Shhh this is a library ( Raylan, Leviathan, Jesse, Leviathan2.0)

Downtown New Haven gives the false impression of safety. Its old, the buildings made of stone and old architecture. They are one after another, almost on top of each other. The Highest building in downtown being 4 stories. The lamp posts are of Victorian design. The side walks cobblestone instead of concrete. And seeming to always burst with activity. There are downtown restaurants, coffee shops, wood shops, theaters and festive. Downtown also leads to the Fish Market and thus the harbor. The sky is always overcast with the occasional spot of blue and sun, the bricks often glisten with the water that is in the air. The festive city hides a deeper rot. A Alley might feel as though the worst crimes could be committed in moments. A unaware might be robbed..or killed. But that alley might also summon, call to the passer by and though they fear the dark within go like a lamb to the slaughter.
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Shhh this is a library ( Raylan, Leviathan, Jesse, Leviathan2.0)

Postby Jon Snow » Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:56 pm

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 2:56 am
Maine was still in a state of rains. It had downright flooded the day before, snowed a little in the evening mixed with sleet - but now the drizzle that was overcast was a chilling liquid. It isn't overly powerful like it was yesterday, but instead just a chilling mist, turning what little snow to ice. It meant the roads were dangerous to drive today, and that most people were not exactly running through the streets.

The Downtown Library is still open though, and filled with a surplus of warmth. The Leviathan had come here so that he could have another network of knowledge besides his own mind. The cog fueled his mind and curiousity, leading him to want to see what he could learn from it - and sure enough, his own mind could answer most of the question but...

He couldn't help but question if that was all. With Legion poking around in the God Machine's bits and pieces, it'd lead him to be curious about facets of the occult that he wasn't usually curious about. So he'd come here to add books to the Library - slowly but surely, reading them and placing their remains inside his lair. He'd brought two of his occultists, who were similarly reading through the books and seeing what might be of import or what seemed like things that the creature already knew. Attendants more than anything.

Allison Smith:
12/13/2016 3:01 am
Allison was not a stranger to this library, though she had come here for both warmth and entertainment. And her human guise was certainly dressed for warmth. A small bag of read books was quietly deposited in the receptical before she slipped through the doors.

Upon seeing levi she would smile and wave.. her head canting ass she took note of the books he was digging through. "Good evening Levi." *she smiled softly*

12/13/2016 3:07 am
*Legion had not been to this building before. Tonight seemed to be the night. Stepping in from out side a moment was taken. Tonight the clothing might seem a bit light for the weather. Jeans and boots, a belt and a simple teeshirt with a Spiderman 2099 Symbol on it. Over it was a simple dark gray coat that hung to his thighs, the hood of a hoodie peeking out. A ballcap was pulled low over the eyes casting half the face in shadow. It was almost like the tall man enjoyed the extreme of the weather.

Pausing there by the front door, Raylan looked bigger than his 6'3" to 6'4" Would indicate. Framed by the doorway, the Eshmaki some how seemed larger.

The moment was broken and egress into the building was acheived. Slipping in a tingle and twinge brought eyes around to the left and Allison would be perceived waving, then eyes would slip past and the target of the wave observed. A smile was repressed and Legion turned that way, heading over*

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 3:13 am
"Allison, it's a pleasure to see you again," Levi said, his golden eyes taking her in for a moment. He's dressed in his usual, trademark tan jacket and jeans, but he made the gear look almost... respectable, rather than the rag tag fashion it would look on others. He's not wet, which most people coming in would be - so that suggests that he had been here for a bit.

The books were all thematic. The Kybalion, the Magus, the Book of Lies and Magick (As though anything written by Aleister Crowley wouldn't have already been in his Lair...). There are also some conspiracy style books, as well as a few medical ones. After a moment, he sets one book that he was reading down ("The Secret Doctrine"), "You know usually when I see a beautiful woman frequently, I tend to get her number so that the meetings are less random. You though, something always seems to come up. I suppose I'm fortunate that we keep running into one another - means I don't quite lose that chance."

