Meetings on the beach and in a diner, also a dog.

The beach is a long expanse of land with various places to park, one must walk across the small rocks to get to the sand of the beach. The air is always cold and the sky is always gray but that does not stop those who wish to spend time upon the beach
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Meetings on the beach and in a diner, also a dog.

Postby Jon Snow » Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:12 pm

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 4:32 am
On a rocky outcrop jutting at the far end of the beach, stood Allison, singing along to a haunting melody playing on her iPod her voice carrying over the waves with unnatural clarity.. perhaps just to see who might be drawn in to her sirens voice.

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 4:34 am
*she was dressed warmly, sweater, jacket, pants and boots... it was maybe a little odd, but this was a part of who she is.. sometimes she just has to sing like the sirens of old*

01/08/2017 4:35 am
*A dark green Fiat pulled into one of the parking lots and parked. Lights turning off. Talia opened a door and long legs slipped out, the young woman stood and eyes looked up and down the shoreline. A moment later a dark shape leaped out of the vehicle and trotted at her side as she closed it up and headed across the rocks towards the sand. She carried something in her left hand as she went.

Just as she hit sand, she paused tiltingh er head. The arm came up and the wrist flicked. A bright green disk soared across the sand and the dark shape at her side peeled off and charged after it*

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 4:40 am
*she continued to sing.. though in the dark.. it is fairly easy to spot the bright green disk sailing off into the night... causing her ot arch a brow in that direction... *

01/08/2017 4:50 am
*though the night a shadow seemed to be chasing the disk till it launched up off the sand and snatched it out of the air.

Talia steped onto the sand and turned looking for the source of the singing. The shadow. Reveailed to be a dark furred dog of some rather impressive size, turned and raced back towards the woman.

Talia was tall for a woman. About 5'10" slender but athletic, long of limb and lithe of form. Tonight she was dressed in tall boots and dark black jeans that hugged her long legs nicely. A thick belt at the hips. A black tanktop under a simple dark jacket that was closed, in honor of New England Winter. A scarf around her neck with the excess length tossed over a shoulder. Her hair was dark and long, blowing out behind her in the one shore breeze, and she reached up to tuck a lock behind an ear with a long fingered hand clad in calfskin gloves. her skin, if one were to see it in the light would be honey hewed and warm.*

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 4:54 am
*eventually the song ended.. her attentions int he direction of the dog and other woman.. her senses tingling as she felt the somewhat scent grace her nose.. her smile widened and she switched to a different song...*

01/08/2017 4:58 am
*The dog returned to Talia and she bent to take the frisbee and flung it again with a simple flick of the wrist. The dog turned and raced across the sand. Dark fur blending in with darkness, shadow and night as it followed the frisbee like a guided missle. With that Talia pushed off the rocks and started to walk towards Allison as she sang. Stopping about 20 feet out.

Down the beach the dog leaped, snagging the disk and landed with a jaunty yip. turning to return Talia's way.

Talia for her part slid her hands into the jacket and listened, watching Allison with a gentle smile on her lips*

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 5:01 am
*as he song came to a close she smiled at the woman before making her way down from her perch.* Hello there.. *she called out.. though she hardly had to make any effort to be heard.* What brings you out here on this... *chuckles* fine night?

01/08/2017 5:04 am
*Talia smiled* To the beach? *her left hand came out of the pocket and motioned to the dog returning with the disk* Just gettng some exercize for my friend.

Heard you when we got here. Hope we didn't disturb you?

*Her English was perfect but carried a moderately thick accent. Not brittish, no this was something more exotic and from much further east*

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 5:08 am
Ah No, I was just singing for fun... *she chuckles* Well fair enough.. even if its late.. but thats what the glowing frisbee is for eh? *she chuckled*

My name is Allison, *she stuck out a glove civered hand*

01/08/2017 5:10 am
*She nodded as the dog returned. A flicker of her fingers* This is Rico.

