The first step out of shadow [Att: Shane]

North West of Bay side, Brunswick village is the hip and up and coming neighborhood with small restaurants, coffee shops and corner stores. The old rail road once went through Brunswick but was decommissioned in the late 40s, now the Caboose and a few of the older passenger cars serve as a quint restaurant and hang out, called "The Tug"
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The first step out of shadow [Att: Shane]

Postby fairfolk » Wed Mar 22, 2017 3:25 am

SL 2| Magic active

She had just gotten done with her last client and was closing the door to the Vet Clinic.

Her hair was pulled up in a french twist and she was dressed in a pair of jeans and boots, a cranberry jacket over it.

Gnosis: 1 | Eidetic Memory | Occultation: 3
Had to be careful what you said and did around someone with a photographic memory. You say your name is Trina and you work at a Vet Clinic, look for the closest one to where you met and a couple of tries and here you go. Creepy? Probably but it certainly made an impression. When she walked out he was standing across the street, leaning on a light pole playing on his phone. When he saw her walk out he made sure to give a small little wave, attention still half on his phone.

She had turned and seeing Solomon wave a brow arched. Was she surprised?
She really needed to get Audrey mobile. She lifted a hand and waved back then started to head across the street , she did look both ways to make sure she didn't get run over.

As she walked over he tucked away his phone and placed both feet firmly on the ground. Stuffing his hands into his pockets.

"Hey Trina. Figured I'd stop by since you mentioned you worked at a clinic. Not much of one for animals myself. Care to walk and talk?"

She stepped up onto the sidewalk and HUGGED him. Then stepped back, it was quick but damn it all she was a hugger

She shrugs "Thats fine, I kind of told you where to find me when I didnt know you remembered everything" She smiled and motioned him "After you. I do need to eat soon so if you want there is a little cafe up the way, Ill pay"

The hug apparently caught him by surprise, with his hands in his pockets and his posture tightening up a bit. He nodded when she offered dinner, like he'd say no to a free meal.

"Yep. Dinner sounds good."

He opened his mouth to speak and then it shut again. It wasn't an easy subject to broach and he had no way of knowing how to do it. Was it best keep up the deception or no? He wasn't sure. Could he just teach himself how this all worked? Independence was hard to put a price on.

She had started walking and looked up at him and smiled "Your troubled huh?" It was in his demeanor.

Her own hands went into her pockets as they walked. But, when they got to the cafe she pulled them out to open the door and step in.

She asked for a private table in a corner and that was what they where given

He went to answer but confusion gripped and twisted his face, a small exhale exiting his nose as he followed her to the table.

"Yea. This whole thing is new to me, beyond the obvious."

She sat down and pulled the menu off the table, then opened it. "Well yeah" She looked up at him and smiled "You know. I am not going to bite you unless you ask me to, and then maybe. "

"I don't like rules or structure. I don't like tests. I don't like being kept in the dark. This whole thing grates against my very being and I don't know what to do about it."

He shrugged again, flipping the menu open, flipping to the back, then shutting it again. He didn't need to see it beyond that, it was locked in his mind now.

"I started doing what I did so I wouldn't be beholden to anyone. So I would answer to no one but myself...and well..."

The if I was ever caught went unstated.

She put her menu aside and crossed her arms on the table leaning forward. "I understand. But the problem is, that there are rules within rules to being what we are. Its working the edge of those rules you gotta find. And unfortunately, to learn...your going to be shrouded in mystery and tested. Anyone who teaches or knows more then you do, is not going to give you information that you haven't earned or worked for to get. We talked about the whole, information issue. That said, earned comes from studying with the mentor. And really your only beholden to them for a while but like anything ..if someone teaches you something useful, you are grateful to them forever"

"See. I don't like that. I don't like any of that. I dropped out of school because I didn't like it and I didn't like being told what to do all the time. It makes my skin crawl, I like being able to do what I want when I want. Reason 1 I don't have kids.

"I like mysteries but not tests. If someone wants something or wants to tell you something they should just come out and say it. You might think it's easier to show then tell then that's fair then support the person and help them through it. I don't see the need for a fucked up shell game of information. IT only causes further confusion.

"I also don't like being beholden to anyone and I might not feel beholden to them. I might like them, I might not feel like I owe them anything. There is a difference. Friends to get better prices."

His speaking was erratic, voice raising and lowering in pitch as his passion shifted like sand. He finished, breathing heavily as he started to go over the menu in his mind again.

She tilted her head and raised a hand moving it down to tell him his volume was getting a bit up there.

she breathed in "Let me ask you a two questions. One, does the world revolve around what you like and there not honor among thieves? "

"One, of course it does. It's my world, my life, my decisions, so everything is about me to me. Two..."

I reach down and touch my stomach looking back up to her with an expression that might be considered rude. Eyes basically saying what the fuck do you think. He took a deep breath, making sure his pitch stayed lower. Luckily he hadn't said anything secret or related to magic when he started ranting.

She sighed and shook her head "To thine own self be true" She said "The world does -not- revolve around you. BUT...because of what you are, you can make it be so. As to the other. Because of the rules we set out " She shrugs "It makes it so that the 'honor among thieves' is true if proverbial"

Fucking double speak. She was trying.

"Now...I dont think anyone but a insane person likes tests but sometimes they are needed. And unfortunately coming out and saying it.." She looked around and back at him ..."Sol...what the hell are you trying to say to me?"

"I'm being very true to myself right now."

