Fellow officers, and doctor meet in a park

Adjacent to Bay side, with a 50 acer grassy expanse in the center of the city with nearly a 1000 trees, a pond, playground, recreational center, tennis courts, volleyball courts.
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Fellow officers, and doctor meet in a park

Postby Jon Snow » Fri Feb 10, 2017 6:19 pm

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 1:23 am
*The Ford Raptor pulled into the parking lot and powered down. Door opened and Talia slipped out. Pausing she stretched a bit and looked up and around. She nodded to the truck and a large dog jumped down. She closed the door and clipped a leash to his thick color. The leash itself was thin, almost to the point of being comical,more for appearances than to actually retain the dark furred creature.
The door was shut and the truck bleated as the alarm was activated. The pair entered into park side, strolling.

It'd been a long day at work and Talia was here to wind down a bit before going home. She was dressed in black ankle boots, and black jeans. A dark charcoal button up shirt. Over it was a simple black leather jacket. Her dark hair was bound up in a high pony tail.

Rico's hair.. just laid natural.*

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 1:32 am
Saint wasn't far behind. Her weather Beaten Jeep wrangler pulling into an empty spot, well away from the only other vehicle. She did Like her space.

She had just got off shift and needed to be somehwere... well more natural.. but also not being patrolled for people that might be trying to 'escape' or something.. the park would do nicely.

She was dressed in her favorite camo pants and hoodie jacket. (sl2 stunning, primal urge 1) Her sidearm was concealed beneath the jacket fo course.

She stepped out of the jeep with a bit of a bounce in her step.. inhaling the cold air almost hungrily... before heading into the park itself.

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 1:35 am
*When the other vehicle pulled in, Talia looked back. Seeing the jeep she continued on her stroll a bit. Glancing back when the door shut she paused in her stroll looking over the rather striking looking woman. A smile curling her lips.

Rico looked around and sniffed the air, lowering his head a bit as he gazed to Saint*

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 1:37 am
She glanced at talia and rico, and smiled briefly. She nodded to the other woman as she started to walk in her direction.

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 1:40 am
*Talia tugged the thin leash and Rico came to a stop and curled to her right leg. He sniffed the air again as Crystal approached and the dog looked a bit conflicted. Talia seemed to notice and reached down to stroke his head before looking up to the oncoming Saint.

When she was closer Talia nodded* Good evening.

*Her words were cloaked in a middle to thick accent, of something exotic. Dark eyes took in the details of Saint's appearance. The camo pants and hoodie appriased and Talia's smile broadened a touch.*

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 1:45 am
"Evenin'" She replied.. her accent was odd.. more of a mishmash of other accents... definately some canadian influence. "Enjoyin' the night, eh?"

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 1:49 am
*Talia tilted her head and glanced around, pony tail swishing before looking back to Saint* Trying to. Been a bit of a long day.

Did not expect to see too many out in the park this evening.

You look ready for anything the world might throw your way though.

*Rico lowered his head even more and sort of peeked up at Saint from under his brows*

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 1:53 am
*she grinned toothily* Story of my life really. *she smiled at rico and reached out with a hand*

And I know the feelin'. Been dealin' with all manner of shit since I got here. The whole quarentin thing's got everybody keyed up... Kinda needed to get away from all that for a bit.

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 1:59 am
*The dog tensed a bit and sort of shyed away, which made Talia frown a little and look down* He is a working dog... not always, keen on the pettings. Sometimes he needs to wind down too. Not a bad guy but he has been on duty all day.

*She looked over the woman anew with the dog's reaction * You have been dealing with all manner of shit? What do you do?

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 2:06 am
Workin' Dog? *her brows raise* Ah, explains it.

I'ma recent transfer to the PD... still waitin' on half my belongin's to get here on account of the blockaide... was supposed to be usin' the time between startin' work to move in and get settled. *she chuckles*

Fat chance of that. Ya belive the movin' company is tryin' to charge me for storage because of this bullshit?

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 2:10 am
*Her entire demenor changed. Going from wariy to almost instant acceptance. Like... she turned a page or something and almost became somone else. The smile brightened and her dark eyes took on a new gleam* Really? Welcome to town. *Her right hand swept down to her hip and lifted the shirt at that side. Saint would see a badge clipped to her belt.

