A call to Court

In Murk wood Cemetery there is a Mausoleum with no gates and seems to have a bit of breathing space unlike the other graves, crypts and Mausoleums in the cemetery. It is beautiful but unmarked and not even the grounds keeper knows who it once belonged to. Which is lucky for him. Those who dare to try to vandalize or sneak in, are never seen from again and with good reason. [Kindred only, unless you want PVP or are kidnapped there. For further description see the setting descriptions]
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Re: A call to Court

Postby Malhavoc » Sat Oct 08, 2016 1:45 am

Sir Dimitri Skala
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He listened and watched staying at Madeline's side as he considered the Prince's words. Leaning in to speak quietly to Madeline. "I think this place will be good for us. When we have the chance I'd like your opinion on something, but we can discuss it later of course, it's nothing urgent." *He then resumes his watching and listening to get a feel for the others.*


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Re: A call to Court

Postby QuicksilverFox85 » Sun Oct 09, 2016 2:34 am

Marcus Sorensen
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Marcus watched the Spider as he was watched by the Nosferatu in return, standing firm under his shadowy gaze. When his attention turned elsewhere he relaxed slightly, giving his sire a small nod.

He perked up again, however, at the mention of the gift of egress from the city in return for finding a fitting Elysium. Being given the keys to the kingdom, even a temporary one, would allow him to study it and find out what other methods could be used to bypass the Spider's webs. A small smile crossed his lips, the gears already starting to spin up.

The Mekhet spared Rayne a glance as she was spared a Final Death herself for her sire's sins; he did not envy the fate of that sire, though, as he knew it would not be pleasant. Once the shadows settled back into normalcy and the Spider was gone - as far as they knew, anyway - he looked to Saraphina. "Anyone in particular I should introduce myself to?" He said quietly, leaning towards her a touch to ensure that she could hear him over the noise in the room.
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Re: A call to Court

Postby fairfolk » Sun Oct 09, 2016 3:14 am

Baroness Madeline Brice
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She watched quietly and when Dmitri spoke she looked up at him and offered him a smile. "Is that so? Then I suppose we should start making friends, dont you?"
She made a motion for him to do just that and chuckled.

Marquise Saraphina Moreau
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She leaned into her child and chuckled "I did give you a job to do though I wonder if this is the place. I think for the most part you have met most the Invictus, all that leaves are ..the others"

Body Count
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The look I give the girl, Amy is scathing. To which she responds, between popping gum "What?"

I straighten up and ask "Is -this-" I motion around the room. "Elysium?" When she shook her head no, I hit her hard enough to knock her over onto her ass. "Do -NOT- speak for me again, Comrade" The threat is there, and I turn marching away to the two little ..crap why am I heading in the direction of the children?

I just stop and find wall to hold up with my shoulder, and I look over as that Scourge, and the little one, Gage are laughing due to my anger. I think they both want blood. I look over and see Amy smiling and wiping off blood, dumb woman has the nerve to kiss at me.

Gods above, what have I ended up in?

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Re: A call to Court

Postby Malhavoc » Sun Oct 09, 2016 6:28 am

Sir Dimitri Skala
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He walks over with Madeline directing them toward Marquise Saraphina Moreau whispering to her as they make their way across the room. "I'd like to speak with the Knight Commander, and unless you have someone else you'd like to speak to we should have a talk regarding the meeting here." *Upon reaching the Marquise he bows and straightens himself smiling, "Knight Commander, would you please tell me about the Order of the Moon, and how you believe I would fit into the order?"

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Re: A call to Court

Postby InkFox » Sun Oct 09, 2016 4:21 pm

Alexai Innovich
Ana Innovich
Father Michael
Rayne Thatcher

10/08/2016 2:51 am
Alexai offered an easy smile. He doesn't blink as he approaches. He doesn't breath he just... watches. When he does, not much is said for what feels like a void that could be filled with... anything. After a moment, his gaze shifts away from Rayne, and towards Father Michael. He speaks, and he's put on his less menacing, almost perfect child poise and voice, "Good Evening, Father Michael. Do you have a moment? I would much like to speak with you and your charge regarding the Prince's matters."