He couldn't help but laugh at that, the hint of a smile twitching at the corners of his lips.

"IF that was true you wouldn't need cops now would you? Not everything is sunshine and rainbows, human nature is still human nature no matter what package you wrap it in."

He sighed, that came off really jaded even by his standards. Still, doesn't mean it was wrong.

"I feel like I'm being kept in the dark, being given pieces of what I need to know but not everything. I feel like I'm being strung along for some reason and I don't know why. I feel like I'm in a game and I don't know the rules now."

"Ah I see" She said and to the next part "I mean towards those who teach> No not everything is sunshine and roses"
She nods "You are" She leaned forward and said almost softly "I gave you more information the I would normally because you did well in that cave, and you earned a the right to know a bit. But what your asking is what a teacher can give you and should. "

She looked up "Lets go back to the Vets office, I have a office away from animals and we can talk more pointedly. I do not do well with double speak and I think you need more straight answers as to not be confused.I am clearly confusing you. I will say, am NOT trying to string you along or play games with you"

She stood up "Up to you, would be easier to be able to speak frankly"

When she admitted to keeping him in the dark and that it was a teacher's duty to bring him into the light he sat back with a groan of frustration.

"Makes no sense, you're asking a child to be able to walk before they know the word."

She stood up and he was ok with following her back but he held up a finger.

"...can we get it to go then?"

She looked at him and sighed "Ill be considered your mentor until I release you If I tell you much more. But I wont lie to you, and I wont use you...Ill be fair and thats more then anyone can ask"

"More about dinner?"

He said with a half grin as she spoke while his mind was entirely on food at this point.

"That's a dumb rule. Those are dumb rules. You can't be beholden to someone for giving them the tools to survive and not hurt anyone else. You also can't expect anyone to agree to those terms before knowing what is going on. I'm no lawyer but even I know that's now how that's supposed to work. "

She snorted "We can order out"
She shrugs "Okay look. I can't speak to much about it here, Ive told you a lot. Lets go to the Vets office and I will give you more so you have a better idea of what is going on. As I said, I will -not- lie to you"

He nodded, only a small frown on his face as he stood up knowing he'd have to wait for the food now. He'd follow her out not saying a lot, just looking suspicious.

"I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. I know I don't like rules but they should at least make sense..."

He wasn't really talking to anyone, more of an observation he was making to himself.

"they will make a little more sense after we talk" She said walking with him. She did put in a call from the cafe to deliver. It did not take long to get to the vets, it was only a short trip.

Once inside she shut the door and lead him to the office, pulled a chair out for him and sat down herself

"Okay. So what are you confused on?"

"What!? Everything. Why am I being kept in the dark and being parceled out information as needed.

"Why am I beholden to anyone? Why should I even follow the rules? Why does it even matter? What makes anyone think it's a good idea to give someone pieces of information on something they don't know about and then expect them to make a monumental decision like I don't know, a sacred mentor student bond without seeing the whole picture.

"I fucking hated school. Why would I be anyone's student, I dropped out."

the last bit was said, voice dripped in frustration but again it was more aimed at himself then it was at her. He ran his hands through his hair, taking deep breath to calm down.

Before she could get a answer out the phone rang. She held up a finger and looked at who was calling before answering. There was minimal talking, just a few, yes. Yes.I didnt know and a sorry, Ill make it up to you. Okay and the a hang up. By the time she was done she was grinding her teeth and closed her eyes.
After a moment she opened them and looked up at him as the phone was slipped back into her pocket.
"Grateful is a better term then beholden. Frankly, you only answer to your teacher until you know the ropes because you can literally blow yourself up. Someone is taking their time to teach you NOT to kill yourself or anyone else around you. To tell you what will cost you your soul and lead you into ennui. THAT is why it matters. You clearly value your life, I value mine. In fact, any awakened you met is going to value their lives and taking on a new mage means its is possible that you could blow them up. Does -that- make sense?"

She stood and stretched before looking at him and putting a hand on her hip "That is why you would follow the rules. YOUR LIFE IS IN DANGER if you do not. Not by me, not by any one else. Not the seers, not the vampires, but YOU, you can kill yourself with magic. You gotta learn how to control it. And you have to learn how to use it.

As to the whole of the laws..know them, do what you want, just dont get caught and try not to lose yourself. Thats pretty much the way it is. But those laws help prevent you getting blown up by another mage you managed to piss off. Stuff like that

As to keeping you in the dark" She leaned forward and looked at him "Perfect memory, remember, YOUR the one who explained how information does not need to be given to those not ready. Recall that?" She shrugs "The thing is" She looked at her phone and looked up at him "Until you learn something, or have something that mages want..and remember I ALREADY told you why Id have a interest in you being with us besides the fact I said we where friends...but, most dont let you negotiate the terms" She breathed in "You lied to me"

"Right and if that's the case why is it so hard to want to teach someone to not point a loaded gun at people? I guess you never know who's going to, I get that, but does it ever hurt to give people the tools to keep everyone safe? I don't get it, especially if it's a safety thing."

I gave a small shrug when she explained the laws. Like any laws they were there to protect people to the best of their ability but it also meant stepping on others, why I didn't much care for them. I wasn't a killer though, I was a counterfeiter.

"Yes I know I explained that to you but I'm also being told to make a decision based on this knowledge. Orders, mentors, factions, politics, and here I am with a pamphlet.

