Talking about Nightmares (log)

Dogwood presence is the largest neighborhood in New Haven and the furthest from the water. It is almost a boarder between the city itself and the surrounding woodlands as if a protective barrier of land and community. Those who live in this area are usually farm land, rural areas with large acres of land that has no neighbor in walking distance. Those who live in this area, are a mixed income ranging from startling rich to almost destitute poor.
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Talking about Nightmares (log)

Postby Elsaa » Sat Aug 05, 2017 2:24 am

Omi: *the place the kid had told him to was.. well a rooftop. Finding a place to go up could be easy or complicated depending on how athletic one was. You could use the trashcan and climb onto a wall, then to the roof, you could try to lurk in for the stairs leading up... you could jump from roof to roof, or you could find a completely different approaches... mean each critter had different things.

But the kid was there, dressed, just exactly as the last time ha had been seen. black jeans, black shirt, black jacket, black cargo boots. He was standing at the very edge of the roof, violet eyes scanning down, looking at people passing, things moving, everything that was going down*

Jason Strode: Jason had no trouble reaching the appointed location, as Omi found out soon enough when he emerged from a deeply shadowed spot on the building's roof, having ridden the darkness from bottom to top, taking a moment to cast his senses through them first out of a healthy dose of caution. When he finally did emerge, he was wearing a dark green hoodie and jeans with matching dark green running shoes.

"Evening, Omi. You sure didn't pick an easy place to reach."

Omi: *He didn't seem startled at all when he emerged, maybe not exactly knowing what he did, but he was aware of everything around him, every single mind approaching, he always was.* ITs private, its good for..*he frowned* talking

*the kid turned slowly moving away from the edge, not seeming too worried about where he had been standing, he stopped, then added* it also helps see how people move.

Jason Strode: "I can definitely understand wanting to know where trouble might be coming from." he approached now "You know, just now you reminded me of one of us. You've got the mind of a predator."

Omi: *That... made him let out a faint pff sound, not a set of words any of them had heard before, but Omi There saw how it fitted, to both their lives* I was raised... differently, so I can't deny I do think like that, even if I had not thought about it before.

Jason Strode: "It fits. I think we're all predators of a kind; the other night i met a dead man who tried to drink all my blood. And he almost succeeded." he looked over the rooftop to take in the view "That's another thing we all have in common - hunger. Every one of us hungers for something. Whether its blood or fear or whatever, we all take something from humanity."

Omi: *Kid watched him move. The place overlooked a good hunk of the neighborhood, and if you moved to each corner you could see into several alleyways, things that were happening there, and on the street, it was slightly taller than the others buildings. He took in what he was saying, nodding* There are many things lurking here, not all of them nice *he blinked, ok most of them were not nice. His head tilted, the man reminded him so much of Matt just then... 'we all take something'* You can find those who give instead of taking, but they are... rare. *yet they were out there. Kid moved slightly* So what is it you take? *it surprised him he actually asked, he was not one to ask.. usually*

Jason Strode: "I know. I've seen a good many of the things lurking around here - people like you with that aura of liquid power around them, people whose veins pulse with stolen life, and wolves that hide in a human skin. That last one really strikes a chord in me - pretending to be human by making yourself look like them." he answered the second question without hesitation "Me? Fear, and punishment. Usually the ones getting terrorized and punished are people who richly deserve it."

Omi: *Wolves... Omi There immediately related them, while Omi HEre knew so little... and as things they did not agree, his knowledge got clouded by the confusion of what it was and never got to be* I don't think is pretend *he said though, watching him... oddly enough he could related to that appreciation* how do you decide if they deserve it or not *he frowned, pffting slightly, it was strange, to actually voice questions, part of him still... he shook his head and just moved on, crouching by the edge of the building, close by*

Jason Strode: Jason responded with a quote "There are multitudes of monsters all across the land, but the cruelest of all is the one we call man." he said, flexing his fingers as he looked down at the street below "They make it easy, usually. The worst people leave stains on the dream that we Children can easily see. Every place's dream looks a little different. It reflects the fear the people who live there have of the monsters around them. Int his city, pools of blood are everywhere and the sound of laughing children echoes through it. I don't think I even want to meet the monster who caused that fright in people."

Jason Strode: "Usually, they're just bad people - rapists, murderers, torturers. Sometimes its people who just wandered too close to my lair in their dreams."

Omi: *He nodded, considering his words* wanderers...what if they are just lost and mean no harm?

Jason Strode: "It's hard to not know you're approaching a bad place when you near the lair of one of the Children, Omi. Terror is a palpable thing in the dream; you can sense it there as easily as you and I can see each other standing face to face on a sunny day. Usually they come precisely because their fear drove them into that place. They always come out of it terrified but alive with me so far, but I’ve heard second-hand stories of people who weren't so lucky."

Omi: *He nodded, but he wasn't stranger with death, he was more concerned with avoiding ... innocents harm.* So basically, you are magnets for a determined kind of people who cause a determined fear on others?

Jason Strode: "Well, I am. Other Children do things differently; I’m a technical pacifist - squeamish about actually killing anyone, but I’ll sure as hell make sure you reassess your life choices. Like I said, though - some of my siblings will take your life while they feed on your terror. Some only hunger for the thrill of the kill, others teach humans to be afraid of the dark. Personally, i find a good scary lesson gets the job done; death just makes the world a worse place more often than not."

Omi: *A nod* so.. like most others, each has their own goals *he could understand that* Children is how you call yourselves? *he looked forwards him*

Jason Strode: He nodded "Names are kind of academic; we are nightmares spawned from the primal part of the human soul that still remembers what REAL terror is. And believe me, most people don't understand what fear actually is. But the Children all learn the hard way."