Allison Smith:
12/13/2016 3:19 am
*she laughs softly, her tone musical and captivating, but she does make an effort to rein it in.* Well I do have that effect on people.. to busy drooling to remember to ask. *she winked, teasing before retrieving her business cards and handing one over* At least I have some stationary now. *she looked the books over* Mm some heavy reading there.

She would then glance over at the approaching legion and offer a polite smile and nod*

12/13/2016 3:24 am
*Legion was indeed approaching, and when full sight of Allison was acheived, there was a bit of a stutter step and a double take. Bright green eyes wideneing a bit as she was taken in fully. Reaching up the hood was swept back and the cap peeled off. A hand rose to slip though the hair before the cap was put back on. A tilt of the head and the bright green eyes looked to Allison, then to Levi, and back to Allison and Ray's throat was cleared. Nodding as the approach was concluded, there was a pause*

12/13/2016 3:26 am
(Whisper to Allison Smith, The Leviathan) The eyes of those born of the primordial dream saw more than those unable to fully dive in and immerse themselves with in it. To their eyes, Legion appeared not a single man standing over 6 foot tall but rather a swarm of small goblinoid like creatures, forever in shadow, silhouette. Seen as a mass and swarm, with just the edges of their form discernible. Their glowing green eyes and razored teeth gleaming in those dark shadowy forms.*

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 3:31 am
"Oh yes. I'm adding things to my collection. In truth, there is a specific drive that I am looking for, but while I'm here I found the section here remarkably more full than it should be. I doubt many people read these books I've been looking into so it makes me curious why they have them in stock... but I'll take what I can get." He smiled and then said, "Good Evening Raylan."

He motioned to Raylan, and said, "Another friend of mine. Raylan this is Allison. Allison, this is Raylan. If you want, I don't mind company."

One of the girls returned over and set another conspiracy book down. This one regarding conspiracies the church was involved in.

Allison Smith:
12/13/2016 3:33 am
Well I'm not too terribly surprised.. often people donate books they dont want or need.. especially after an estate is liquidated.

Allison Smith:
12/13/2016 3:34 am
*she smiled again at Ray* Nice to meet you ray

12/13/2016 3:34 am
Due to her job as a Sential she often found herself in places that she would not expect to be at that time.
Tonight, it was the public library. There had been a issue reported and so she had contacted her deputy and made her way down town
She pushed through the doors and stepped inside, she was NOT dressed for a date type night, or a hanging out with friends type night. She was dressed in a pair of brown cargo pants, steel toed boots and a light brown shirt, with a olive green jacket fitted to her. Her hair was pulled back in a french braid and the end tucked under (just in case someone tried to get froggy) She was armed, but that jacket hid it well as the rest of the armory she carried. For those sensative to it, they might feel the thrum of magic from her due to her shields. Otherwise she was pretty normal, save the dont tread on me demanor cause ill set your ass on fire, way she moved.

"Didn't even know this place was here" She said to Levi as she moved in

Jason Evans:
12/13/2016 3:37 am
"I did, but then again the sprog's had reports and whatnot to do.' The blond-haired man walking in beside Jesse was taller than most, with a predator's grace in his step and golden serpentine eyes glancing here and there as they went into the building. He was dressed casually - jeans and a t-shirt, with boots and a leather jacket to round out the get-up - but his gaze was keen, looking for anything unusual.

12/13/2016 3:40 am
*Ray was still sort of looking at Allison, caught in the headlights more or less. Then Levi spoke and said something. A name was stated and Ray's eyes blinked, and looked to Levi. Oh, an introduction. A sort of mental rewind there and the name was caught. Looking back to Allison herself a warm smile was offered. Left hand swept up to remove the cap in a gentelmanly gesture, the right hand extended to shake.* The pleasure is all mine. I assure you, Allison. It seems that our friend loves to surround himself with -astoudingly- beautiful women.

*The accent was Southern but not overly thick. Just a pleasent caress on the ear as Raylan spoke. A nod given to the beautiful Allison, then a pause and Ray stepped to the side and smiled* Lady Alecia. How wonderous it is to see you as well. *Her hand would be shaken and Ray would place something on the table beside her, before returning to the two 'beautiful' people. Ray wasn't bad looking. Some might think him ruggedly handsome. Some might not, but seldom did people throw bricks to get his attention. He was dwarfed next to Allison, and to lesser extent Levi.