"First part of that sounds like a tool, people need something from you so they use you. Why would anyone allow that? I don't get it. It puts you in someone's pocket and that's the very last place you want to be. Why wouldn't you negotiate terms? It establishes the rules, the nature of the relationship it lets you know what you're getting and what you can expect in return. Seriously why is this such a nasty term. Why is it a bad thing to shop around for the best offer to see what fits someone best. You don't buy sneakers without trying them on and that's not some pseudo-mystical sacred bond thing."

Then she said he lied to her and he crinkled his face up in disbelief, dismissing it almost immediately though his eyes did narrow to the phone.

"When? About what? I want details if I'm being accused."

"The orders , factions, and politics come later. We -do- try to help newly awakened understand awakened society" Her fingers hit a few text and she sat the phone in her pocket and sighed. "We will talk about the negotiations and whys in a moment"

She frowned and nods "I would too. That was Belphagor. He has been watching you" she rubbed the bridge of her nose "And I now owe him, for stepping on his toes when he had already..ugh" She looked at him and breathed in "You said you had not met any other mages, If I had known, " she shook her head "That said, matter what you chose, I said Id be a friend. That WONT change you dont have to hide those kinds of things from me. Gets us both in trouble" She eyed the clock "Should call Orion and see if he can remove any sympathetic threads so its harder for people to track you..." She looked at him "My cabal offered the rite of fostering, its where a cabal adopts a newly awakened mage until you find your place in society...but you cant be getting us in trouble like this"

"Society is a complex construct, hard to teach both."

I shook my head, holding out a finger again.

"Nah. Nuh uh. You don't owe him shit, I don't owe him shit if anything I would say we are more than even. I didn't say that, I said I just found out what I was how would I know? Because I don't know. I have no idea of telling you apart or from the people like you who have tricks. I don't know the difference.

"You didn't know he was trying to teach me guess what, that makes two of us. I'd say there's no breach if there's no knowledge a contract, a pact, an agreement requires the knowledge and acceptance of both parties. This is not the case here."

I gave a shrug and tried to look as innocent as I could. I mean, I've always been nothing but trouble.

"Listen. He eeked out my true name, one after he got me intoxicated, and two before he told me the gravity of such a thing. Should I not be the one owed or does society not protect its children?"

I don't know why I was talking to her like that. Just seemed appropriate, half legal, half political, seemed about right but she wasn't the jury and this wasn't a trial. Not yet at least.

She started to remove her clothing as he talked, watching him.
"Interesting. You see, you already have the of gist of it. Bordering the line between truth and lie" She smiled as clothing started to fall on the floor.
"Well, see. No. The protection you get is from your mentor or you defend yourself. You do not know enough to protect yourself and I think the only reason that Belphagor didn't actually harm you is have a group that has extended their protection. No one else will now" She looked over at him and shrugs "I wish it was that kind but you need to be strong to stand on your own" She watched him now, nude and her brows rose "You may have hated school because you could glance and know, this is not a human school. That, mind...memory...wont mean much with magic."

The girl stretched and closed her eyes "I prefer a agreement. Others do not and can teach, oddly"

She held up a finger "and just out of curiosity, actually go into the underground world and not tell them who you are, or what you could do, did they trust you right away " Shrugs "just a thought"

One piece of clothing got a quizzical look, then the more she took off the more worried he started to look as he inched toward the door. Stand on your own to protect yourself right?

"Why would he harm me? I didn't do anything, didn't reveal anything, not that I have anything I could reveal.

"Strong I am not. Never have been. How's the song go....Oh right. Clever got me this far and tricky got me in."

She was naked and he was definitely not looking in her direction and still making sure he was a burst of speed away from the door.

"People keep saying that, I keep doubting it. Sounds like a line. What? go to his home and was trusted or like the realm of the dead? In his club I was basically strung along until I met him, met with people like that before. In the River Styx I just followed the ferrymen for his journey and stayed away from the boats edge."

"You know, normally when I take my clothing off most men dont get terrified. Im not sure if I should be offended or not" She chuckled and watched him. "I am thrysus I prefer to be naked"
She sat back against the desk and crossed her legs.
"You will come home with me, that way you cant be scryed and we will see if Orion can insure your not tapped. Why would he harm you?" she shrugs "I said your lucky he didn't. Some people are petty"

She breathed in "Maybe this will help explain a bit more. You can tell people that you counterfeit. You can even show them your work. Thats free. But you do NOT work for free. Its the same. We would be giving you our time, we would be taking away from our learning to teach and its something we are willing to do. Does that make more sense?" She started to reach over to her desk and stopped "im, going to get my dress since its more comfortable and put it on. Then we will go to see if Orion can insure your sympathetic bonds are erased, that will prevent you being spyed on further. Okay?"

"Yea well I bet most men didn't go spelunking with evil suicide spirits with you either. I know what you and your boyfriend are capable of, either of you could turn me into paste."

I nodded in agreement with her, she was right some people were just petty. But it didn't make any sense, murder was still a mage crime right?

"Yea that sounds like a good idea to me, I don't like feeling like big brother is watching all the time. Now that you've explained it like that, yes it makes sense."