A hand was extended* Talia Zim. I am out of the 13th. This is my partner. Rico.

And yes.... I totaly believe it. We got in about 6 months ago but just recently got certified as partners to start patroling. They will absolutely charge you for storage. People are making ..... um... *she motioned with her free hand* What is phrase..... mad paper?

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 2:13 am
*she smiled and shook the hand* Crystal Smith, Transferin' from Fairbanks, Alaska.

*she chuckled* Mad Money is the term.

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 2:17 am
*She shook the hand firmly but none of that stupid ass crushing stuff. Then smiled* Ahh.. I remember that one from my test for Naturalization. Alaska is the large one up in the north. Russia Adjacent with the idiot Govoner?

I'm a transfer as well. Out of the IDF in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Ahh. Mad money. Thank you. So many are profiting over this all. Angers me a bit. *Her dark eyes seemed to flash with the irritation*

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 2:24 am
*chuckles and nods* Palin's isn't all that bad.. media makes her out worse than she is... 'course thats what the media does, eh?

Israel? Quite a change in scenery I imagine.

*she nodded and shrugged* There are always oppertunists in times of crisis. Its the natural way of things. It ain' pleaseant... but what can you do? Well.. besides stick it to them at the first oppertunity.. especially when the crisis passes.

Plenty of ways to make someone's life hell while not crossin' any lines. Ever hear about that guy who paid off his mortgage in pennies? Cause the bank decided to be dicks and call it due?

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 2:30 am
*She smiled brightly and made a gentle motion for Saint to walk with her. starting to stroll. Rico falling in on Talia's right side. Which if Saint had worked with K9's before. Might stand out. Most went left at the Heel.

Talia listened and then shook her head* I had not. It is legal tender, no? The bank would have to accept it.

I can just imagine buckets and buckets of pennies.

Once was working a case with the IDF and had a suspect that was skimming currancy from the local post exchange. When we caught up to him he had a large... *she motioned* Bag? Sack? It was a heavy duty satchel of some sort. Swung it from the hip. I tried to sort of turn into it with my shoulder to take the blow. Turns out it was full of New Sheqels! Threw me about 3 meters and to the ground.

I was -not- happy when I got up. Then... neither was he. *She smiled an almost feral grin*

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 2:34 am
*she nodded* Yes the bank had to accept it. *she wasn't sure about how rico was acting.. so didn't comment.* And it was a huge pallet load of pennies filled in buckets if I remember right.

*she nodded and laughed, matching the grin.* I bet he wasn't... How big's a sheqel?

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 2:43 am
*She tilted her head* Oh.. about 14.. 15 grams? *She fished in her pocket and came out with a few coins. Hefted them a bit and then put three quarters in Saint's hand* More or less one weighs about that.... *Then held her finger and thumb in a circle to roughly half dollar size* but this was a sactchel full of them so... 20 kilos? Metal. *she winced with a laugh*

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 2:47 am
*she laughed and she tried to imagine the size and wieght from that example, befor ehandin the coins back* Yeah, That wouldn' tickle in the slightest.

Not that I'd know.. Only things I've ever had thrown at me are bottles of whine and a sack of pineapples... tha latter was part of a joke played on my by my uncles.

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 2:52 am
*her brows went up* I am sorry.... Pine apples? *She held her fingers a few inches apart, clearly invisioning normal apples*

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 2:54 am
*she chuckles and dug into he rpockets.. pulling out her keys.. and the key fob has a cartoonish pineapple on the end* They look a bit like this.. sorta.. and are this big *she holds her hands apart* Normally they're diced or sliced into rings.

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 2:57 am
Ohhh! Annas! *she nodded* Sharp.. bark? With the teeth on the outside? They threw those at you? Sounds like my uncles.

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 2:59 am
*she nodded and chuckled* They were in a burlap bag.. so it wasn't too bad. It was more like a "here, catch!" kind of toss...

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 3:00 am
Ahh... *she nodded* The guy throwing the coins at me was more a .. "Here die MP!" sort of way. *she smiled* How long have you been on the job?