As they were rejoined, a chair was pulled out and offered to Allison and then Ray paused. Looking to the entrance a smile was offered and a hand rose to wave to Jesse and Jason.*

12/13/2016 3:40 am
The Leviathan has rolled an Wits 2 + Occult 5 + Lair 1 - Composure 3 roll (5 dice), getting 10, 2, 8, 6, 6, 10, 7, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. The Leviathan has 3 successes.

12/13/2016 3:42 am
The Leviathan has rolled an Wits 2 +Occult 5 + Lair 1 - 2 Composure - Wisdom 7 roll (1 dice), getting 7, with a difficulty of 10 on a 10 sided die. The Leviathan has failed the roll. This was a chance die.

Allison Smith:
12/13/2016 3:43 am
Oh! Hello! Long time no see! *she smiled brightly at lockdown* And you brought a friend too!

*she giggled slightly before turning back to Ray and shaking his hand* Well you could say Dear levi collects them. *she winked, teasing.*

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 3:44 am
"I may have to look into requisitioning some of these myself." He said after a moment. He smiled and then said, "I do make it a point to, yes. The company you keep says a lot about you after all."

He paused a moment as he looked to the newcomers coming in. A smile wrapping around his lips as he did, and he set the book to the side. "Friends of yours, Allison? Seems a day for meetings."

12/13/2016 3:48 am
Her nose wrinkled a bit, and the hazel green eyes gave a glance around. she gave a nod to ray when she saw him then a nod to Alison

"Come on, Levi" She said and moved towards the trio "yes, long time Allision. These your friends?"

Jason Evans:
12/13/2016 3:50 am
Levi looked over towards the trio as Jesse started heading their way, eyebrow arching a touch before he gave Raylan a quick up-nod. "Evening, all..."

12/13/2016 3:52 am
*Ray grinned a bit to Allison and nodded, tucking the cap into a pocket on the jacket* Oh... we've noticed.

*Glancing to Levi, Ray chuckled* We must blow the curve? *A hand extended and the book on conspirices in the church was taken up. The title paursed and then the book was gently replaced near Levi.

*Then looked to Jesse and Jason, the smile still present. At the inflection of Jesse's query, Ray looked to Allison and raised brows. Looking back Ray returned the nod to Jason, smiling a bit and looking from Jason's eyes to his teeth.*

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 3:59 am
He set the book to the side. Alecia, one of his attendents, approached as he raised a hand for her to come. "Some of these actually hold significant value. Set them to the side, and we will see about bringing them with us. Tell Laura to go ahead and get this one for me as well." He slipped the book that Legion just had, and then said, "It's a bit related to my thesis. Hoping to gain some insight from it."

He looked to Lockdown, and then to Levi. Taking them in for the briefest instant, before looking to Allison to introduce them.

Allison Smith:
12/13/2016 3:59 am
*she nodded simply, smiling brightly* I've only just met Ray here.. But I'm sure we'll get along just fine. Like a Family. *she grinned a bit more at the last word.*

Allison Smith:
12/13/2016 4:02 am
"and this this is Levi! *she gestures to said freind*

12/13/2016 4:02 am
She breathed in a bit, and gave Ray a look before giving a nod "I see. If I had not shown up after, Id ask if you where following me" She said to both Allison and Ray. Then said "this is Levi" She motioned to the snake man, the boa.

Jason Evans:
12/13/2016 4:06 am
"Ah..." Jason smiled a bit as Allison introduced their Levi, glancing over to Ray. "Explains why you were curious about my name when we ran into each other..."

"Good to meet you all." He gave Allison and Leviathan a salute, along with a small smirk.

12/13/2016 4:07 am
*Ray stood now that Jesse had come over, offering her the chair that he had occupied should she want it.

A glance to Leviathan and then to Alecia. A smile offered to her, then looking to Allison and a slow nod* We can truely hope.

*When Allison introduced Levithan to Jason and Jesse as levi, Ray's eyes flickered to Jason.
Then to Jesse as SHE introduced her Levi. A grin crossing the lips and then responded to Jesse* Oh no, Detective. We care far too much about our well being to Stalk a lady of your calibur and ability. Wouldn't dream of it.