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Re: The first step out of shadow [Att: Shane]

Postby fairfolk » Wed Mar 22, 2017 3:38 am

SL 2| Magic active

She pulled a dress on like she said she was going to and collected a pair of heels from her drawer. Scooping up the pants and shirt she looked up "To be fair, I -didn't- know that there where evil suicide spirits there until I saw it. Id of a) not taken you and b) been more prepared. But, it allowed me to know you where what you are and vice versa. Suppose that is good" She said with half a smirk and then pulled on her jacket

"And, I would turn you into a toad before I turned you into paste. Paste is boring and does not learn." She flashed him a grin and stepped outside the door he had been attempting to flee to.

"Apparently I just needed to figure out how to present it to you" She chuckled "Your going to be hard to mentor, IId try to remember that you actually WANT to learn" She grinned and shrugs "But you asked the right questions before, at the house. And it will get easier"

She walked him to her car and unlocked the doors with her keys before getting in. As she waited for Solomon to get situated she sent a text to Orion telling him she needed him at the sanctum, to look something over.

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Re: The first step out of shadow [Att: Shane]

Postby fairfolk » Thu Mar 23, 2017 2:34 am

"Oh I very much think Belphagor disagrees with that. Not much for competition that one."

Though her threat of a toad had him wonder if such things were possible. Of course they were, they could alter the fabric of reality technically anything was possible. I followed her out of the door, still wondering when this was all going to go south.

"Approach is everything, cold reads are hard man. YEa, I'm a terrible student, I always have been. I can list the ways if you'd like"

Getting him into the car was the easy part, he didn't own one so any form of transportation offered was usually appreciated.

SL 2| Magic active

"To be fair, I am not Belphagor; so what he thinks on you asking the right questions really doesnt matter to me. If it did, I would not be taking you to my sanctum" She flashed him a smile and started the engine then drove towards the house.

"Well knowing how best to approach you with information would likely help. Thing is, that you should try to be a little more grateful for what IS being taught to you. " She looked over at him "That way our work is shown to be appreciated, if its not. We have no reason to teach. Its kind of like...if your going to be resistant why would anyone really bother? So, try not to be TOO resistant"

She drove for a while and said "My name is Gemini. "

"Don't know what the right questions are or what to look for, I'm just trying to get my bearings here.

"Text. The best way to approach me with information is text. Let me read it, I can recall it at my leisure but people keep saying it doesn't work that way. So I don't know, I've never been taught anything. Context is king though. Sure you can tell me what is wet but I need to see it, need to feel it, need to comprehend it. I can DO theoretical because of my memory but if that's not applicable I need to see the application."

"Gemini, Orion. Gotta constellation thing going on, Kelvin is the odd man out only slightly as temperature in space is usually measured in it..."

The last part came sounding as if he was reading it from a text book, partially because he was.

"Lets get some balance under your feet, then you will have questions that have a direction. For instance, you asked a lot of good questions the day we found out what you where"

She laughed softly "You sound like a member of my order. 'gimme the books!' , well most is application and all, its doing. You can learn via text but a good bit of it application. So we will be doing a few..things...then once we get a few things in order we can start showing you text. For instance, pretty sure you do not speak high speech right now. Cant read what you dont know"

She blinked ".. I never thought of it like that" She made a huh sound then said "Well you have not met Enigma yet. Thats my brother. And we dont really have a theme, that was purely accidental"

"Gotta take your word on that one, I was just trying to understand what's happening to me.

"Yea, I can see that. I like books because I only need to see them once. I also like to see if I can copy them, forging first editions is really difficult. Sure, ok, you get the cover right but is the paper the right kind of paper, the right thickness, is the binding done correctly plus you have to age it and that's a bitch to get by undetected.

"Yea, training wheels. I get it. I'm a walking bomb."

"I see, I can understand that" She nods and took a turn down the street. She pulled up into her drive way and shut the car off, then got out "Here we go" She motioned and headed up, unlocking the front door and stepping in "hey Audrey! I got company" She touched the plant as she moved aside to let Solomon in

"Gem at some point in the evening I'm going to try and take something innocuous, forewarning to not breach hospitality. I need to see if I can beat your plant though."

He forewarned her as he knew the compulsion to take something would arise. He wanted to see if he could beat the all-seeing plant or not.

She sighed "Please don't break hospitality by testing my sanctums defenses" She shut the door behind him

"Wait a bit until a few things are leveled out and then we can play with the plant and her attentiveness"

She motioned "Into the living room with you"

She heard her cellphone ring again "Damn it" certain ring tone, danger zone. She answered the phone while watching Solomon "Why arent you here?"

2"How is it breaching if I warn you and give it back."

For a second there she might assume she was talking to a bored child. To be fair that was his usual state of existence. He went into the living room and plopped down onto the couch and her phone rang, pulling her attention away from him. Finding his hands reaching out to take something while she wasn't looking.

He heard the low grumble of a growl from one of the darker corners of the room, slowly a pair of golden eyes opened and he saw once more, Romulus, her wolf.

She spoke into the phone not hiding the conversation. "I just brought Solomon in, I have a issue I want you to deal with..Thats the issue....I want you to fix it" She wrinkled her nose "And I took him as a ward and hes been given sanctuary"

She held up a finger and mouthed "tell you in a moment"

She frowned and straightened up, a dark look on her face "Well Enigma supports me and I took him as my student so there" She growled and added "Just get here, and then we can have a vote then" She hung up then and looked at Solomon "Because when you test someones defenses its a act of aggression, Especially considering your circumstances right now

"Maybe. You're a thief, don't you want to know where your flaws lie? I know I'd rather have a friendly eye point out where the flaws in my forgeries are."