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 3:04 am
*she nods* A couple of years.. give or take a month... not counting the year I did as a VPSO... ah Village Public Safety Officer.

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 3:10 am
*she tilted her head as they strolled* That a more... county level position? Like a deputy?

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 3:15 am
It.. doesn't have a local equivalent.. Uhm *she frowns as she thinks about her phrasing* Okay in Alaska you have these little isolated native american villages... You generally have one VPSO stationed at each.. two if they're training a newbie like I was. You're not really a sherrif.. more like a... liason? You dont have a lot of power out there... because they usually follow their own laws.

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 3:22 am
*She nods and thought about it* Ahh.. yes. Native populations can be... unique that way, when it comes to laws.

*Her smile just a touch rueful*

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 3:23 am
Its a complicated situation.. and it depends on what the elders want you there for... plus the Natives don't really like you most of the time. *she shrugged* so I decided I rather work in a city.. got a couple years in in Fairbanks.. and decided to move here.. at least I can get normal postage here.. *chuckles*

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 3:26 am
*She nodded* Did they fire at you with AK47s? *She smiled. The 'natives' she might have delt with while in the IDF were, a different sort*

Aww. In search of a normal posting and you landed in the middle of a major biological "Event"... I beleive they're still calling it. They're trying very hard not to call it an attack.

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 3:33 am
*she chuckled* No.. thank goodness. I had one shoot at me with a 45-70 though.. my poor jeep took the hit. Had to replace part of the engine block.

Drunk ass moron screwed himself up bad when he shot that thing. Almost felt bad for him. * a beat* Almost.

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 3:35 am
*she laughed good naturedly and it rolled through the chilly night air.* I can only imagine. They use those on the polar bears? Yes?

It is significantly warmer where I am from. Is this warmer than where you were at? I am sure I will freeze sometime this winter and Rico will have a partner-pop.

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 3:38 am
Bears, Moose, Road signs... *she chuckled* Its an all around brush gun...

"Around this time of year? yeah, deinately warmer here. Come summer, though.. it can get up there... gotta realize.. Alaska is mostly swamp land."

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 3:40 am
*She raised her brows* Does sound a bit like the West bank. *She laughed and Rico looked up at them both, relaxzing as Talia had relaxed* Swampland? Really? I always sort of envisioned... Polar region. Iggoos and Eskimos?

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 3:42 am
Eskimo are but one tribe.. and... they really hate that name. *she chuckles* I actually have never seen a Real Igloo in person... *she nods* yeah swamp.. with Huge damn Mosquitoes.

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 3:44 am
*She paused and looked to Saint as if to judge if she was having fun at the immigrant's expense* Really?

*The dog looked between them and lowered it's head watching the other woman*

Swamps.... no igloos and Eskimos hate being Eskimos??

Mosquitos are bad... You should see a camel spider.

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 3:47 am
*she nods, being totally honest* Theres like.. several different tribes up there...

I've seen pictures of the spiders.. creepy bastards... Not sure which is worse.. them.. or the clouds of giant mosquitoes

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 3:50 am
*After a moment she nodded taking Saint at her word* I see. Huh. Maybe I should get a book. I want to know about my new adopted country. Hate being ignorant.

*She then pondered it* I'd think the mosquitos would be worse. *She patted her left hip* You can shoot the spiders

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 3:51 am
*chuckles* true... and dont worry about it too much.. half the locals here think Alaska is an Island. *she smirks*

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 3:56 am
*She laughed and shook her head* Studied for 3 months to pass the entrance exam. Even I know it's not an island.

*She motioned to the park and the locked down city around them.* So what brought you down from such a wondrous insect filled swamp?

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 3:59 am
A lot of things.. needed some distance from mom for one. *she nodded* Plus simply havin' more to do here than up there.. and more time to do it.

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 4:04 am
*She smiled and nodded* Mothers can be.... problematic from time to time.

Yes... the double shifts have been frequent and freely given during this 'event'.

Sorry, I do not remember. You with Patrol, Traffic, Air, Detective, Vice, SVU? I know the other K-9s.

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 4:08 am
Detective. *she nods* Did my stint in patrol back in Fairbanks *chuckles* You know how it is.. if you want to move up.. your chnaces are better if you transfer around.