*Taking the frisbee from the dog, the dog itself looked to Allison and cocked it's head to the side as if even he was staggered by Allisons beauty. Talia laughed* Normally he keeps his tongue inside his head a little better.

*At Allison's offered name. Talia crossed the distance and shook the hand, her own still claid in the calfskin gloves* Talia. Nice to meet you Allison.

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 5:14 am
The pleasure is mine. *she smiled brightly* So I take it you are new to the city?

I, myself have only been here a few months.. I work as a social worker, specializing in children's cases.

01/08/2017 5:16 am
*She smiled* Is it the jacket? The boots? Everyone seems to guess that so easily. It's like I'm... what is it.. a Fish with out a bucket?

*The dog chuffed and Talia threw the frisbee for him again and he took off running*

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 5:19 am
*chuckles* The Accent mostly, people tend to take on the local one given time... Though the clothes do stick out a little.

Plenty of water about for a poor fish out her bucket though. *she teased playfully*

01/08/2017 5:21 am
*she nodded and looked out to the bay then up and around* yes... It's a bit wetter than where I'm from. That's for sure.

I've been here a while but have been getting ready for work. Training and all. It's just now that I'm getting out a bit more.

What brings such a lovely lady as yourself to the shore.

And.. that's a heavy job. We might run into one another at some point.

*The dog caught the disk and came trotting back*

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 5:25 am
*she nods and chuckles* Ah.. I know how it goes with work.. can't have any fun until you set down your anchors. *she giggled a little at the nautical pun* Me? I like to sing partially.. my neighbors probably wouldn't appreciate that fact.. plus I like the sea and.. well part of me just like the idea of my voice echoing across the waves..

*she paused a moment* Oh? What do you do then? I'll have to keep an eye open if our paths do indeed cross.

01/08/2017 5:29 am
*She tilted her head* Set.. down your Anchors? as a social worker on ships?

*She chuckled at the neighbor comment* Well if they don't like your singing, You should move into my building. I could listen to it a little more.

*When the dog returned, Talia bent to pull the frisby away. A necklace slipping free of the jacket and dangeling down. A small 6 sized star on a slender silver chain.*

Me? oh.. *She smiled and unzipped the coat, pulling it back on the right hip showing a shiny new New Haven PD badge. Then the coat was zipped back up* Ohh.. that was cold. That wasn't smart at all. *She shivered a bit*

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 5:33 am
"Ah no.. its a very... boat oriented town I've noticed.. there are a fair number of house boats, however."

Ah! I see.. *she nods* a good, if under appreciated profession. I've only had to be accompanied by police a couple times so far here..

*she noted the necklace, but made no mention of it*

01/08/2017 5:37 am
*She smiled* Which would be ok with us, Isn't that right Rico?

*The dog chuffed seeming in agreement, Or.. it could just be used to agreeing when she said that. Talia grinned and ruffled his head. Smiling up to Allison* I can only imagine.... the.... *She motioned with the Frisbee. The dogs head turning to track it with each motion* .... weight? Of your work.

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 5:41 am
*she nods* Its not for the faint of heart.. but.. I grew up in the system.. I know what its like to be on the child's end.

*she paused and her smile turned predatory* And I can't help but feel good when I catch an abuser and help shut them down.

01/08/2017 5:43 am
*The dog did a bit of a double take at the predatory smile. his ears perking up. Talia smiled in return to it* Well. The world could use a few more people like you Allison. I have to agree, it is a good feeling.

You were an orphan? *Her brow went up* There were many... where I grew up.

01/08/2017 5:43 am
Night after endless night, she walked through the beach. The Quarantine had meant little to Agatha, who wandered the beach inch by bloody inch. A quiet old lady, Agatha set herself to the same chore she did every night - and now, at this hour, it brought her to the rocks. She felt quietly around at the rocks themselves, trying to get a feel for them, before awkwardly beginning one of the harder parts of her walks.