He said with a shrug, though the wolf was large and scary it had given him something to distract himself with for the moment. He patted his knee, laid out his hands for the canine to sniff and familiarize itself with. So animal husbandry and other related texts were apparently not something he'd ever read.

She eyed him "Im surprised you didn't correct me on that ward thing" she moved and sat across from him, her attention turned to Romulus. The wolf was acting pretty territorial. She looked back at him "Wolves are pack oriented and territorial. They arent like dogs, hes likely to take your hand off before he sniffs it" She said "but he is a defense as well."

She made a motion with her hand and the wolf seemed to relax and step forward to sniff over Solomons hand.

"To answer your question, I would but, right now, because you have a scry on you. ID rather you NOT show those weakness if any, to the awakened on the other end of the scry. So you will have to wait"

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Re: The first step out of shadow [Att: Shane]

Postby Jaling » Fri Mar 24, 2017 5:54 pm

Presence 2 | Gnosis 2 | Active Magic | Active Attainments

The door to the bedroom upstairs opened and Kelvin walked out, freshly showered after
his day of classes at the studio. Seeing Solomon and Gemini in the living room below
caused his eyebrow to arch, picking up his pace a bit as he came down the stairs. "Hey.
Everything alright?"

Presence 1 | Gnosis 2 | Cloaked Magic | Fame 1 | Weapons

It had taken more time than he would've liked to skirt his mundane responsibilities
without rousing suspicion to make it to the sanctum. Combine that with his 'safe' approach
to the sanctum and checking his ward with his spatial sight for obvious surface damage
before making his way inside in his usual stealthy manner.

When his quiet footsteps took him inside and into the room, his gun was drawn, but at his
leg and his other hand on his knife. Seeing the others he looked at Solomon, but didn't
direct a weapon towards him, or even stare. More intent on looking here and there
suspiciously. Kelvin's question covering his query.

SL 2| Magic active

"Well I was going to take him to the deck so that he wasn't in the wards, as per the Space
persons request" She motioned to Orion when he came. Then blinked at him and motioned
her hand to tell him to calm down "Lets go outside and we can discuss it. I need to make a
gift and go talk to Belphagor. Come on"

"he can explain once we get outside, and while your eye balling the scry on him"

Gnosis: 1 | Eidetic Memory | Occultation: 3

He was letting the wolf familiarize itself with him when the armed man walked into the
room, his instinct was to jump back but the wolf would probably take his hand for that.
Luckily the gun wasn't raised.

"Gonna guess you don't get unexpected guests a lot..."

I looked to Gem as I stood up and waited for someone to lead us to the deck because I
didn't have a clue as to where it was located.

"Again, you don't owe him anything. Contracts don't work like that. Hello again by the
way, I'm apparently your pain in the ass now."

Presence 2 | Gnosis 2 | Active Magic | Active Attainments

Kelvin frowned quietly at the mention of a scrying spell on the young Moros, motioning
for Solomon to follow as he headed for the deck on the other side of the living room. Once
outside he found a convenient pillar to hold up, looking between Gemini and Solomon.
"So...what exactly happened, and what does the Circle have to do with this?"

Presence 1 | Gnosis 2 | Cloaked Magic | Fame 1 | Weapons

The answer of who it was that attacked his ward and what the exact spell was brought his
look from around the room to Gemini instead. Then using his Spatial sight, he looked for
the scrying window. With it being just a scrying window, for now, he slipped his gun away
and held out his hand to Kelvin when he went to move. "We can stay inside. I will explain

A look over to Solomon, he nodded his greeting for now then back to the scrying window.
Adreneline from the lack of information until now still pumping and keeping him on edge.

SL 2| Magic active

She looked at Solomon "You remember that thing called Emeritus..where you defer to
someone who knows more? How about you do not argue with me on what I owe or not."
She stepped outside "Apparently between the time we meet and the time we went to the
caves he met Belphagor who decided kind of without informing Solomon that I can see,
that he was going to mentor him. And he, " She motioned to Solomon "Decided to take
OUR kindness in letting him negotiate the terms of the mentor student relationship to
attempt to negotiate with Belphagor, insulting him in the process because...he was not
showing proper appreciation for the ability to learn with a mentor, basically trying to
negotiate the best deal"

She eyed her cabal "Belphagor called me when he came to talk to me and let me know
what to expect. THAT Said, he also informed me that I stepped on his toes a bit as he had
already laid claim to him and showed him a bit. And...I am standing by the offer we gave
him and giving him sanctuary, asking the cabal to extend rite of fostering to him. He will
be a pain in the ass, but he gets it now. Except the Guamxi thing. I figure that if I go speak
to Belphagor I can smooth things over"

Gnosis: 1 | Eidetic Memory | Occultation: 3

He listened to the guy who was supposed to be looking into this. It was easy to follow that
rule when you literally had no idea what was going on. Who wouldn't listen to an expert.
Well Gilderoy Lockheart came to mind, that was a point against that.

"Seems skeezy is all I'm saying."

I gave a nervous but shit eating grin as she explained the situation raising my shoulders up
slowly in a shrug for comic effect.

"Yea. He didn't tell me I was going to be taught anything, just to investigate something
and I did that with you all. Sort of. He wasn't even dealing with me directly except for that
brief period, he was using an intermediary.

"Best deal, makes it sound so dirty. Look I wanted to know where I would fit best, with
who, and what the exact terms of the arrangement would be to see where I would fit in.
"Guess when you claim the seat of Sloth that's to much work. I didn't think it was so

"Ummm what's Guamxi?"