10/08/2016 2:54 am
*She moved in tanded with her brother, walking close to him, her head tilting, she was perfect, every step graceful, ever gesture precise, her smile, the epitome of innocence and beauty* goood evening *she says in a soft, beautiful voice, she said it JUST at the exact same moment as her brother, in perfect unison, letting him talk on as she looked curiously at Rayne*

10/08/2016 2:55 am
The father was not hiding the fact he was eye balling the two kindred, and one had to wonder what his thoughts where. Actually, no they didn't. That cheeky grin on his face with that unlit cigarette in his mouth said it all.

He pulled his eyes away as he heard his name. "Eh? OH.oh you wanna get down wit me. Okay, Mister Ivano-VICH, how can I help you?" He looked at Ana "Lil MadAMe"

10/08/2016 2:58 am
"Good evening"

She said softly as she watched the two children approach. She shifted slightly on her feet looking between Father Michael and the twins. She had hopped they would not stop to speak with her...but that hope was gone now. She let the Father do the talking as...she was not addressed Directly after all

10/08/2016 3:10 am
Alexai nodded to Father Michael, considering saying a statement that was wildly inappropriate given the circumstances - but the strange talking priest aside, they had business that had to be attended to and he wanted to know how appropriate this option was to entertain. "I am interested in discussing business regarding your charge. I was wondering if you would be willing to introduce us, formally - and if the two of you would like to join us at our table and speak with us."

10/08/2016 3:12 am
*She... smiled. OH such a smile at the way he said her name, giving him for a full second her complete attention, before speaking sweetly* oooh Faaaaather.... do you like dollies?

10/08/2016 3:19 am
He looked at Ana and reached up taking the death stick from between his lips and put it behind his ear.

"You know, I believe that the Testiment of LoGINous says that embracing a child is one of the darker sins. It pains me to see that you two are caught in the Lords Dark plan, so I cant really say dat I like dollies, I also can not dislike one as charming as you. No lordy I can not' He smiled a bit then looked back at Alexi

He reached out and pulled Rayne near him "Sure , Mister Ivanovich. Dis here is Rayne" He snapped his fingers and loked at Rayne "You know, Rayne. I don never asked yer last name and Dat invictus aint gon talk to you until he knows it. So what is it girl?

10/08/2016 3:22 am
She was tugged closer to him, and in a way it was a relief to be nearer to one she knew and trusted. She jumped slightly as he snapped his fingers and her brow raised slightly

"Thatcher, My full name is Rayne Thatcher"

10/08/2016 3:38 am
"It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Thatcher. I am Alder Alexai Ivanovich of the First Estate," He let his sister fill in the words to introduce herself, and then continued, "Normally, I would ask that you call me Alder Ivanovich - but that will become needlessly confusing as my sister holds the same title. So - if you address either of us specifically, Lord Alder or Lady Alder would be appropriate."

He began to walk, assuming that the rest of the group walked with them, back to that table. Even as a Neonate, it's impossible for the Beast not to recognize that the table itself is alive. The blood that flows through it can be smelled clearly, and the beast seems almost preternaturally drawn to the sound of it's heartbeat - erratic as it was, that seat had once been something. Someone, possibly.

"As will likely come as no surprise, we would like to discuss with the two of you the matter of dealing with Miss Thatcher here's Sire."

10/08/2016 3:43 am
*She giggled softly to the 'Priest'* ooh but Faaaather what if it was made out of love? doesn't your god speaks all about Love? *she smiles* so how can it be dark and loving at the same time?

*and a smile as she said, elegantly* Alder Anastasia Ivanovich of the First Estate *when Alexai made the moment to introductions, moving easely with her brother, they did so moved just in unison* I do bet you like dollies though... *she grins slightly* everyone loves dollies

10/08/2016 3:48 am
He followed and sat after Alexi did, his hand ran up and down on the arm rest feeling the warmth of the couch. He looked at Ana "you speaking of the Lord that dat Longionus follows? He loves those who walk in da light, lil Madame. his love and light is not shed on his wolves. He gave us what we needed to do the job he wishes, our sins brought us over, I cant see what sin a child would do, so you don deserve ta be a wolf. But you are" He shrugs

He looked to Alex "Ah ah, I had a feeling it might have something to do with dat. You gon go for the sheriff position?"