The woman, who would fastly be approaching the other two's senses, was an incredibly elder woman - late sixties or seventies, perhaps if you were being kind. Her skin is wrinkled in every place, and her body is overcovered in dirty clothes that likely have been with her for years. She mutters to herself, quietly, as she walks - wobbling on the rocks as she does.

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 5:49 am
*she casually glanced at the old woman, but paid her little mind for the moment*

Yes, after a fashion.. My mother died before I knew her... my father.. well. His child abusing ass wont be harming anyone any longer.

*she took a deep breath.* Anyways, from that point I've bounced around a fair bit... sorting out my own issues before coming here..

01/08/2017 5:52 am
*Rico looked over and took note of the woman. Taking a few steps in her direction before stopping. Talia nodded speaking to Allison, reaching up to tuck a fly away back* Did you..... Take him in?

*Another nod given* Ahh yes.. issues.. Still dealing with mine.

*Looking down and spotting Rico looking off, Talia followed his gaze and raised her brows* Think she's ok?

01/08/2017 5:54 am
Quietly, she pauses - a shift in where she looked, before walking forward through the rocks. She stumbled, and fell - cursing herself quietly as she did, before struggling to get up. Struggling to reach down and collect... a shell. One that rested on top of one of the rocks nearby. She feels the shell idly, before moving to place it within the layers of cloth she wore, and starting to move forward.

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 5:56 am
He went to the grave minus the appendage he was so fond of. *she stated with a bit of... finality*

*she then turned her gaze to the woman, carefully judging her movements, wincing when she fell.. but relaxing when she got back up again.* Tough old woman...

01/08/2017 5:58 am
*Talia looked to Allison* Good.

*Then lookingback, she saw Agatha go down and winced* Excuse me, Allison. *She headed towards the old woman at a trot. Calling out with her moderately thickly accented voice* Ma'am? Are you alright? That looked painful.

*Rico went with her*

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 5:59 am
*she followed Talio and Rico, watching the woman carefully*

01/08/2017 6:01 am
The woman paused a moment and looked in Talia's general direction with a squint of her eyes. She sighed, and then nodded, "I'm fine, thank you. Just weary. These eyes aren't quite what they used to be - and these bones, even worse sometimes than the eyes. It can be hard to keep an old woman's footing, sometimes. Particularly in these parts of the beach. Every stone structure, new by the end of the hour - as though taunting me."

01/08/2017 6:03 am
*She slowed as she approached. Not wanting to impose.* Do you require aid, Grandmother?

*Rico paused by Talia's right side, glancing back to Allison then to the old woman*

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 6:07 am
*she nodded* and even less helpful at this time of night I suppose.. *she looked down at the doog and smiled.. reaching out to see if he would allow himself to be petted*

"... Have you tried getting Lasik done for your eyes? I believe most insurance covers it now." She noted.. thinking.. well.. practicly.

01/08/2017 6:11 am
She chuckled and said, "It wouldn't matter the time of night, dear. What is gone, cannot ever be done. And my sight was a sacrifice. One I would make again, if needed." The woman paused as she looked to Talia, and considered. Quietly debating. After a moment, she said, "I wouldn't want to impose, dear."

Looking close, the dark makes them hard to conceal - but just beneath her eyes are large scars, healed with age but still noticeably visible.

01/08/2017 6:16 am
*Talia frowned softly but didn't force her aid on another. She'd be pissed if someone tried to on her. Her hands slid back into the pockets of her jacket, and she openly looked at the scars. A glance to the side to Allison and a raise of brow. Old people were likely more her gig.

For his part, Rico was off duty so he sniffed Allison's hand, to judge her trustworthyness. Smelling nothing objectionable and no offending "other animals" Rico nuzzeled her hand. His wet nose, cold in the night air*

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 6:19 am
If you insist ma'am *she smiled at the woman.. though she did frown breifly when she spotted the scars...*

*she carefully scritched rico's muzzle as she spoke* While she dealt with elderly on occasion.. if they sounded capable of mind.. she mostly respected their wishes.