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 4:13 am
But you know I'm just gonna be partnered up till I learn the ropes around here.

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 4:16 am
Once, the Leviathan had chosen to take his profession from a public doctor to a more private one - the idea, at the time, had been that he would have more time to put towards his more occultic studies, while still being able to put the bills up. That idea however had been pushed aside when the quarantine had been set. Night after night he ended up getting calls - people needing a checkup, people needing drugs, people needing information on if he knew how long this was going to last.

He might have minded it, if it hadn't brought him this much closer to his next prey. He'd only recently come from a night of diagnosing one of his clients after a particularly rough series of people trying to get in contact with him, and now he needed to unwind. Finding a parking spot to put his car (one of the more generic sedans in truth, nothing too flashy), he made his way out and breathed, before starting to wander into the area.

The Leviathan isn't particularly looking for anyone when he enters the parkside - rather, to get away from people and enjoy the quiet that comes with a city too afraid to leave their homes. There was something wonderful about that fear - a beauty that couldn't really be seen unless you stood back to watch it. He's dressed semi-professionally; A pair of black slacks and a jacket that protected him from the cold - but his face is uncovered, and even in the dark his golden eyes seem to almost shine.

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 4:16 am
((minor change, I seem to have forgotten how much it costs to go detective... she's a beat cop currently))

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 4:22 am
*Rico was the first to notice, his head coming up and sniffing the air. Then he turned to gaze down the path.

Talia nodded to Crystal* Well maybe we willll end up working together sometime. If you ever need to call in Rico and I. We will come a jogging.

If your partner does not treat you well. you just tell Rico. He will straighten the guy out.

*Rico sniffed the air and looked up to Tali, then over to Crystal and lowered his head abit to peek at her.
Talia looked down at the dog then forward to see what he'd detected. Squinting in the dark a bit* I think we know that guy. Shape looks familiar.

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 4:24 am
*chuckles* Thanks, but I can straighten em out just fine. Backup is always appreciated,though *she winked at rico and talia*

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 4:28 am
A part of him found it strange to see other people in the area - this was normally quiet at this time even before the quarantine, but he supposed they too must have come here to escape whatever annoyances circumstance had given. That is, that was his thought until he got a better look at the form he was moving towards. One he'd met, the other he hadn't; but family was not something you usually missed no matter how distant.

That made more sense - the supernatural still wandered even where mortals dared to tread. They all had things they had to do - hunts they must sustain in order to continue on.

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 4:32 am
*Levi's former thoughts were actually on the money in this case. The two women were both here to unwind from similar days. As they strolled closer, Talia gently tugged on the absurdly thin lead hooked to Rico's collar. The dog stopped on her right side. She offered Levi a nod* Doctor. Hopefully your patients do not have you servicing them here?

*She smiled to Crystal* This is Levi, a .... *Looking back to Levi* I should probably let you describe it. I muddled it at our first meeting.

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 4:33 am
*she smiled and nodded to levi* Evenin'

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 4:39 am
"No not here. Here is where I am escaping from the stress of my job." He paused and then said, "I believe the term you used was a concierge physician - which does actually work. I am a private doctor - one of the few that makes house calls these days." He smiled and then said, "A pleasure. Are you two escaping as well?"

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 4:44 am
*She nodded* Actually we were. Rico and I. I belive my new friend was as well but I would not wish to speak for her.

*She glanced to Crystal and back to Levi.* Seems we've all been working hard with the current... excitement.

Have you lost anyone to this, Event, Doctor?

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 4:46 am
Escaping myself as well *she nods*

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 4:49 am
"Lost anyone? No - though I do have at least one patient who is legitimately sick enough that I have to be cautious with her. Most of the people I deal with are also the people who have good enough resources to be the most likely to get through things like this. Till someone raids them. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure why the hell they still have the rest of the city under quarantine besides Nelly's - at this point I think it's safe to say that whatever is in there isn't getting out."
01/20/2017 4:49 am
The Leviathan has rolled an Wits 2 +Occult 5 + Lair 1 - 3 Composure roll (5 dice), getting 4, 9, 10, 4, 7, 9, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. The Leviathan has 3 successes.