10/08/2016 3:52 am
She followed the Father and sat beside him, or as near as she could anyway. It was when the heartbeat stirred her beast that a worried look flashed in her eyes. She looked at the table and then the seats and managed to hide her surprise at their composition pretty well though it was clear it bothered the young kindred in some fashion. For now she let Father Michael do the talking..unless they asked her a question directly

10/08/2016 3:54 am
*aaaalrihgt, her head tilted to the Father, she got the wrong god, but she smiles nevertheless* well... you never know *she said SO innocently, that own less aware might even ponder if she had understood the sin relation*

*BUt catching Rayne's discomfort her eyes trailed over the young kindred, oooh she smiled sweetly* I like your hair

10/08/2016 3:59 am
"That doesn't interest me," Alexai said, shaking his head. "At least not at the moment. We, however, find the case a curious challenge and one that can be useful to our agendas. Anastasia is an artist, you see - she's longed to give the Prince a present. I think he might well appreciate Miss Thatcher's Sire's heart - or, if he's too old, his ashes. Given the circumstances, I was hoping that the two of you would be interested in our assistance in dealing with the matter."

Because, ultimately even if they were being paid by the Prince himself, they were still settling to help out Rayne in the end.

10/08/2016 4:03 am
"Im Pattons on the issue. But" He made a nod towards Gage who was swinging his legs back and forth, his fingers tapping together like a little villan "Heard tell Mister Gage wants ta be da be da Sheriff. " He shrugs and looked back "How you don figure we can help?"

10/08/2016 4:06 am
"Thank you Lady Alder"

She said her voice remaining soft. She blinked when Alexai mentioned wanting to help deal with her sire and she thought for a split second about opening her mouth and accepting but she didn't. She did not know how things worked in this new world, if she said yes..what would that mean later down the line? Could they hold it over her head and make her do something for them or..would she be theirs for such a thing? The prince had given her over to the clan and Father Michael but could accepting such an offer negate that? She folded her hands and tucked them between her knees her eyes flicking to the Father as he asked the question.

10/08/2016 4:16 am
Alexai watched Father Michael, unblinking. His cold blue eyes turned slowly to look to Gage, and then back to look at Father Michael. Anastasia and Gage could likely feel the raw, sheer desire to rip someone's throat out. Namely Gage's, or maybe Father Michael's, or hell the Spider's if he was willing to entertain such an idea of letting such an unsophisticated, uncontrollable yaldson be the thin red line between order and chaos in this city. No, he'd have to figure something out to deal with that matter, find a better individual, recommend someone more qualified to the...

...What was Father Michael's Position? He looked to the other man, and then said, "We can figure out the Sheriff matter later. As far as helping - Miss Thatcher only has one close tie to her - I would like her to use her connection to identify and determine the location of the criminal. Anastasia would be handling the matter of actually dealing with him."

10/08/2016 4:18 am
*ooh she clapped delightedly* I can make clay from the ashes! little ash, little blood, little bone, little eye *she giggled delightedly* oh! so sweet!

*and the mention on Gage, she ALMOST ALMOST seemed to perk and turn... but she didn't, she felt her brother's ire, she looked to him, a fleeting pout, and she deflated, no trhiling yay for Gage the Sheriff! nop, she was a good little girl and was sudenly just sitting demurelly, leaning her head on her brother's shouder... untill he said dealing with him* TAG! *she straightened and clapped her hands soflty*

10/08/2016 4:22 am
Gage for his part looked over, and gave the most wicked of cheshire cat grins and waved!

Father Michael smiled and considered and looked at Rayne then back "Well, aye think I should speak to Rayne on it in private on what that would mean. Course, takin a bit of her blood and tastin it would tell something too, even a bit of dat black magic, okay Theban"

10/08/2016 4:26 am
Her brows furrowed as she considered Alexai's words. She had somehow known that Father Michael and her were of the same clan....same family as one could say. Could she also find her maker using some similar link? If so would he know she was looking for him? Would he have the rest of his..for lack of a better word, pack waiting for them to come? Was he still even here or alive...or rather undead all things considering. There was still so much she did not know or understand and it was clear by looking at her that her mind was rolling over options as quick as they came in.