Omi: *Kid didn't seem to find his words off, or terrifying to be honest, more like he actually seemed to understand the need for... such a thing. He was quiet a moment thinking. Fear was not something foreign for any of his two sides, nor was pain. After a moment he said* Nightmares made flesh. You learn by coming face to face with them? *thinking on some of the things, he himself as a Mastigos would do* or do your fight them to take what you are?

Jason Strode: "I can't say for anyone else, but it took me finally ceasing to be afraid of the thing i saw in my nightmares every time i closed my eyes. I fought my way through that nightmare asylum in the dark with madmen tearing at me, with no escape, and when i found that mad doctor in it...that face would have made most people run. But me...i got it then. I wasn't afraid of that place because it was my place, my own soul. Why should you be afraid of the monster in the woods when you ARE the monster, and they're YOUR woods?"

Jason Strode: "I’ll show you the place sometime. I think you'll understand a little better then."

Omi: *HE nodded, again he thought he understood it. And another nod* Thank you. *for the offer and for answering, it seemed* I.. think I understand.

Jason Strode: "No need to thank me. It doesn't hurt me to help someone else learn a little. Besides, you might not want to thank me once you've seen the primordial dream in all its glory. Most people can't handle it."

Jason Strode: "What I’m curious about though, is what all you people reeking of power are. You seem different from the others, though I can tell you're the same kind of cousin as them. to put seem almost like one of the children in a way. If I saw you in the dream, it'd be easy to mistake you for one of us."

Omi: *He nodded, he did not know if he'll withstand it, so he did not speak about it, he just say* I'll know when I see it *well, he would, maybe it will be no worse of what he had already seen, in two worlds, maybe... it'll finally will be. He frowned then, thinking* We are... The term most would use is Mage. *He straightened* I believe what you see is the one thing we share. The Understanding that the world is a Lie, and thus, it can be coaxed to change. *Well it was the best way he could explain it, and it was followed by a slight pffing sound* Omi Akuma... is the name I was giving to wield with his Knowledge. Demon of Pain it means in English. Might be why you find me alike.

Jason Strode: "Sounds like you've all got the right idea. Sometimes I’m amazed that nobody can really see me as I am, ya know? It makes me really afraid for humanity. They can't - they wont - see the danger all around them."

Omi: They can't.. they don't know better *he said, looking down, at the people going and coming on the streets*

Jason Strode: "I know. I can't possibly help them all, and I wish I could. A lot of them would be able to get the lesson if we had a way to just tell them."

Jason Strode: "That's the problem with modern society. People have forgotten that they should be afraid of the dark, of strangers, of monsters under their bed."

Omi: *he considers that for a moment, then shakes his head* I think they don't want to. Some believe they are the worse it can be, some are just idealist *he stops* oddly enough... I like those. The ones who want to make things better, even when they barely can

Jason Strode: He nodded at that "I'm a doctor. Healing is my calling, even if I have to do it by cutting out a cancer. And boy, some people give even the Children a run for their money on the monstrousness scale. We can see the terror they cause like a beacon in the Dream. Peoples' nightmares tell you so much about the horrors of the world and what they do."

Jason Strode: "This city? it's like a pulsating tumor."

Omi: *He nodded... Omi Here knew nothing else but this place, Omi There... knew more, had seen more, even if it got clouded with the mixing personas* It is. *he frowned deeply* To the degree I sometimes don't understand why ... Enlightened ones tolerate what they do. *he shook his head, sighing* But makes me wish to try more, to keep those few that aren't part of it save.

Jason Strode: "I'd say the same about the Children, but then i remember...we are monsters. Ultimately, terror and harsh, painful, sometimes lethal lessons are part and parcel to our existence. And just because we're family doesn't mean we all get along. Me personally, i plan on helping the cousins that want to help make this place better, and deal with the ones who are actively making it worse."

Omi: *He nodded, considering his words* If you really mean it, then you can count on help *he looked to him, and then down again, frowning once more* I'm... not certain mine aren't monsters too, we aren't supposed to be

Jason Strode: "We're all monsters, born from the Dark Mother's womb. The children know that, because we can feel the kinship with all of our cousins."

Omi: *He shook his head* It is not how we regard ourselves. *a Stop, then he looked at him* Dark Mother?

Jason Strode: Omi's questioning tone made Jason quirk an eyebrow "How do you not know about the Dark Mother? I mean...can't you hear her? Her call is clear as day if you listen in your dreams. None of us know WHY she calls, but we all hear her."

Omi: No *he said simply* I do not *he stops, considering* I've heard the screams of the Dammed, and I've walked the path of Demons, but I've never heard something that ... makes me think on one Mother

Jason Strode: "Path of Demons? now that sounds like a place I’d like to experience firsthand." but upon being told that Omi didn't know the dark mother "Huh...that's interesting...i just assumed that anybody with her blood could hear it. Maybe it's just because the Children are a little closer to her."

Jason Strode: "Omi, i want to ask a favor. Sometime soon, i want you to see the dream for yourself. Maybe there you'll be able to hear it, and give me your thoughts on it. Don't worry; we'll go into my lair, so it'll be relatively safe."

Omi: I do not believe you can. But I could probably bring your mind into my Oneiros to witness it, I need to... *he frowns, he used to know exactly how, but that was Omi There* meditate on the how. *And a nod* Maybe. We do not consider us different. We simply Open our Eyes, yet we remain human. *he stops* at least most see themselves as Enlightened humans

Jason Strode: "Sounds like a deal to me. That should be educational. Right now though, i have to go hunting. I can feel the hunger welling up."

Omi: *He nods* thank you for ... talking *woa, talking* and save travels.

Jason Strode: "Take care of yourself. And remember what i said - not all of the children are friendly." then he left the same way he'd come, melding into the shadows.
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