Well..... *A grin crossed the rugged good looks* .... maybe dream.

*To Jason, a nod was offered* Indeed. So many unique individuals here. Such a truely -interesting- town. We're lovin' it.

Allison Smith:
12/13/2016 4:11 am
*snickers* Oh dear... we got two levi's now.. are we worried about flooding? *she smiled at her own horrible pun*

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 4:15 am
"It isn't a particularly common name, so I'm not surprised it would garner some curiousity to run into two of them." He looked to Allison, and shook his head, "You'd more likely have to worry about that if our names were Noah. But yes, this is New Haven so we have to worry significantly about flooding. Well, then, a pleasure to meet you - Levi and... Detective, I can't say I caught your name?"

12/13/2016 4:18 am
"Your just saying that cause of the thug that met the window" She smirked a bit and looked to levi 2.0 (hers was the original in her opinion) "Nice to meet you"

"Eh, apparently you guys havent spoken to Mormons Levi is pretty common among them"

12/13/2016 4:20 am
12/13/2016 4:21 am
The Leviathan has rolled an Intelligence 4 + Occult 5 + Area of Expertise (Cults) roll (11 dice), getting 1, 5, 9, 6, 3, 6, 4, 4, 2, 4, 6, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. The Leviathan has 1 success.

Jason Evans:
12/13/2016 4:23 am
The somewhat obvious flirting earned Ray a "don't try too hard, son" look from the Thyrsus, although that slid away just as quickly as it came as he nodded with a small smirk.

"Yeah, has been a bit since I ran into another one, I'll admit. New Haven's definitely an interesting place. Been here for a decent stretch, like it for the most part."

12/13/2016 4:24 am
*Ray offered Jesse a smile* That and because your beauty astounds and admonishes a lowly country boy.

Mormen? Never met one of those to our knowledge. Not too thick on the ground where we're from.

*looking around the group, Ray was feeling a bit like the perverbal red headed step child. Eyes drawn back to Allison and her unearthy beauty, to Jesse, then to the two guys whom were also prettier. Sheesh!
A bit of a head shake to clear it and Ray again focused on the conversation.

Catching the look from Jason, Ray slipped him a wink. The meaning playful, but clear to the snaky man. "We hear ya. All in good fun"*

Allison Smith:
12/13/2016 4:26 am
"Honestly I haven't seen or talked to a lot of Mormons" she admitted. "The few I have...." she trailed off.. "Well I am a social worker.. theres usually a reason I meet such folks..."

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 4:30 am
"A pleasure, Detective Thaler," He said to Jesse, before returning to the group conversation. "It's a pretty heavy group in Utah. Very interesting group of people to study, less so to be around for social events."

He finished setting his books to the side with a smile.

12/13/2016 4:35 am
She shrugs "I think Levi is a pretty name. It is unusual though among ..well Id say normal but"

She looked to Ray "You know, you keep calling me beautiful and Im going to have to either insist on showing you I am not, or going to coffee. Neither are often pleasant choices" She really didnt like being called beautiful. Not many people understood why.

Then she smirked "Its not like Im married" She gave a death glare to Jason at that and laughed then went back to the conversation

"so you guys up to no good? Or being angels?"

Jason Evans:
12/13/2016 4:43 am
Jason returned the look, giving Jesse a small wink at the end. "Not like I'm going to chain you to the bed so you can't go anywhere, love...unless you ask, anyway."

He looked back to the group at that, like he hadn't said anything out of sorts at all, then nodded to Leviathan. "Yeah, heard they're pretty solidly sticks in the mud for the most part. To each their own, though."

12/13/2016 4:44 am
*Ray looked to Allison with a bit of a grin* Probably on part with the reasons, we do.

*To Leviathan a nod and flick of the finger to the books* You'll likely find them in your research. Their genealogy records are the stuff of legend.

*Looking to Lockdown Ray offered a bit of a grin* Our record in coffee houses in New Haven would seem to verify that assessment. An effort could be made to try and lie to you detective. Just going to assume you know when we do, pertaining to the level of your... magnetism.