10/08/2016 4:30 am
Alexai nodded and then said, "Of course. Shall we leave you with our information, and you may contact us when you have reached your decision on the matter?"

Anastasia would have to be the one to do that. He didn't remember these phone things and she seemed to have gotten the hang of it better than he had. Oh - he was learning. But he'd not quite gotten it yet.

10/08/2016 4:33 am
oh! *she giggles again and takes a delicate hand in a pocket, why, bacause she had... well either Thalassa or Michael really make them cards! pretty elegnat in gold letters cards! of course they ONLY had a phone number, mysterious was posh after all, and she offers the said card to the Father with a sweet smile. Ohhh she wans't looking over at GGage, she really hated the fight between them, but she could not change neither, SO.... card! yes*

10/08/2016 4:34 am
HE smirked "Its pattosn to me, Lord Alder, can always send you a Fox message" He hit his knee and threw his head back laughing "Fox, get it!?"

10/08/2016 4:39 am
The outburst of laughter from the Father caused Rayne to look at him her mouth falling open slightly in surprise. She would never figure this man out...or at least it would take her whole life before she would.

10/08/2016 4:42 am
Alexai blinks, and looks to Anastasia too see if she gets it. Cause it goes right over his head. Note to self, learn this man's weird speech style to better socialize with him. He didn't laugh - laughing would only sound weak, and he didn't really need that right now. Instead, he nodded and then said, "However you can."

10/08/2016 4:44 am
oh....but Father....*she said sweetly* would you not preffer a Kitty? *she grinned juuust a tad*

10/08/2016 4:46 am
He looked at them all and about ot explain it he hears Ana, he leaned back and considered "Well, I do like kitties" He smiled at her "you know," He watched her "I have a kitty, you want to see it?

10/08/2016 4:48 am
It was news to Rayne that the father had a kitty....so she too watched in curiosity as he mentioned it...wanting to see it herself. She shifted in her spot to turn looking at him more fully now...which meant her eyes caught sight of Little Master Gage as well, curious thing that he was. She licked her lips waiting.

10/08/2016 4:50 am
With trials like this, it's no wonder that Alexai learned how to steel himself at a young age, Mastering his own emotions and self control. He managed to repress a sigh that desperately wanted to come out, and while the embers of hatred still burned like cinders in his heart, he figures it only polite to entertain Father Michaels' entertainment of his sister.

10/08/2016 4:51 am
oh yes!! *she bounced a little bit, clapping her hands a little* I've been wanting a Kitty for AGES *nearly almost literaly*

10/08/2016 4:53 am
He nods and handed the cigerette over to Rayne "Now Lady Alder, dis be only for you kay?" He said then...his form flickered, the beast surged and left a damn tom cat on the ground.

it looked mean as hell too, different colors, a ear that had a chunk took out of it. It looked up at Ana and made a mrorw sound

10/08/2016 4:58 am
She blinked as his form flickered and then...there was a cat. That was a surprise to say the least. She held the cigarette in her fingers carefully so as not to break it and possibly upset Father Michael.

10/08/2016 5:02 am
Alex tilted his head, looking at the Father's new form - before the Strigoi smiled and let out a soft chuckle - there was no relieved sound, but he definately was relieved. He found it amusing how many people actually entertained Anastasia - perhaps this is how she managed to hold the fort down for thirty years in his absence?

10/08/2016 5:04 am
oh! CUTENESS! *she smiles, clapping her hands contently, and moving closer to the Father, of course she didn't pick him up, they were AT court, but she might have been capable of* Oh my! Father I would say you look astounding! *she smiles, SO happily!*

10/08/2016 5:08 am
That mean looking tom tilted his head and pawed t Ana as she moved closer, the tail gave a angry flick and for alls hells bells the tom looked pissed. But, he wasnt, that was just the beast showing it was still there.