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 4:52 am
*She raised her brows* It is making life difficult for us at work. *She glanced to Crystal and nodded to her, then back to Levi* Responded to a raid on a store last week. It got pretty intense. *She leaned to pat Rico's side* My partner had my back though. So that was good. I have heard of a few of the higher end residences getting hit by looters.

Can only imagine the cost of keeping the entire city locked down. Just the overtime for us, has to be... Starry?

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 4:54 am
I'm just waiting for the case where the little old lady kills the looter with a shotgun to happen. *she nods*

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 5:00 am
"Indeed." He chuckled and then looked to Crystal. "Surprised that hasn't happened already, if you want the truth. Whole town feels like it's a little crazy - though, to be honest that's not too different from usual."

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 5:07 am
*She nodded, reaching down to absently stroke Rico's head and then paused to scan the park around and behind them before turning back to the conversation* Sounds like my grandmother, but she would use a Tavor. *She smiled* You're right though Doctor. The town is working itself into a state.... the wrong act.. public or.. .perceived and we could have some real problems.

I am not sure that people realize we have a finite number of police here. And just how badly out numbered we are.

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 5:08 am
World's always been a bit crazy... most people just tune out the voices. *she smirked*

I gues I'm lucky in a way.. my stuff is outside the city ins torage.. because it cant get into the city.. so my apartment is basically filled with cheap stuff to tie me over.. camping stuff really.

*she nods to Talia* Exactly.. and we're streatched pretty damn thin..

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 5:10 am
He chuckles and then said, "This is true enough." He looked between them, as though realizing something, and said, "Ah! So you are both officers then? And both new to the city?"

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 5:17 am
*Talia leaned over and whispered to Crystal* You hear them too? *Then grinned.

Tilting her head she nodded* If you need things, I can help you out. Rico and I have been training for 6 months so we're pretty settled. We can hook you out, with things to keep you comfortable till the cordon is lifted.

Isn't that right Rico? *She ruffled his fur, the dog looked almost sheepishly up at Crystal.

Talia looked to Levi* You knew that Rico and I were. he was in his vest when we first met.

I have been here for about 6 months but training hard with Rico gave me very little 'me' time. To get out and about. It's only in the past few weeks that we have really enguaged in the city and started Patroling.

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 5:22 am
*chuckles and smiles* Hard part is getting them to shut up. *she whispers back*

I'm alright for now, but if I need anything I'll keep you in mind *she smiles* Anyways.. I need to head on back to my apartment. (time for bed here)

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 5:25 am
"I know. I was just more surprised that you were both cops that seem relatively new to the city. Just seems coincidental and a rather shot of bad luck on both of your parts, given the current predicament." He looked to Crystal and smiled. "It was a pleasure meeting you Crystal."

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 5:27 am
It was nice meeting you. *She patted down the jacket she was wearing and pulled out a small notebook with a pen. She jotted down her number, and tore off the page passing it to Crystal* If you want to get togheter after shift sometime.

On Duty, Rico and I are Kilo 13.

*Smiling to Levi* perhaps this is exactly where we're supposed to be to live out the next chapter of our stories?

Crystal Saint Smith:
01/20/2017 5:29 am
*she smiles ant takes the page* Thank you. *sh enods to Levi* It was a pleasure meeting you as well. *she smiles and waves as she heads back to her beaten down jeep* Stay safe. (ni ni yall))

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 5:35 am
"Perhaps. If it is, wouldn't that make this an interesting plot twist?" He smiled, and then said, "The quarantine can't last too much longer. It either will explode, or die - either way it ends soon."

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 5:38 am
*She nodded and turned to watch Crystal go, get into her jeep and depart, as if making sure she got there ok, then looked back to Levi. Seemingly unconcerned being alone in the prk with him. Well. She wasn't alone. Rico seemed to liven up once Crystal was gone. Standing taller. Ears up. Tail up. Even wagged once. Talia smiled to Levi* Well Doctor, life is full of them. Plot twists that is. Some of us rather enjoy them.

*A sigh to his statement and she nods* I agree. For one I am hoping it's not the explosion. If people bust out of the inner cordon and start infecting the populace as a whole, there will be mass panic, rioting, and death. All these people locked in here? it will be like a meat.... meat... *she motioned her hand in a twirling fashion as if cranking a wheel*

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 5:40 am
"Grinder?" He tried - not necessarily getting the reference Talia was making.