*At the Angel query, Ray laughed softly and leaned against the table* Allison no doubt... *A motion to her with the first two fingers of the left hand* Can't speak for Levi here, but ourself. Oh no. No no no.

Far from that. More like.... a Serpent in the garden. *The bright green eyes glitter in the library's light*
Ohhhhh... so there -are- chains? ..... Good ta know.

Allison Smith:
12/13/2016 4:46 am
"Are my horns showing?" she asked in mock worry.. clutching her hair to 'find' said horns. Then giggled. "I just turned in a bunch of books, came here to hunt down some more novels to consume."

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 4:50 am
"Of course they are. They actually use a lot of passive indoctrination techniques that the people inside use further to work their way through society. Their organizational skills are quite ingenious," He paused and then said with a laugh, "I don't think anyone at this table qualifies as 'being an angel'. No, I'm up to neither good nor bad - just learning."

12/13/2016 4:53 am
She smiled at The Leviathan "you would be surprised."

She sort of blinked at Levi and arched a brow "Thats only on Thursday" She smirked and looked at Legion and said "apparently that means im free on Wends. Though yeah, coffee is a bad go. Oh sorry about that night by the way, case I am working on. "

Then a soft laugh "Allison, I think its the low level of the halo, its pretty obvious the horns are holding it up"

Jason Evans:
12/13/2016 4:58 am
Jason simply chuckled, shaking his head at Jesse's comment. Ray's did get a bit of a look, though, although he smirked after a moment. "Ourself...using the royal we there, mate?"

12/13/2016 5:00 am
*Ray made a show of leaning to the side, as if looking for Allisons horns, then gave her a gentle shake of the head.

Looking to Leviathan a bit of a nod* Those are... fancy words for.. brain washing and social engineering, Right?

*To Jesse a soft hand motion was offered* No need to apoligise. We understand.

ANd Wednesday.. why that's tomorrow!

*Looking to Jason a bit of a smile* Sorry, nerves you know. When surrounded by all the amazing people.

Allison Smith:
12/13/2016 5:03 am
*she sighs and giggles* I blame all the steamy romance novels. *she arched an amused brow at Jesse and Jason at the mention of the chains on thursday. Then to Ray* Yes, thats what pretty much means.

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 5:05 am
"It's a bit different from most indoctrination techniques, but yes." He smiled and then looked to Jason and Jesse, before saying, "So what brings you guys here? Just a casual check into the Library or...?"

12/13/2016 5:08 am
"Coffee it is! I havent read a steamy romance novel since I was in Iraq..." She blinked and shrugs "you get bored out there

She turned her attention to levi about to answer and her phone went off, pulling it out she looked at the text and then put it away "Business, and it calls. You guys have a good nght"

She looked at Levi "Come on" then back "nice meeting you guys"

Then she turned and hurried away

Jason Evans:
12/13/2016 5:10 am
"Right..." He gave Ray a small curious look, then nodded as Jesse said that duty called. "Well, good meeting you lot. Catch you around, I imagine..."

With that he gave the group a salute and followed after the Obrimos, shaking his head a touch.

12/13/2016 5:11 am
*Ray smiled at Allison's giggle, looking to the amazing woman and then nodding. To Leviathan a chuckled would be offered* Ahh... Not sure if the difference would be quantifiable, never had much use for Religion. But if memory serves, they're far from the only ones that do such. Just, perhaps a bit sneakier than some?

Iraq? Ugg... 'd Just melt right into the street there.

*Then Jesse's phone rang and she went to depart. Ray reached up to touch the brim of the cap that had been worn in, but then remembered it'd been taken off and pocketed because they were inside a building so, just sort of gave Jesse a gentle two fingered salute.

Looking to Jason, a wider smile was offered. Rays eyes going from Jason's eyes, back to his fangs, then back to his eyes* Nice seeing you both again.

*When they'd left, Ray slooowly looked to Levi and Allison and raised a brow* Thoughts?

Allison Smith:
12/13/2016 5:17 am
I Rather like Jesse. *she smiled broadly* Though she's a bit hard to get to warm up to you sometimes.