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Kelvin paused as Orion stopped him, nodding and moving back towards the trio. He
shook his head quietly as Gemini spoke. "That, in part, was why we asked if you'd run
into anyone else. No issue on my end with taking you as a foster, though."

"Guanxi, to put it simply, is the trade of favors. It's based on trust between those involved,
and allows for a network of information and skills to be created and accessed." He gave
Gemini a small nod. "Sounds like a plan. I can go with you if you want."

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The Mastigos listened as she spoke and didn't interject. Soaking up all the information
while watching the spatial distortion hovering close to Solomon. It matched the location
of a scrying window, but then again he couldn't see through to the other end.

There was a slow nod, "See if you can get the spying to stop. We don't need someone
listening in to our discussions here." A look to Gemini from the scrying window. No
objection now that the threat to the cabal had been identified.

SL 2| Magic active

"Be that as it may" She said to Solomon and let her shoulders rise. "It is what it is, and its
not a huge thing right now. It COULD get worse. "She smiled at Kelvin "bit more
complex then just a trade of favors. Its actually a lot more complex, but it also helps save

She gave a nod to Orion "That was the intent. To ask, would be more then mildly difficult
to teach or exchange truths with him if he is being monitored all the time"
To kelvin she gave him a smile "I cant really seduce him with you there"

Gnosis: 1 | Eidetic Memory | Occultation: 3

"Wasn't sure what I was dealing with, what they were, who you were, or who I could

Still don't know, that went unspoken but he looked around the room at everyone weighing
the situation. Right now one side was spying on him, the other side was offering
protection. He went with the interested and protecting side, at least for now. Made the
most sense. I don't know why things were so bad or how they could get worse butt I'd
leave that to Gem she knew more about that then I did.

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Kelvin gave Gemini a bit of a look at that, shaking his head with an amused smirk.

"Right...I'd rather take you over there, at least."

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There was a nod and a look at them from one to the other, then to Gemini. "Should
probably go without me. I would make it worse." It was a complex and delicate social
situation. Something he needed to stay far away from for this to go well at all.

SL 2| Magic active

She walked over to Orion and put her hands on both sides of his cheek "You usually do."
She chuckled and stepped back "Yeah, Kelvin you can go with me"

She looked between Solomon and Orion and breathed in "Okay, give him a room far from
mine " read the oblation room "For now, get some food, and hang out. We will be back"
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Re: The first step out of shadow [Att: Shane]

Postby Jaling » Mon Mar 27, 2017 4:16 am

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When the other two leave, Orion steps away to the kitchen, not gone long before he
returns with two glasses and a fresh bottle of higher grade whisky. Despite what Gemini
might say about refreshments, Orion did not believe in a dry house.

The glass handed over, he set the bottle between them on the side of the other so he could
get the first drops if he accepted.

"What do you think of your situation?"

Gnosis: 1 | Eidetic Memory | Occultation: 3

He took the glass and would pour himself the first glass, then offer to pour the second
silently as he held the bottle questioningly. Whether he accepted or not was up to him but
after that he brought the drink up to his lips and started drinking.

"Dealt with scarier negotiations before with higher stakes. Probably overplayed my hand
honestly but it showed me who valued me and my tutelage more. Who was willing to
answer questions and who might use me as a pawn. It might hurt, it might cost me but I'm
learning. I'm learning the game, I'm learning the players. You don't start off without taking
a few lumps. I'm a criminal first, mage second. I've been a criminal for much, much longer
after all."

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The glass was held out to accept the offer and a sip was taken once it was poured.
Normally a drink offered from a Moros would put him on the uneasy side, even if it was
his own bottle. For now, it was that ever floating scrying window.

The Mastigos nodded, "You ever work with a crew before or have you always worked

Gnosis: 1 | Eidetic Memory | Occultation: 3

"Contractor, worked for one group in particular for a long time. Then they decided I knew
too much and was a loose end to be tied up. I get it, it's business.

"I know I could have been more straightforward with everyone involved in this but I've
learned discretion is the better part of valor."

He shrugged and sipped at the glass. He knew there was someone watching everything he
did but what could he do about it? Might as well just keep living as normal. He still had
cards up his sleeve and worst case he'd just go back to that. He was used to living on the
fringes of society.

Presence 1 | Gnosis 2 | Cloaked Magic | Fame 1 | Weapons

Another sip was taken from his glass and he nodded to that as well. Understanding a little
more why the man worried about being treated like a pawn.

"It is." he agreed. Discretion was a quality he very much approved of and yet it was
always in short supply. "Knowing who to trust is always difficult at first. Even when you
trust someone, you don't trust them with everything." Speaking from personal experience.

Orion looked towards the kitchen for a moment and shrugged, looking back to Solomon.
"I found working with a small crew is better than a lone contractor. Alone makes the
paranoia worse."

Gnosis: 1 | Eidetic Memory | Occultation: 3

"I was told off the bat from the other party themself not to trust them, not to trust you, to
not trust anyone. I still don't because I don't know anyone's motives in this.

"You trust a greedy man to be greedy, when you know what someone wants you know
what you can trust them with. I don't know any of you, I don't know this world so I can't
possibly gauge what anyone is after. I'm choosing to be here not because my options are
limited in this.

