A place for me [Att Fox]

Downtown New Haven gives the false impression of safety. Its old, the buildings made of stone and old architecture. They are one after another, almost on top of each other. The Highest building in downtown being 4 stories. The lamp posts are of Victorian design. The side walks cobblestone instead of concrete. And seeming to always burst with activity. There are downtown restaurants, coffee shops, wood shops, theaters and festive. Downtown also leads to the Fish Market and thus the harbor. The sky is always overcast with the occasional spot of blue and sun, the bricks often glisten with the water that is in the air. The festive city hides a deeper rot. A Alley might feel as though the worst crimes could be committed in moments. A unaware might be robbed..or killed. But that alley might also summon, call to the passer by and though they fear the dark within go like a lamb to the slaughter.
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Re: A place for me [Att Fox]

Postby QuicksilverFox85 » Fri Mar 03, 2017 2:26 am

Ellen smiled a bit, offering Samadriel a furry hand to take if she needed it. "It's alright, hon. Took me a while to wrap my head around it, too. They've got four very different courts down in New Orleans, not even the seasonal ones."

"Same way as anything else. Don't see it as often these days, but you do find folks who show it. It can show in someone protecting another's honor, like a woman stepping up for a friend who gets cat-called, things like that."
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