4:06 am
*He nods, listening to her story* Hrmm, looks as though you were going to get bitten that night no matter what. Yeah I remember the hunger when I first changed but at least I was near a battlefield, lots of blood loss already happening so I was able to take a little here, a little there"

09/16/2016 4:11 am
"Thats what I think. Thinking likely a daeva that was dat photographer though" He leaned back and put the cigarette behind his ear again

09/16/2016 4:14 am
"I..unfortunately do not know...I..have not seen either sense or heard from them."

She glanced to Glen

"I think Bitten yes...I am not sure if the Photographer wanted anything other than..a meal..."

She shivered when she said the last as she was still getting used to the idea of feeding off the blood of humans....and the idea of herself being a meal was not something she wanted to be reminded of.

09/16/2016 4:21 am
*He looked to Michael than to Rayne* "Well if you want to baby step it, you know, until you get used to the fact that your going to have to feed on people, stop by the hospital. Some of the blood that has "Gone Bad" and needs to be disposed of, hasn't actually gone bad. Once you get used to the idea that you have to feed on blood, than the next step might become easier"

09/16/2016 4:22 am
His nose wrinkled "My foot!" He said and chuckled "dead blood, its not really all that appealin."

09/16/2016 4:26 am
She glanced to Father Michael and then looked to Glenn giving him a soft smile

"I thank you for your offer Dr. If the Father approves of such a method I may take you up on it sometime. May I ask how it is you...Keep your blood good?"

09/16/2016 4:28 am
*He laughs a bit at that* "Yeah, it's not all that appealing to be sure. In my case it serves for when I've gotten to engrossed in my work. It's like getting take out as opposed to a home cooked meal, it's not nearly as good, but it staves off starvation. As for how I keep it fresh, well it's a hospital, I do it the same way we do all of the donated blood"

09/16/2016 4:30 am
He shrugs and then stood "Its getting late. If you want, Cher you can stay and speak with da Dragon" He looked at Glenn "No ordo sales pitch, she aint ready for it. But you two have a good time"

09/16/2016 4:33 am
That got him a blink, perhaps a bit surprised that she would be free to be out on her own even for a short time.

"Thank you Father. I will return before the sky starts to lighten"

09/16/2016 4:34 am
*Holds up his two right fingers* "Scouts Honor" *He chuckled* "Besides, I gave my best pitch right here in front of you, control your hunger, control your beast, and don't be controlled by the sun....after some hard work"

09/16/2016 4:36 am
He nods "Alright Cher, and remember, polite. IF anyone else comes you don talk unless spoken to, let the good Doctor here introduce you"

He gave a nod and smiled "Ill see you later, Doctor" then headed out

09/16/2016 4:40 am
"Yes Father..."

She said in a soft as she watched him leave and she shifted uncertainly. She had not been alone with another kindred except for Father Michael so it was a little unnerving for her. She looked over at Glenn and gave him an unsure smile

"I do thank you for the offer sir.."

She said softly

"may I ask..for how long you have been Kindred?"

09/16/2016 4:52 am
*He leaned back trying to think on it*, it's been awhile since I was asked that question, can't give you exact years since I sorta stopped paying attention to them, but I was over on the battlefield during World War One when I was hit, was going to bleed out too when my sire found me and turned me to save my life"

09/16/2016 4:56 am
"It is commendable that one would wish to save a life...rather than take one.I think you are the first I have heard of that such was the case. But then I have not met very many other Kindred.."

09/16/2016 5:05 am
*He smiled* "I was a doctor before my embrace, I was saved because of my skill, the soldier that embraced me did so because I was a good field surgeon, and it defiantly keeps me grounded. Helps keep me from forgetting my humanity. That's important, finding that thing that will keep you from becoming a monster, the thing that keeps you in touch with your humanity"

09/16/2016 5:15 am
"I am ..not sure what one would have that would keep me grounded as you say. I am no doctor or anything of the sort...."

09/16/2016 5:21 am
*He smiled* "It's simple really, you find a thing that you enjoy doing. For me it's being a doctor, coming in regular contact with patience and talking with them. Some doctors once they get to my potion sit behind a desk and make decisions. Not me, I own the hospital and I hire someone else to make the stuffy decisions.

That regular contact with patience, I not only enjoy it but it also keeps me reminded that these are people, people with feelings, dreams, lives, family. That way when I DO feed, I do so cautiously.

The fact that I have a degree in a field that lets me know how much blood a human can safely lose helps too" *He laughs a bit*

"Just..find that thing that reminds you what it's like to be a human"


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