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 5:20 am
"More effective, in truth. I'd hardly call them sneaky." He said, smiling. After the two of them leave, he looks to the remaining book, and then said, "It's always fun seeing kin, especially when they are usually so hard to notice. I imagine she was on the hunt for something specific, coming here - and her friend is very likely like her. You two have run into her a few times before? It might be you she's looking into."

Allison Smith:
12/13/2016 5:23 am
It is probably just coincidence. *she shrugged, then paused* Well IN my case.. I would have seen more of her by now than I have I'm sure.. I'm not exactly hard to track down.

12/13/2016 5:26 am
*Ray again sat down, having stood and offered his seat to Jesse, when they came up, and when she declined, had remained standing like a gentelman till she departed. Now, that Allison and Levi were sitting, Ray rejoined them.* Really? She's been utterly charming to us, since we met her on the street in the Peak.

Maybe you intimidate her, Allison?

*Ray raised a brow* Kin? Hurm.... We didn't know. *Then a shake of the head* Doutful. Other than our charming selves, nothing to look into with us.

*Ray looked to Allison* Really? That is especially good news.

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 5:27 am
"Maybe you would have. That said, her kind can be notoriously hard to notice unless they want you to notice them..." He paused a moment, and said, "You are right. I'm overthinking it - she'd have simply remained unseen to see if we mentioned something covert while she was unknown if she was keeping an eye on you - unless she specifically wanted you to know she's watching."

Allison Smith:
12/13/2016 5:30 am
*she shrugged simply* Or when they get a bit careless.. That is how I noticed her the first time. *she chuckled again* Her Intimidated by me? I'm not sure anything short of a rancor walking down main street would intimidate her.

12/13/2016 5:32 am
*Ray nodded to Levi* If we're watching somone, and we don't want them to know.. they tend not to know. What sort of kin do you think, Leviathan?

*looking to Allison Ray repressed a smile* Wasn't thinking of... that sort of intimidation. More... *A gentle motion to Allison, as if to indicate.. All of her*

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 5:37 am
"Your thinking of the wrong type of notice. Some people I know are hard to notice too, when they stand still. They are more resourceful with effects like that. The fact that she's new to her world though means it's probably she might not think of those particular methods." He explained to Allision. He scratched the side of his head, idly. He looked to Legion, and said, "Luna. Would you bring me the book by Francis Barrett?"

A moment passes as one of the girls comes back and hands him a book titled, "The Magus" by Franscis Barrett. He passes it over to Legion, and then said, "One of the scarier kinds of kin I deal with, actually. At the very least, playing with them is like playing with fire."

Allison Smith:
12/13/2016 5:44 am
She looked to be about to say something when her phone buzzed.. causing her to sigh as she examined the text message. "I wish I could stay and chat long, however.. I am always on call.. and one of the cases I work has just cropped up with an issue." *she smiled and went to hug the both* You two stay out of trouble! or at least invite some friends! *she winked before hurrying to the doors*

12/13/2016 5:46 am
*Ray looked to Levi and mouthed "Luna?" Then smiled when the woman in question came over with the book. Levi didn't thank her, but Ray made it a point to make eye contact with the young woman* Thank you Luna. We appreciate it, and the work you do.

*A gentle nod to her and then Raylan took the book. Raising a brow it was opened and flipped through* Franky Barrett.. riight.. *looking it over a bit the bright green eyes seem to dull a bit* Is there a cliffs notes version....? Maybe a movie?

*looking up brows were raised and Ray returned the hug* Nice meeting you, Allison. Hope to see you again soon.

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 5:48 am
"Oh don't worry, you are always invited for trouble with me." The Leviathan said with a cheeky grin, hugging her, and then waving to her as she headed off. "I'll call you later. We can exchange stories."

He looked to Legion and then smiled, and said, "Sure. I'll fill you in on the cliff notes. Not in the middle of the Library though. Would take too long, for one, to explain everything about them."

12/13/2016 5:49 am
Ahh.. Might be best.

*The book was gently offered back to Luna* Thank you miss.

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 5:53 am
"Not a problem, Raylan," Luna said with a gentle smile, leaning forward to take the book and then moving to go with Alecia.

"So... I looked into our little object. As I did, I found myself very much mourning that the church is no longer there for me to look at."