He put his paw down and padded closer to Ana reaching up with both paws and grabbing her hand, to rub his big head against it

10/08/2016 5:10 am
Her voice was tiny when she spoke

"I have never seen this side of you Father Michael....I think it suits you well"

10/08/2016 5:12 am
He looked between the two of them. He's quiet for now - simply letting Anastasia enjoy the moment with the Father.

10/08/2016 5:13 am
*She lets a very girly giggle, and of course she indulges, letting her small hand pet the tom, scratching behind the ears as he rubbed his massive head. Not minding he looked mean, it seems the whole mean made her thing it was even more perfect!*

10/08/2016 5:16 am
His head swung over to Rayne and he opened his mouth and hissed, except it seemed more a laugh. He took a moment to nip Ana's fingers before padding back to his seat and shifting once more to the priest, he sat down and smile "Why own a kitty when you can be da kitty?"

10/08/2016 5:22 am
"Interesting thought process"

She said softly as she watched him and then she fell silent once more as...she had not actually been addressed so she did not wish to speak out of turn

10/08/2016 5:30 am
"Indeed it is." Alexai said, the ire that was there earlier gone now. He looked to Father Michael, and then to Anastasia, and then back. "Unfortunately the night is brief - we do have other matters to attend to for the evening, and while I am enjoying this I should look into seeing what else can be done for the city." As well as ensuring that an appropriate sheriff was put into place. Nip that shit in the bud. Of course, Ana was welcome to keep speaking with the Father and his surrogate child, Alex wouldn't mind - but he really ought to ensure that, if the Lancea find themselves untrusting of the Twins that he has other inroads he can seek into. Not that he didn't have full intentions of using every single aspect of the Prince's decree to his advantage, but he wanted to assure his priorities taken care of.

10/08/2016 5:32 am
*She giggles once more, watching him go back to his seat and retake priest form, she grins* oh... but I want a BIG KITTY *she smiles innocently* one I can climb onto! *a nod. Then she peered towards her brother* I HAVE been good

10/08/2016 5:34 am
He gave a nod "Ah yes, yes. Dat would be smart to attend to other matters. It was a pleasure speaking wit you, Lord Alder, Ill speak with Rayne and explain exactly what your talking about" then to Ana he smiled a bit "Can turn into dat big kitta too but I don think id like being ridden. It was nice to do the talking with you, Lady Alder. You two have a good time" He stood and held his hand out for Rayne

10/08/2016 5:39 am
She would reach up taking the Father's hand and raise slowly. Her eyes went to the twins and she spoke softly

"It was a pleasure to get to speak with you Lord Alder, Lady Alder."

10/08/2016 5:45 am
"The pleasure was all mine, Miss Thatcher. Father Michael." He smiled, and bowed his head to the both of them, eyes gazing towards whom might become his next target of business

10/08/2016 5:46 am
*She smiles to them both* have a pleasant evening *all sweet and innocence, again as she peeked around... pondering WHO might be good to tag onto Kitten Quest.. mean.. everyone was here tonight, right?*

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Re: A call to Court

Postby Twinky » Tue Oct 11, 2016 1:22 am

*The doctor sat and listened to the Prince's edict. He had very little interest in leaving the city, was no fighter so he had no desire to engage someone in combat and cared even less about either of the positions of power offered for, as with the hunt, he was not the physical sort so he held little ability to enforce any rule and while he could get along with most of those here he had little desire to find out who the real sycophants where by placing himself in a position to judge the status of others. He cared only about his work, both as a doctor and as a member of the Ordo.

Sitting he'd converse with others when his attention was drawn to them, but other than that he simply bided his time until he could get back to work*

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Re: A call to Court

Postby Malhavoc » Tue Oct 11, 2016 5:16 am

She turned towards him giving Madeline a nod and looked him over "The Knights of the Moon are actually a conglomeration of Knightly Orders who are unable to leave this place, so we can not do as the Knight Commanders of our orders say..The Silver Dragon, the Thorned Wreath...ect. Because we are all Knights under the Moon, here, we are Knights OF the moon and we protect those of the first estate"

Dimitri Skala:
He nods as she explains, "So my role in the Order of the Black Rose was to protect and care for Baroness Brice here. Would you expand my role in New Haven, or would it at it's core remain the same?"

