Revelations over Coffee (Jason Strode, Marcus Sorensen, Ms. Fire)

North West of Bay side, Brunswick village is the hip and up and coming neighborhood with small restaurants, coffee shops and corner stores. The old rail road once went through Brunswick but was decommissioned in the late 40s, now the Caboose and a few of the older passenger cars serve as a quint restaurant and hang out, called "The Tug"
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Revelations over Coffee (Jason Strode, Marcus Sorensen, Ms. Fire)

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Marcus Sorensen: It had been almost a year since his arrival in New Haven - a blink of an eye to one such as himself, perhaps - and by now the denizens of this trendy part of the city had come to recognize Marcus as a fixture of the neighborhood. Most of them had no idea who he was, if they noticed him at all, but he was always there, a quiet observer of the goings on.

On this particular evening he sat at the patio of one of the cafes that dotted the area, typing away on the rather nice laptop sitting in front of him; the screen was black to anyone not sitting directly behind the screen, and he had made a point to position himself that no one would be in such a place but allowed him a good view of those passing by. A cup of tea sat nearby, a light wafting of steam rising from the surface.

Ms. Fire: Desiring some late night coffee and well.. to get away from the very LOUD dorm neighbor she was cursed with this night... Alicia eventually rode up to the cafe, clad in her red and black biker leathers...

She parked the machine without any fanfare.. nodding briefly to Marcus as she headed inside to get a drink.. pausing a moment to realize she'd met him before.. the night jason got nibbled..

Jason Strode: Tonight, Dr. Strode was enjoying one of his rare evenings free of both work and all other responsibilities, and he'd decided to spend the evening having coffee at a local cafe. As he approaced the cafe, he noted Marcus and gave a wave before going inside to get himself a coffee and spotting Alicia as well on her way to order. "Hey, fancy seeing you here."

Jason Strode: The Doctor had a...lean and hungry look about him tonight. It was hard to pin down, but there was a subtlly predatory air surrounding him.

Marcus Sorensen: Marcus glanced up at the sound of the motorcycle pulling in, a ghost of a smile crossing his features as he saw who was driving it. Alicia received a polite nod in return, as did Jason when he waved in his direction.

He continued to watch the pair as they made their own orders, moving his laptop bag from one of the seats to clear a space for the pair if they decided to join him.

Ms. Fire: *she blinked and nodded, smiling lightly* Ah.. small town I suppose jason.. *she chuckled as she ordered her mocha latte*

Jason Strode: "I'm coming to find out it's real small. And a little crowded sometimes." He ordered black coffee and paid up "Let's go sit with Marcus. He looked lonely, and I need some company myself right now."

Ms. Fire: *she nodded and headed out to sit at the patio* I suppose that is good in a way... the town being small.. makes finding friends easier...

Marcus Sorensen: After a few keystrokes he finished his current bit of code, and after looking it over he nodded with approval and saved the program. A few more taps and the machine was set to sleep mode, the lid of the laptop closed and the machine put away into its bag. It wasn't polite to be looking at a screen when company was present, after all.

As Alicia and Jason arrived he gave the pair another nod, that ghost of a smile present once again. "Good evening." His voice was whisper quiet, where one had to strain a bit to hear it over the sounds of the evening. "I hope you both are doing well."

Ms. Fire: *she nods* I'm doing alright.. college is somewhat stressful.. but I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually.. *chuckles*

Jason Strode: After sitting Jason rubbed his temples and drank down the black coffee "Could be worse. I found out I have a ten-year-old daughter with some of my psychiatric issues a few weeks ago."

Marcus Sorensen: "It can be." He nodded quietly to Alicia. "What are you studying, if I may ask? I do not think you mentioned it before."

Jason's reply caused his eyebrow to arch slightly, looking the man over curiously. "An interesting thing to find out."

Ms. Fire: Eh.. I haven't picked a degree program yet.. Although I am looking at chemistry. *she nodded as she sipped her coffee and then glanced at Jason* Really? That is... kind of a mixed blessing?

Jason Strode: At Alicia's mention of having not chosen a major yet, he commented with a smirk "I don't recommend any of the mental health fields unless you have a good therapist yourself." and to the questions about is daughter, he nodded and sighed "Mixed blessing is the way to put it, alright. Imagine if you took the ruthlessness of mafia legbreaker and put it into a tiny, adorable little girl. That's Molly, in a nutshell. She's a bully, no two ways about it. Her mom can't handle her, and even some of her teachers are terrified of her. I'm not sure if I should be proud or deeply ashamed."

Marcus Sorensen: Marcus nodded quietly, lifting his cup of tea and taking a very small sip. "Best of luck. I am more of a student of the world, but I have picked up a few things here and there."

"Ah...she does sound like quite the handful." He lifted his cup again, this time in a small salute. "Best of luck."

Ms. Fire: Thanks *she nods* I'll need it..

