Field Trip

Adjacent to Bay side, with a 50 acer grassy expanse in the center of the city with nearly a 1000 trees, a pond, playground, recreational center, tennis courts, volleyball courts.
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Field Trip

Postby Violetpanda » Sat Sep 02, 2017 12:09 pm

The fourth graders wandered their ways off the bus and into the grassy field. It was a fairly typical afternoon- the forecast didn't call for rain and so the field trip to the park for Molly's science class. Each child was supposed to identify five different plants, and most of them were eager to be out of the classroom for once rather than confined to their desk. Most, though not all.
Molly Dollanger was far from excited about the trip- she was hungry in a way that had nothing to do with the food packed in her bag and her eyes scanned the group of children searching for someone that would satisfy her. Most of the class was afraid of her already, but that just wasn't good enough right now. It was like teasing a dog with table scraps and that just wasn't going to do it.
Her hand clenched on the strap of her backpack as she fought The Doll's urge to punch Ashley Jacobs until the girl was bleeding on the ground at her feet. That was just too easy, and she'd get in trouble besides. Her dad had told her she had to be careful about that sort of thing. She was much smarter than that anyway.

It would be easier to sate her hunger here at the park though- the wide open spaces reminded her of the Dollhouse from the vantage point of her very large horror. Molly could see everything and everyone.
The predatory grin that came over her features was only partially an accident.
She made her way from the bus to the group of her classmates, paying far more attention to the other students than the teacher.
Find 5 plants, yeah yeah sure...Get into groups of three...
She could find five plants in her own yard- this was stupid. But it was an excuse to exercise more control over her classmates. She'd take it.

The class was already starting to talk, complaining about wanting to be with their friends. It didn't matter to Molly- she only had one friend in her class and she was out sick today. And Kate was her friend because before she'd gone to live with her Dad, they'd lived next door and had a lot in common. Kate knew what she wanted just like Molly did, and that was something Molly really respected in a person.

While everyone was arguing over getting into teams, she approached a bigger dark haired boy with squinty eyes and a big nose. Micheal Thomas was a bully. And while so was she, Molly wasn't about to let someone else rule the classroom- that was her job and her right.
"Micheal, I'm with you." she told him flatly.

"Go away- what the hell makes you think I want to be with you for this stupid thing?"

Molly stepped a bit closer, leaning towards the boy with hungry eyes. It was always easy to scare other kids, and she relished that little sparkle of discomfort and fear she saw as she made eye contact. Even though she was smaller than Micheal, she knew the size of her Horror made her seem much larger, at least, to other children.

"Oh, I know you don't want to be in my group. But no one wants to be with you either," she explained with a slow smile.
"Everyone avoids you in the halls and at recess- so why would anyone want to spend time with you on a field trip. You're the last pick in the entire class. And I do mean the very last pick. Why not? I mean, I saw your last test grade- I don't even think you can name five plants. Now, I have all A's. So do you want my help or do you want to fail again?" The entire time she held his gaze. She knew it was a soft spot- the classroom was her domain and she didn't miss anything.

She waited while he tensed up at fidgeted, holding his gaze and waiting for it to dawn on him that he needed her help, that she was smarter than him, better than him. Of course she was- she was the Queen.


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