"It might make the paranoia worse but rules, regulations, these thing irk me they make my
skin crawl. I've always enjoyed my freedom to do what I want when I want. I'm a
criminal, I feel like I'm above the law. To be frank at least. What did I do with that
freedom? Not a lot honestly, I'm not a killer, I'm not slaver. I'm a counterfeiter and
partially because I enjoy the art of it."

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"Alone you're easier to manipulate. If you trust someone to watch your back, it's harder to
move you like a pawn." He shrugged and took another sip of his drink. Not nursing it as
much as he had been recently. "We will tell you things about us when there's a more
private venue. You can trust that I'm a liar, manipulator, criminal and murderer." Watching
to see his reaction as he continued. "The others know this too, but they trust me and keep
me around. Why do you think that is?"

Gnosis: 1 | Eidetic Memory | Occultation: 3

"I find that when you have attachments to people you're just as easy to manipulate. You
get close to someone and they become a weak point to leverage, I've seen it done before."

I finished my drink, pouring another as I looked around the room for an escape now
assuming I was left alone here to be disposed of.

"Honestly? Because they have use of you. The moment that stops and you become a
liability you'll find yourself alone or worse and it sounds like you're walking that line

Presence 1 | Gnosis 2 | Cloaked Magic | Fame 1 | Weapons

That got a smile and Orion nodded his head. Taking another sip of his drink. "You are, but
is it worth having an attachment if you know you can rest your head and they will watch
your back and keep you safe?"

Seeing the man look around, Orion leaned back some to give a little more room.

There was a smile and a huff of amusement. "I've used up my usefulness to them, but they
keep me in check and I keep them in check and that balance is worth the risk. If they toss
me on my ass, then I'll find another hole to crawl into, but I doubt either would let me
leave if I tried." A chuckle followed knowing exactly what their reactions I would be.

"Right now people you don't know are going to bat for you because you need help. When
they come back, trust them just enough to hear them out and come back. Then judge if
you should trust them more. Take if from another paranoid criminal, it will do you more
good than bad."

Gnosis: 1 | Eidetic Memory | Occultation: 3

"...hard to argue with that. Didn't have to pay a debt they didn't owe or try to dig me out of
this. True."

It'd be more trustworthy if there was a cost associated. Business was easy to understand,
charity was uncharted waters for him. He didn't expect anyone to go to bat for him for

"They keep you in check, keep you safe, and the relationship works in everyone's
advantage. But it also leaves your back exposed. Granted I was stabbed in the front, so
front, back, doesn't really matter. I'm no warrior."

Presence 1 | Gnosis 2 | Cloaked Magic | Fame 1 | Weapons

"It is. Without them my back is exposed or up against a wall anyways." The fact he could
use Space to all but grow eyes on the back of his head was besides the point. So was that
he'd grown used to sleeping with his back to a wall. It was actually not uncomfortable
once you got used to it.

Orion finished his drink and went for a refill while he was at it. "If you ever trust us
enough to watch your back, remember you can trust me to be what I am to protect you like
I do for them."
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Re: The first step out of shadow [Att: Shane]

Postby QuicksilverFox85 » Thu Mar 30, 2017 1:48 am

It was a bit before they heard the vehicle pull into the drive way and doors shut. A few moments later the door opened and she came in, leaving the door for Kelvin to walk through. Her eyes where a little glassy, and she glanced at them flashing a bit of a smile before heading to the kitchen.

There was a pulse of magic, and then the water running before she came back with two glasses of ice water, to which she handed one to kelvin and sat down across from them both.

As she took a sip she watched Solomon, as if considering.

Kelvin gave the other men a nod as they made their way back into the house, taking the offered ice water from Gem before claiming a seat for himself. The 'bodyguard' mode hasn't fully turned off yet, causing him to appear even more reserved than usual.

I stood there with my drink mulling over Orion's words as Gem walked in, ran to the kitchen and sat there eyeing him. Solomon knew that look, weight, judgement, all suddenly on his back. He was good at ducking responsibility at least.

"Should we table our discussion...? Or just pretend there isn't an elephant in the room?"

He said as he brought the drink back up to his lips, the tension now palpable, at least to Doug.

The return of the others was something he had been looking forward to. Even if it was more comfortable to talk to someone who knew some of the world he did, he still sucked at small talk if it wasn't to serve a more manipulative purpose than what they were having. What worried him wasn't their expressions, though they were telling. It was the scrying window he could still see when he looked through the Supernal lense and at the shrouded window that floated about him.

So he turned back to the two and waited to hear the outcome.

"No. Not yet." She said before turning to Orion and watched him before saying "To accept hospitality and not offend our guest, Kelvin smoked Coco-Mary" She let that sink in for a moment, and even without the context the weight of that information was pretty heavy.

She looked back to Solomon and smiled a little, she leaned back and crossed her long legs.

"Belphegor's original request to get that scry off you was to -NOT- teach you. He also informed us of how, he had gotten you to agree to his teaching" A finger rose "Your true name and the acceptance and understanding that that was the cost of such. I get that was some what vague, but one of the things you will need to learn and quickly is subtext. " Her hand dropped and she went on "That lack of a teacher will quickly spread, as you did seem to really irriated him with the attempt at finding the best teacher" Her shoulders rose "I however, said to you that I do -not- lie when it comes to magic and I agreed to teach you, or at the very least insure that we teach you and foster you. And as another awakened, he understands this" She breathed in and made another motion around him, "He hasnt dropped the scry. He HAS however agreed to do so on one condition..after a bit of negotation"

Considering how much of a teetotaler that Orion knew him to be, the fact that he even touched the plant was probably said multitudes, let alone that he took a hit from it.