Jason Strode: "That's the thing. She isn't a handful - not with me, anyway. She's sweeter than all the candy Willy Wonka ever made when she's with me, but everybody else...woe betide the unfortunate who becomes the target of her wrath. When she's with me, she wants nothing more than to do typical dad and daughter stuff and play with her dolls." That last part made him smile rather broadly at the fact that his two friends hear had no idea what playing with molly's dolls entailed.

Jason Strode: "And Alicia, why don't you shadow some people working in fields you have some interest in? I know there are programs like that."

Marcus Sorensen: "Quite welcome." He nodded to Alicia, then looked to Jason. "Curious. I do know that children can be closer to one parent than another; may be what's happening there."

Ms. Fire: "I have absolutely zero good parenting advice.. the only parent I Know of.. well if there were awards for bad parenting.. he'd be a contender.

Jason Strode: "It doesn't make sense that she'd be closer to me. She's known me for less than a month of her life, but she just accepted me without much problem at all. Maybe i'm not giving myself enough credit as a trained expert on human behavior, but it's going great. Her mom thinks it's because she needed a male influence in her life, someone who understands what she's going through. And my parents, as I have explained at great length to Alicia, were fucking awful." he shrugged at it, not wanting to be overly critical of his good fortune in that regard "But you know what? I love that little girl to death. She's....a small, female me. And smarter than I ever was at that age."
arcus Sorensen: "Sorry to hear that. My father passed on when I was young, maybe ten or so, but my mother cared for me very well." He smiled at that, a genuine, loving smile. "I'm very grateful for that."

"Glad to hear it, Jason. The most a child can want is to be loved, and it seems that she will be getting that from you."

Jason Strode: He nodded vigorously at that "I refuse to be a terrible parent. I know what that does to a kid and even though i think she's got the mental toughness to handle more than some adults i know, i'd rather not make her have to."

Ms. Fire: *she nodded and sipped her drink, saying nothing more at that point of fact.* Life moves on, we can only try and do better, right?

Jason Strode: "In other news, Alicia - i found out more about the thing we talked about last time we met here for coffee. Suspicions both confirmed and abated."

Marcus Sorensen: "An admirable thing indeed, especially in this day and age." Marcus nodded quietly, then gave the pair a curious look. "Looking into something?"

Ms. Fire: *she arched her brow for a moment* eh..? Oh.. that.. *her expression is blank, utterly blank* I see.... *she then arched a brow at Marcus and shrugged, it was up to him if he wanted to spill the details*

Jason Strode: Jason caught Alicia's hesitation, and expounded readily "I'll put it this way: Arkadia is either the safest or most dangerous place in this city, depending on who you are. I'm still learning more, but...don't go there if you can avoid it."

Jason Strode: "And by chance if you do find yourself enjoying a luxury suite with free complementary canvas jacket: get in touch with me quickly."

Marcus Sorensen: "Ah." He nodded quietly. "Not somewhere that I have had much reason to look into, but I will keep that in mind."

Ms. Fire: *she nods* I'll keep that in mind *while she is burning the place to the ground.. ah yes.. fire is her friend.*

Jason Strode: "That's a good thing to keep in mind. Some of the patients very much need to be there, I can say that for certain. Like one dangerous psychopath with a history of murdering 'monsters'."

Marcus Sorensen: "Oh?" His eyebrow arched at that, curiousity certianly piqued. "What kind of 'monsters' did they pursue?"

Ms. Fire: "... why does that sound particularly worrying?"

Jason Strode: "The human kind. He killed a man and his adult daughter because he believed thhey were monsters, and believe me when I say the man is a total psychopath. Legitimately diagnosed. The man's conscience is nonexistent and he just...has no emotions. There's a few like that in there; very scary individuals, and I say that as someone who does not scare easily."

Marcus Sorensen: "I see..." He quietly made a mental note to see if any of his own people had sway at the asylum and make sure they had eyes on this one. "Glad to hear that a man such as that is behind lock and key where he belongs."

Ms. Fire: *she nodded in agreement* Kind of depressing to hear about really... I doubt he'll ever be.. fixed... so he's doomed to a die of old age or whatever behind bars... and he has a legitimate mental.. ah... Handicap."

Jason Strode: "Mmhm. There's no cure or even really good treatment for violent psychopaths. And mind you, not every psychopath is violent but the ones that are...well, you want them watched very closely."

Marcus Sorensen: "Indeed." He gave a slow nod. "Better safe than sorry, after all."

Jason Strode: "Thankfully, my superior Dr. Stein is even better than I am at identifying someone who's been successfully treated versus a clever and charismatic psychopath who's just able to fake it really well. I swear, that man is a mind reader. And he has a severe aversion to sunlight. In all the years i've known him, i have never seen him during the day."

Ms. Fire: "Weird.." *she chuckled suddenly* "I remember someone who sneezed every time he walked out into the bright sun... used to say since he's clearly allergic to the sun, he must be a vampire."

Marcus Sorensen: Marcus chuckled softly at that, taking a small sip of his tea. "I tend to be a night owl myself so I can't say too much."