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 5:41 am
Yes! A meat grinder. *She nodded*

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 5:45 am
"Indeed it is. And that's if - forgive the paranoia and conspiracy suggestion - there is even a sickness to begin with." He said almost idly.

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 5:46 am
*She paused* Ohhh doctor. It sounds like you have some information. Please share. I've been double gloved up in the nitron gloves and wearing face mask for weeks!

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 5:53 am
"You tried calling anyone in Nelly's Peak in the last week?" He shrugged and said, "Entire grids been cut off for the moment. And I told you before I haven't seen anything in the way of sickness in my profession. Granted - I have a very defined clientele but that doesn't change the fact that, as long as this quarantine is up, I shouldn't have heard about some incidents." He shrugged and said, "One of my hobbies involves a little conspiracy. Some of my friends are suggesting that something is going on in the peak the government doesn't want found out."

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 5:56 am
*She raised her brows* Would not surprise me if it was. Governments can be tight liped about some things. The question would be.. could they actually keep it contained in the modern day in America?

Everyone's got a cell phone. They have camera's and video. The cordon has to come down "Sometime".

If something is going on, it'll get out. And it would have to be big enough for a ruse of this size to cover it.

Shy of a -major- terrorist cell. 100s and 100s of people. I can't imagine what it might be.

*She looked to Levi* Any ideas?

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 5:59 am
"You'd be surprised at how simple such a thing might be. Before I begin let me ask a simple question. Do you believe in the supernatural?" He paused and said, "Yes or no, there is no judgement here - I know people on both sides, some of which are crazier than others. Hell, some of which are my clients." The rich did like to dabble, after all.

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 6:03 am
*She paused and looked to Levi as he started down that road. Eyeing him a bit* You would have to be more specific. *Her hand came up and played with the small whitish six pointed star that hung around her neck. Not carved of wood, nor cast in metal. It was something else.*

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 6:07 am
The Leviathan looked to her, and said, "How would I need to be more specific?"

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 6:09 am
It would depend on what one means by 'the supernatural' Some people use it to mean "God" others to mean "Spirits of their ancestors... ghosts' and then there's stuff like.. Big foot, or golems and what have you

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 6:16 am
"Right. All of those are the supernatural. Most people usually answer with a statement of believing in god, and his works - or believing in science and all that jazz - that there is an explanation for everything. But - for the sake of this question let's go with... I don't know, something weird, but not too wierd. This park here - there is an urban legend that some of the homeless people tell." He made a motion, and then said, "About children who wander through here at night. Not a single child or anything like that. More like a full class. They call them ghost children, or devil children. Say that if you wander into them, they will ask you to play with them. Now you heard a story like that - would you believe it was possible - or dismiss it?"

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 6:19 am
(Say that if you wander into them, they will ask you to play with them. No matter what you say, it's said that anyone who wanders across their path dies - either to be food for these 'devil' children, or to play with them for all eternity - depending on who tells the story*)

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 6:22 am
*She frowned a bit and looked up and around. her hand sliding up towards her left hip but aborting and just hooking a thumb on the belt near the hip.

Unseen to Levi the skn on the inside of her wrist would tent and then a shard of bone would pierce the flesh. Sliding out.. out ... 4 inches.. 6... a foot.. Gleaming unseen by the eyes present. A long slender shard of gleaming bone. Bone that seemed to be ETCHED with a spiral of Hebrew words around and around and around. Sharp as a razor, Strong as steel. It protruded past her fist to gleam like the snow field they stood on.

Talia shifted a bit where she stood and listened to the tale* I have seen some strange things in my time, as a cop and in the IDF, but not ghost children that eat you or make you play for all eturnity....

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 6:27 am
"Right. Most people - they just dismiss something like that as the mad ravings of the homeless. Sit - talk with Agatha - the crazy lady at the Beach? - if you never have before and ask about herself. Ask her why she collects seashells. A lot of children know the story she tells - but few believe it. They dismiss her story as fairy tale or the madness that comes from losing your child." He shrugged and then said, "If I said I believe in such things - most people would find me crazy. Most people would dismiss my statements - even if they were true. Because some things are hard to believe, and hard to swallow. But - if I told you that sometimes children come wandering through here at night - just that much. It sounds a lot more believable - no? Strange yes - but believable. Correct?"