12/13/2016 5:55 am
*Ray nodded to the young woman and looked back to Leviathan* Pretty sure it wanted to eat us.... it was an act of self defense. May have eaten other people before. If the residue in the basement was any indication.

You may be able to poke around what's left, should you wish. We don't think they secure fire scenes too vigirously.

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 5:58 am
"It wouldn't have what I'd be looking for. I suspect there may have been sacrifices involved, but can't be sure without looking at the place. That would help me significantly in determining well... the end result. Among other details that it could have given me."

He paused and said, "Not your fault mind, not saying that. Just mourning the loss."

12/13/2016 6:00 am
Ahh.. well the next time a building tries to eat us. We'll give you a call if able. It all happened rather quickly.

Did you find anything of use in our search for Wednesday?

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 6:04 am
"A few things. The thing might have been used as a battery to summon something. Maybe her. Or create it. I can't be a hundred percent sure. But I have a few ideas on how it might have different effects on her. Will know more when we see her again, if we can find her."

"So besides the fact that she wears too much clothes, what were your thoughts of Allison?"

12/13/2016 6:06 am
*Ray smiled* Finding her's not the problem. We can find her.

*Glancing the way Allison had gone and then looking back to Levi* We think she has little trouble getting her 'meals'.

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 6:12 am
"Fair enough. Then we can set up a meeting, or a trap as preferred." He said with a smile. "I don't really believe in coincidences, which is the thing. The fact that both of you knew the detective through no connection between yourselves was... interesting to me. Part of the reason I think she might be looking at you or Allison."

12/13/2016 6:24 am
Untill tonight we didn't know Allison. By that logic it's just as likely that she's watching you, as you're the common demominator. Right?

You were here. We all came in later. *A little circular motion was made with two fingers.* You also travel with entreage.

Though perhaps not. We had spoken to you about both of them previously.

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 6:30 am
"I have a lot of women watching me so it's entirely possible. Might be looking for one of my followers. Or hoping to be one of my followers." He thought about that, and then shook his head, "As a Detective, it's an entirely valid possibility. As a dabbler in the Occult though, more likely she's looking into what we are and finding a connection. All of this is curious, though I suppose I'll have to ask Allison how she met her." He smiled and then said, "Needless to say... I find them fascinating. I sure wish his real name was Levi. Then again, imitation is the greatest form of flattery, or so they say."

12/13/2016 6:33 am
Upon meeting him, we asked if it was dirivative of Leviathan. The indication was no, that it was... Jewish maybe? *A shrug. Again with religion.*

You find "Them" Facinating?

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 6:38 am
"That is the most likely thing, yes. The Jewish form, I mean. That said, their kind often cloak their names to avoid others of their kind turning them into a puddle or frog from afar. Makes it harder to form connections. If he's like she is, I doubt that's his real name. Thaler -is- hers though. At least her last name. One I actually know." He smiled a bit, and said, "Don't you find your kin fascinating? They are a means to expand yourself and your legend."

12/13/2016 6:41 am
*Legion smiled a bit* We often go by two names. Or more. We doubt your 'human' mother took a look at you and named you Leviathan when you were pink and wriggling. *A bit of a shrug then leaned back* We know her first name.

As for kin.... we don't know many. Where we were from, when learning the ins and outs of our own kind, there were none around for study or lessons. If there -were- others about, they kept low enough profile we didn't run into them, or enough to qualify the differences. In theory, yes, they're interesting. Just very little real world experience.

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 6:46 am
"Well yes. They have a particularly reason for that, and they usually take the name that identifies them. When they name themselves, they become that self." He smiled and then said, "And it protects them mystically. Anyways, I digress. What is her first name?"

12/13/2016 6:50 am
*Raylan grinned* We bring you all sorts of information. Over and over. Even parts of some god. We saw your eyes Leviathan... Where's the love man?

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 6:54 am
"Believe me, if there was no love you'd not be learning half the things from me. The things I tell you is -valuable-. More valuable than you could ever understand. The number of people in the world who have the knowledge I do can be counted in the palm of one hand. There are creatures who would literally kill a person to learn just the faintest hint of a group's inner workings." He smiled and then said, "With that said... where do you live?"