Jason Strode: "That makes two of us. Creatures of the night, unite?" he grinned and finished off his coffee, staring into the empty cup slightly sadly "I assure you with this sun-baked brown skin tone I have absolutely no aversion to sunlight and have in fact gotten a lot of it. Especially the past few weeks taking Molly shopping for school clothes, which by the way is a lot easier when the little girl in question is kind of a tomboy."

Jason Strode: "She's a kid after my own heart. Practical, durable clothes that are hard to mess up if you have to kick somebody's ass."

Ms. Fire: *chuckles* and here I am.. hoping I get the job at a bar I put in for... so I'll be a night owl too.. professionally though

Marcus Sorensen: "Mine came naturally, admittedly." He glanced down at the tan skin his native land gave him, flush with blood to allow him to blend in better among the kine.

"Indeed." He lifted his cup in a small salute to Jason, then nodded to Alicia. "Good luck. Where is the bar, if I may ask?"

Ms. Fire: "Sinners and Saints? they're the only one that actually granted me an interview..

Jason Strode: "Yeah, we can drop in while you're working and drink ourselves senseless. Make you look good to the bottom line. Because that's what friends do, and totally not because I'll take any excuse to get shitfaced."

Marcus Sorensen: "That I would leave to you, Doctor; I do not drink alcohol, personally." He said with a small smile. "I wouldn't be opposed to stopping by, at least."

Ms. Fire: *she chuckles* if I get the job I'll let you know.. *she drained the last of her drink* alas.. I need to get back to my dorm.. I got a quiz tomorrow... Hopefully Rebecca is done screaming her boyfriend's praises by now.. *chuckles as she stands*

Jason Strode: "Good luck. If she screams too much, have her committed and BAM! - problem solved."

Ms. Fire: *she chuckles* "it was nice meeting you both.. and no.. I have .. better ideas in mind....." *she 'smiles' it is not a nice smile.. then gets on he rmotorcycle and rides off*

Marcus Sorensen: Marcus smirked, giving Alicia a nod as she headed off before looking to Jason. "I almost wonder what she has planned, but also wonder if I would really want to know..."

Management: Jason Strode has rolled an wits+comp roll (6 dice), getting 4, 9, 7, 3, 9, 3, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. Jason Strode has 2 successes.

Jason Strode: "I'm curious to know myself." he grinned for a moment, then his expression became a bit more serious "And since she's gone...i wanna say thank you for helping keep that guy distracted before while he was trying to get a bite. And don't freak out on me, but i'm well aware of your unique difficulties. I owe you one, so if you ever need help wit something like that, feel free to call me." he noted the lack of a shadow, and quirked an eyebrow but didn't mention it specifically just yet.

Marcus Sorensen: There was a pause at Jason's words, the Mekhet watching him for a moment long enough to almost be deemed impolite by those who still breathed. "I can't say what difficulties you refer to, but you're quite welcome."

Jason Strode: Jason was noticeably different, as if he'd taken off a persona and put on his real self. His grin widened unsettlingly, and that air of predator-ness returned full force "I let that guy bite me because I understand a thing or two about hunger, but i missed my guess on just how hungry he was and it was almost a fatal mistake. Live and learn."

Marcus Sorensen: Sensing the predatory air - but not another Beast - caused Marcus' eyebrow to quirk up ever so slightly. The good doctor had added himself to the same list that Alicia had, it seemed...

"I see." He nodded quietly. "Indeed; glad that you did make it out alive."

Jason Strode: "Thanks to Alicia's quick action and me being a lot tougher than I look. But the point i'm getting to is, if you need a discrete hand with something questionable, give me a call. And so you know, i'm not your enemy in any way. I have a friend with the same condition that explained a few things to me. I'm mostly just learning about different things and trying to avoid unwanted attention myself, hence why I tried to keep that poor guy from getting police attention."

Jason Strode: Jason slid a business card with his contact information across the table "I mean it. And i don't forget when someone did me a favor."

Marcus Sorensen: Marcus nodded and picked up the card, looking it over before sliding it in the pocket of his jacket. After a moment he reached over to his laptop bag, pulling a business card of his own with an e-mail address and a phone number. "Text works better than a call, but if you ever need assistance in the digital front, do let me know."

Jason Strode: "Now that's something I could definitely use help with. I'm always on the lookout for individuals in need of some behavioral adjustment, whether because they're getting too much of the wrong kind of attention or because they're thinning out the food supply, and electronic information-gathering isn't one of my strong suits."

Marcus Sorensen: He nodded quietly, handing his own card over. "Always up for a good challenge. Keep in touch."

With that he stood, leaving his mostly-full cup on the table as he grabbed his bag. "For now, though, I do need to get going. It was a pleasure running into you again, Doctor."

Jason Strode: He nodded and stood himself "before you go, i'm dying to ask one question."

Jason Strode: "Am i seeing things, or do you not have a shadow? I only noticed that because I make a habit of knowing where shadows are."

Marcus Sorensen: He paused, a ghost of a smile crossing his features. "I do, yes. Doesn't everyone?"

With that he gave the doctor a nod and headed out onto the sidewalk, soon blending in with the kine making their way through the neighborhood and fading from sight.

Jason Strode: That made him chuckle "Take care, Marcus."


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