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 6:30 am
*She nodded and frowned* I have actually met that woman. She.... seemed sad.

*Then she nodded to the last part* Yes, Doctor. *Though, Levi might note he was getting a bit of a wairy glance.*

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 6:34 am
"She is sad. Her story is absolutely tragic." He quietly watched her, and then said, "My point is - most people believe what is -easiest- to believe. These days a coverup isn't about keeping a tight lid on what goes on so much as filling the truth with so many lies that the most likely truth is the one people believe."

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 6:36 am
*She nodded slowly* Yeah. For the most part. Thing is I am a cop. We deal with stuff all the time, and conspiricy usually falls apart for that exact overall reason. People believe the easiest answer. So convoluted ones seldom hold up to scrutiny.

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 6:43 am
"A conspiracy is usually not the easiest answer to swallow for most people. Some folks readily look into the unknown because they want to believe something more than what they are told - but those people are few and far between; And often just for looking, are labeled paranoid, deluded, or mad for their desires to see more than what - to the general populace - is obvious."

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 6:46 am
*She nodded* Doesn't help that just as many of those -are- paranoid, deluded and or mad. Makes it hard to tell the difference.

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 6:49 am
"Indeed." He paused, and then said, "But - that's my take on how a conspiracy coverup would occur. I doubt whatever they are trying to hide is something easy to believe to begin with. Of course - and this just goes to show you how that conspiracy thing easily works - I could just be paranoid about the whole affair, because I myself have not run into the sickness they are claiming is spreading." He smiled and then said, "Sometimes - people doubt themselves just as much as others doubt them."

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 6:51 am
*She nods* The thought had crossed my mind. If the cordon is working then, you wouldn't have run into it, would you?

As for self delusion. Yes, it is a -very- powerful force.

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 6:53 am
"I should hope so. But then that leads to the other question - why is there a quarantine on the city and not just over Nelly's peak? Surely they've had time to assess that it hasn't passed that area, right?"

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 6:56 am
The problem is either so intense that they need the secondary fall back to prevent the sickness from escaping to the country at large... or they have no faith in the inner cordon.

I was in the military. I served in the west bank. Actually cutting off a modern city is next to impossible. It's not 'Can you lock it down totally" It's "How few breeches can we sustain, and how do we minimize them".

From what you've said as a doctor, it seems the inner cordon is holding.

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 6:58 am
He nodded and said, "So it seems." He grinned and then said, with a grin. "I may or may not be a bit of a conspiracy buff."

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 7:00 am
*She nods and looks to Rico. The dog looked up to her, then both looked to Levi* We've noticed. *She smiled.

Slowly the spur started to retract into her forearm*

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 7:02 am
"A fun little hobby of mine. I mean, the doctors thing is nice but it's not half as enlightening sometimes. This city alone has so many stories to tell - not just the one about the devil children either. I mean - no one really believes most of the things they say of course; Those that do get a special kind of prison in the Asylum."

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 7:05 am
*She nodded* I have had a few calls that end up heading that way.

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 7:07 am
"Not a great place. They got stories about there too." He shrugged and then said, "I suppose those stories are the reason no one's willing to submit Agatha there."

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 7:10 am
Haven't heard them yet. To be honest we usually get called in to help catch or corral an EDP, and then they're taken to the normal hospital. It would be the doctors there that make the further call

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 7:13 am
He nodded and then said, "It's getting late." He smiled and then said, "I enjoyed talking your ear off. If your interested in these kinds of things, you should talk to Agatha again sometime. If not - well, no point in listening to the ramblings of an mad old woman." He smiled and then said, "I, on the other hand, should get headed back."

Talia Zim:
01/20/2017 7:15 am
*She raised a brow* I will be a mad old woman one day. Perhaps I will seek her out.

Good evening Doctor

The Leviathan:
01/20/2017 7:16 am
He smiled at that response, and said, "Good evening, Officers." Before moving to head back to his car
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