"Your core would remain the same. Your priority is to her. But this way we allow each other to have information should things go pear shaped and if we need you and you can leave her , then we would use you" She half smiled watching him "But, your honor bound to help her first"

Dimitri Skala:
Smiling he inclines his head in a small bow, "Thank you for respecting my priority, and of course I would help as you see fit. Is there any hierarchy in the order besides yourself as it's leader?"

"Mmm just make sure if you find any information out that you send it to me. That said, we are also to be called on should you need us" To his question she shrugged "I have a herald, the rest are knights"

Dimitri Skala:
"That's good to know, and it's good to know there is a support base in the order, especially given how far we are from familiar territory. Given how new we are here is there any advice you would offer, or any specific cautions?"

Dark eyes looked over the room before looking back at him "Stay out of the water and if you must go in it, stay close to shore"

Dimitri Skala:
Nodding, "Yes, we saw something in the water. It was quite disturbing. Thank you for the advice."

"I might consider have a Second, but until I see a reason to.." she trailed off. Then smiled "Is there any other questions?"

Dimitri Skala:
Scanning the others in the room pausing on Rayne and the group around her before turning back to Serephine, "No, I was following through with the Prince's directive to obtain my new orders, and I'll be sure to let you know if I come across any further information." Glancing toward the group a moment indicating them with a slight head movement. "One last thing. Is there usually such a fuss with newborns?"

She looked at him "The first estate upholds the tradition, iron clad" She said watching him intently. "Creation of a progeny is against the law without the oldest consent so yes, should one be made without the consent your asking to be ashed"

Dimitri Skala:
"Thank you, and of course I would assume it's a high crime to embrace without permission and consent, though the latter wasn't made clear if she had consented to being turned." He turns to Madeline and with a glance back to Seraphine, "Thank you for your time, please excuse us."

"Wait" She said and reached out putting her arm on his and guiding him back. "clearly you do not understand which is a surprise. But our laws state that we -do NOT- embrace without the consent of our Elders. The girls consent doesnt matter, just as yours didnt, nor mine, or anyone elses. I can only infer that since you have a prestigious line that your Sire HAD permission. Our laws and the tradition that the First estate protect is The Masqurade, we do not let those not of the blood know of us. So to ask a human their consent would insure their death if they did not agree. No progeny without the consent of our elders, which would be the Prince. And do not drink down the life force of another kindred. I will assume your confusion is due to the unfortunate way you found yourself in New Haven, however, the Spider does not see a lack of knowledge or understanding of a law as innocent, you are accountable for it. So if you need any more confusion cleared up, you may contact me. That said the only thing that will not cause the destruction of the maker is if the kindred rises as a revenant, on their own"

Dimitri Skala:
"No, I do understand that. It's been quite ingrained, though my Sire did give me a choice other than death during world war two. I was on a battlefield, and helping a badly injured soldier. My Sire came upon us and after putting the soldier out of his misery offered me, in his words a cursed gift that would allow me the opportunity to continue my desires." He glances to Seraphine, "I believe my Sire would have sought another and left me to die at the hands of the germans if I had refused the offer, or possibly kill me before they had marched over our position."

[color=#8040FF]Dimitri Skala:
"Though I may have been an exception as my Sire was looking for someone who wanted the job of protecting and looking after another."

"Than you had a good and rare sire" she said softly. She looked over to her own childe "He died before I could embrace him" She looked back at him "the offer still stand. If you have any confusion you may ask, you know how to get ahold of me'

Dimitri Skala:
Nodding, "Thank you, I appreciate such an offer." *He then bows before turning and walking over with Madeline toward the entrance lingering there with her.

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Re: A call to Court

Postby fairfolk » Fri Oct 14, 2016 3:24 am

The Ordo members barely talked, they listened, watched but gave very little of their thoughts away. Eventually they turned to the Doctor and said they where leaving, he was welcome to come with them

The other vampires started to exit, one after enough. The evening was done.

/End Scene

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