He looked to Gemini as she spoke, nodding quietly before looking back to Solomon.

"Yea that wasn't entirely clear to me. Guess working with Russians long enough has made me too literal."

I had thought it was a test, thought the mystery was to gain the tutelage not that the mystery WAS the tutelage. Didn't make sense to me that you'd offer to teach someone, then tell them nothing, and send them off on a quest without any tools at their disposal. Then the opportunity for the Cliff came up, had some muscle, figured a bigger, better mystery would be even better.

Did I get greedy? For sure. It was a gamble and it came up snake eyes. Though I still learned from the mistake, I think. I was going to guess Kelvin smoking some coca infused Mary J was a big deal judging by tone, going to guess he was a teetotaler and had to breach it. That sucked but there were worse things to happen.

"What are the terms then?"

When he had told Solomon that those two were going to bat for him, he hadn't considered that just not smoking would offend this man. He would have to see if they were keeping an eye on him because he had a mentality ripe for the Seers, or he needed 'help' with purifying his Wisdom.

Orion's gaze shifted to Kelvin and a subtle gesture was made to see if his cabal mate would like the fogs cleared from his head.

She was pleased he didn't argue. That was progress!

When he asked what the terms where her lips curled up in a incredibly feral smile. ".
It was pointed out to me, that it was very possible that if you had made contact with the Seers and quite frankly, had that been true my sanctum cabal..and my very person would be compromised" There was weight to that too and not just the hysterial weight of someone who disliked something.

"The awakened by nature are prideful beings. There will be a test in this, though I know you hate them but all things considered, it is a must. We, can not teach you with that scry on you. It just cant happen. The test, is your ability to show that you truly want to learn more and that we have not extended ourselves for someone who would not bend their pride when they have done something, know it or not, wrong.

He will remove the scry, if you go to him, but you are to go with hat in hand and give a apology, and offer a service. If you chose to do this, I will be going with you to insure that nothing else is asked of you. so that no other subtext is missed. That is the condition, that is the condition to remove it and to get us to teach you. As I said, I can not teach you with that scry up"

There was a ripple in her skin and she shook her head, causing her skin to calm

Knock it off

Kelvin returned Orion's gesture with a small shake of the head, then looked back to Gemini as she went over the terms. Seeing Enigma try to nudge his way on he frowned quietly, reaching over to take her hand and give it a small squeeze.

That was it? The service could be anything which is what worried me I wasn't a killer, I was a counterfeiter and I knew that things made by me could be used against me. Was this another test itself? The layers to this...made my head hurt. There was a reason I worked with the russians.. I rubbed at my temples.

"yebat' menya."

I said shaking my head. Pride wasn't the issue. I was a meek, lowley counterfeiter, did you know how much begging and groveling I had to do with the Brahtva? I did a lot of it before they gutted me, let me tell you what. That shit was easy. Mean it, not mean it, all that mattered was the words were said right? I just nodded to her.

"I imagine the service will be commensurate to the faux paux and if not you will help step in and protect me from being taken advantage of no? Even without your answer I don't find the request to be unreasonable."

Kelvin received an accepting nod and Orion turned to look at Solomon when the offer was mentioned. Like the other man, the service was the part of the deal he would be worried about if it was him. Although mundane services were as useful, if not more so, than magical services at times. It was also good to hear the from his response that the apology wasn't begrudgingly accepted. A humble criminal was difficult to find and twice as valuable as a potential recruit.

"Yes of course. I am not going to let you be taken advantage of" She sighed "No, its not unreasonable but not everyone would do it. Some people would think that a misunderstanding wasnt such a big deal. Personally I think you get more out of it then you lose"

When Kelvin took her hand she looked down at it and gave a nod, she had the little brat under control for now

"Agreed." Ah hah! He speaks! "He could have asked for a lot more than this, but I think he's wanting to see what you'll do. Curious to see it myself."

"Then I don't see a problem with it. It's an apology. He feels I overstepped, his protocol's, generosity, hospitality, whatever you want to call it, was breached. I made the mistake, I should make the apology and the amends, I get it."

I shrugged looking at them wondering if it was really so common place that people couldn't even bother to apologize. I'd apologize for something even if I didn't think I did anything wrong. That was only part of the point of an apology. The other party felt I did something wrong, I couldn't control that but I could apologize and ease that burden, that pain.

"Is it really that surprising?"

"It's wise." The magic hadn't gone to his head. A good start for someone so young in magic. He knew another he would have to keep a closer eye on for their want to throw 'fireballs' about. At least that didn't look like it would be an issue with him.

"for some people, yes it is." She considered "When do you want to do this? I would like to have another gift to give him when we go, so Id like time to prepare it and it cant be the samething I brought before, so I need at least a day to consider it".

Kelvin nodded quietly, settling back into his chair. The kid did have a good head on his shoulders; hopefully it would stay there for a while. He remaine quiet for the moment, mulling things over in the back of his mind.

"Why don't I bring the gift? I have connections still, criminal and otherwise, I could see what new and experimental drug is on the market at the very least. I still have some russian connections to utilize here, not to mention other counterfeiters.

"I've routinely dealt with people who've threatened my life and who I've known take lives for a fact. An apology is easy enough to give. So long as the service is reasonable I don't see any issue with it. Consider it payment for the lesson taught, painful as it may be."
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