After the Night Comes (Rose Mood)

Named after the first unfortunate suicide in New Haven, she was a sister in the church who got to close to the abyss. This part of the city is the poorest of the neighborhoods and has a high crime rate. It is North East of the city, a few miles from Murkwood cemetery and the Suicide Cliffs themselves.
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After the Night Comes (Rose Mood)

Postby Jakondite » Sat Feb 11, 2017 8:20 pm

Nelly's Peak was ... strange. Rose had been there. She'd seen the damage that had been done while she was there. Hell she had done some of the damage - but when the Quarantine lifted, it was like a spell had been cast over the area. There was damage, but not in the catastrophic manner that had been going on in the middle of the event. It was like someone had magicked the minds of the survivors. Could they really have simply rationalized the things that had occurred?

A more disturbing thought crossed her mind. What if she'd simply ... hallucinated the entire event? That was possible. Trapped in a city, it was only natural that she would become scared, especially when the hedge seemed to turn against her and bar her escape. Her mind would have shattered, broken into a thousand pieces. At the thought, she started to hyperventilate.

What if the people she fought were just people? Not half dead shambling infected creatures, but people - scared, locked in with her, looking for solace? What if she'd just... outright slaughtered them? If she'd cut them apart piece by little piece like some... some monster? What if. What if. What if.

The sheer horror of the possibility is enough to grip at Rose herself. No - she refuses to believe that. She would not accept that would be the case - could not accept that to be the case, otherwise how would she look at herself in the morning? Say that she broke resolve, panicked, and lashed out?

The thoughts of the possibilities though lead her to know that she has to do something. Something for the city - perhaps to make amends, or perhaps to heal it. Perhaps something that she'd wanted to do already, but now saw opportunity. Night had come, and in it's wake it had left damage. If not damage of the supernatural, damage of the pure mundane.

People were suffering. They needed food, comfort for the lost, and direction. They needed something that was in scarce supply in Nelly's Peak, and that was something that she could give them. Or she figured that she could give them.

The businesses of Nelly's peak had suffered damages just as much as the people themselves - many were going out of business, having to shut down and sell, having to let in new folks from out of state. Nelly's peak wasn't an exception - in fact, it was probably the rule. Motels were shutting down, Bars were closing, even the gas stations were getting new owners. Nelly's peak was changing, dramatically and swiftly.

Until Dawn was an old run down bar that was similarly being run down. Rose had approached it while it's owner was there, but it was - ultimately- closed. She entered into the front door, locked though it may have been. The owner, who had been dealing with putting up broken glasses and otherwise emptying the area, froze as he saw her.

"How did you?" He growled, "Thought I locked that door. Sorry, but we're closed."

"Does that work?" Rose spoke softly, but her voice had always had it's charms - she could see in the man's eyes as one of the bottles literally slipped out of his hand and crashed into the ground. She pointed to a nearby old piano, which honestly looked like it had seen better days. It'd probably been used for a table, rather than it's original purpose.

"Fu--" He catches himself, and swallows. "That old thing? Haven't used it in years. The keys are all messed up, and... Hey, look. You know this place is closing down right? Sign says we're closed, permanently."

"Change the sign." Rose said quietly. She moved towards the piano, with all the grace an angel could afford as her fingers touched the object.

"Change the -- I'm out of business, hunny. I need to pack up and move on if I'm expected to live!" He said, exasperated. Not even sure why he was trying to justify himself to this woman

"I need a job." Rose said, her voice confident but quiet - enough to make the owner have to come closer just to be sure he was hearing her correctly.

"You need a -- are you fucking serious?"

"You don't have to pay me. At least at first. You just need to stay open."

"And what are people going to pay for? The stock is -trashed-?"

Rose played idly with the piano, noting the flawed keys in it, where it wasn't working at all. It very much did need repairs - but even with a broken tool, she could still work.

"What are you -- Look, I said it didn't work, I--" He pauses as she starts to play - in a perfect melody.

"Do you know what people need, right now Mr... I'm sorry, I didn't get your name." Rose looked to the man

"Thomas. My name is Thomas."

"Thomas. I'm Rose." She smiled, and Thomas couldn't help the pounding in his heart as she reached out to touch his hand. He couldn't think properly - anyone else, literally anyone else and he'd have told them to get the fuck out right now - but the moment she had started speaking he'd already lost. "Do you know what people need right now, Thomas?"

"What...?" He said, almost... eager to hear her speak more. Or just to talk with her.

"Hope." She said quietly. "They need... Hope. The city is crying out. Nelly's Peak has always been a place of suffering, pain, and sorrow - now, more than ever. New Haven is corrupt, and the people don't feel like they can make any kind of difference in their lives. They have lost family members, jobs, their very way of living.

"Night's Fallen for Nelly's Peak. Darkness touches each and every one of them. It hurts Thomas. Every change, every new person, every different little aspect of this city, tearing itself out from under them. In times like these, people need a place to go to. You understand? They need a place to feel safe."

She smiled, and brought his hands to her lips. Thomas found himself blushing - he never blushed, not for a woman anyways. And then he saw her face almost shimmer. He saw her, the beautiful black haired girl in jeans and a shirt, become something he never expected. Her wings sprouting outright, her eyes like rainbows, her hair flowing back like the sun. He looked at the Angel before him in raw shock. Tears started to drip down his cheek as he took her in - that sweet raw divinity.

"I want to give them Hope, Thomas. I want to give them a place to come to, to find solace for the losses that they've reached. I want to prove to them that even the darkest and longest night has a Dawn. That's why I need to be here, Thomas. That's why you need to stay open, and persevere and not give up." She leaned closer to him, and the air is almost electric. "Will you help me Thomas?"

Thomas swallowed, and tried to figure out where his brain had suddenly left him. He had been planning on selling, making out for another town with an easy life. He'd been planning on figuring things out and not letting this affect him. But as he looked at the literal angel before him, tears running down his face - he couldn't bring himself to deny her. Finally, the words escaped him, and it's like the weight is lifted off his chest - and now onto his shoulders.


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