12/13/2016 6:57 am
One can hope. You know if you found a Ford Explorer or something around your mansion.... Wouldn't cry.

*A tilt of the head* Why do you ask, Brother?

*Not that Raylan felt any threat, but was curious before answering*

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 7:05 am
He paused and then looked to Legion, and tilted his head, "Oh you'd have to ask the girls about that. They handle the finances under the fear that I'd spend my wealth on some.... egyptian relic and forget to buy the house food. As though I'd buy a fake." He laughed and then said, "Best place to send notes, second place to meet up if some mechanical angel comes to my place looking for it's cog. Or maybe I'm just insatiably curious. Or perhaps, if you wanted some kind of gift, my most likely method of sending it to you would be to have it delivered?"

12/13/2016 7:07 am
*A chuckle* Hey some mechanical gear monster angel comes after you don't be dragging them to my place.

*Raylan grinned* We reside in an old run down church in the Peak. Not sure when it went under but after that the city forclosed on it. We got it for a song and are renovating it into a domicile.

*Reaching to a pocket a small pad was pulled out with a mini pen. Flipping past pages of notes, which might indicate that Ray doesn't have the photographic memory some others have, the Eshmaki made it to a blank page.

An address in Nelly's Peak was written down and the page carefully tore out.

Turning he motioned to Alicia and held up the slip of paper, offering it to her*

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 7:10 am
Alecia smiles, taking the paper from him and looking it over, before folding it neatly and putting it to the side.

After a moment, Levi says, "How do you want to handle Wendsday? Or more importantly, do you us want to handle her, or leave her to her devices?"

12/13/2016 7:12 am
*Ray smiled warmly to the girl then leaned back and seemed to ponder* You know... still not sure. Still not sure she 'needs' handeling. For all we know she did us a huge favor and took out a Hero that could have been about to cut off both our heads.

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 7:16 am
"Neither am I. I'm curious about her, sure. But I'm not sure I want her gone. Not unless of course she's not in control of her own capabilities. Which..." He paused and then said, "If we think we can figure out how to talk to her, would make things fairly simple. She seems to run away when you meet her, which suggests she doesn't particularly want combat. She could just be scared."

12/13/2016 7:19 am
*A nod and bit of a wince* We DID burn down the building she was in. That might not lead to the best third meeting. Perhaps your beauty could soothe her? *A grin was offered*

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 7:24 am
"That is actually what I was suggesting," He said, looking to him. "We want to put out a nonhostile enviroment. Though it'd be nice to have someone close by if things go sour, of course."

12/13/2016 7:26 am
*A nod* For that we might be well suited. Have us there, but hidden watching your back, till you get Wednesday calm enough to introduce us.

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 7:29 am
"Right. And, just in case Wendsday swings the other way, I happen to have Allison's number. It might be unwise to meet her with two people though... Well... Two visible people." He hrmed quietly.

12/13/2016 7:31 am
*A nod* One can hope it won't go violent. If she chews off your head, Alecia might be cross with us.

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 7:36 am
"Alecia... Luna... Eleanora... Heaven...," Levi says idly, as he starts citing off a list of female names of people who would be pissed.

"Depends. This the head on top?" Luna says idly, looking through the aisles.

"It matters?!" Levi said, looking to Luna, who smiled mischievously and went back into the books.

12/13/2016 7:37 am
*Ray smiled and looked to Luna* Oh we like how you think!

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 7:39 am
"Anyways. When are you off work next? We can track her down then, try not to cross work with... well, what we're doing."

12/13/2016 7:40 am
*A nod* We can check the scheulde and let you know.

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 7:42 am
"Alright." He said with a smile. "Then we'll head in then. Hopefully, things will go well."

12/13/2016 7:43 am
*Nodding Ray stood and offered Levi a hand over the table.* Sure thing. We'll be in touch.

12/13/2016 7:45 am
*After shaking Levi's hand Ray turned to go and paused, handing Alicia a card with a nod and smile. Then headed for the door, Slipping into shadow*

The Leviathan:
12/13/2016 7:49 am
Levi shook Ray's hand, and turned to go back to the books. He smirked at Alecia and said, "I think he likes you."

She smiled a bit, and took her list of books with a smile. "We should head out too."
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