01/08/2017 6:22 am
She thought a moment, and then fidgeted. Before quietly moving past them, a little wobble as one of the rocks felt hard to balance on, before she paused. Reached into her mess of clothes, and pulled out... a perfect, pristine looking shell. She touches it, feels it, and quietly says, "But... if you see anything that may look like this? Pretty, and perfect... do let me know, deary? I would be..." She breaths, and then hacks, coughly quietly into her shoulder. "Appreciative."

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 6:23 am
Certainly Ma'am. *she smiles*

01/08/2017 6:24 am
*Talia watched as she moved past them and half turned. When the woman coughed she stepped back, her head tilting down into the scarf she wore. Frowning a bit.

Rico took the scrinches then looked around as the humans talked. He nuzzeled the disk in Talia's hand. Talia flicked her wrist and sent it flying down the sand. The dog took off after it*

01/08/2017 6:28 am
"They always seem to grow along this path... but sometimes the odd one crops up, grown a bit deeper inland. I worry that, due to my ailing sight, I may miss some. That would be tragic," she croaks the word, and there is something desperate about the way she says that - like, missing one of these shells was a matter of life and death to her.

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 6:31 am
*she glanced in the direction rico took off breifly, smiling some.. then frowning at the specific wording of agatha's statements.*

01/08/2017 6:32 am
*Talia was no doctor by any means but she'd read the papers during the last days of her acclimation and training with Rico. She took two.. three big steps back from the older woman. Keeping her mouth and nose covered by the scarf* I didn't know that Seashells grew. I mean I suppose they do. Always kinda thought they were cast ups by dead water creatures?

*The dog ran and caught the disk and paused. Before turning to head back, he looked around. Talia barely looked, then snapped something in a forign and mystical sounding tongue! The dog jumped and looked guilty and came trotting back, head low like he got busted*

01/08/2017 6:36 am
"Not these ones. No, these particular ones, they grow along the beach here. The locals don't notice. They choose not to. But I've been collecting them for... years now. So many years, cast aside." She sighed, and then said, "It used to be so much easier. I apologize. I've taken up much of your time on the reminiscence of an old woman."

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 6:39 am
No need to appologize. *she assured the old woman, muttering just perhaps loud enough for talia to hear* "at least they aren't shards... Chuck was worried about those..."

01/08/2017 6:41 am
*Rico came back up and Talia took the frisbee and bopped him gently on the nose* Don't you do what you were going to do on this beach mister! *The dog hung his head but almost seemed to be grinning. She flicked her wrist and the disk flew off again and the dog ran to fetch.

Looking back to the other two she raised a brow and reached up to tuck back some dark mohogany hair* Once stepped on a shard of glass on the beach back home. Had to get 14 stitches. Was terrorfied that sharks would smell the blood.

01/08/2017 6:43 am
"Sharks." The old woman said with a slight chuckle, moving to fumble her way along the rocks. Quietly, she mumbled, "Worse things." (Assuming no one stops the crazy old lady, she will continue her pilgrimage! :D)

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 6:45 am
Mmmhmm *sh enods waiting for the woman to get out of earshot before speaking up again* Nah.. different kind of shard.. for a different kind of reason...

01/08/2017 6:47 am
*Talia let the old woman go and watched her as she went on down the beach. Reaching up to scratch at her forearm through the jacket she wore.* Some how I doubt I'll ever reach that age...

*The dog came back and offered the frisbee to Allison.

Talia looked to Allison herself* Oh? What kind?

*Her left hand slid into her right sleeve and seemed to be tugging at something.*

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 6:50 am
*she smiled and accepted the frisbee... and gave it a quick toss!*

"... Being the Old codger he is.. never gave anything but 'metalic' and some cryptic stuff about things being buried rarely statying buried.

01/08/2017 6:53 am
*She tilted her head at that and watched the dog chase the disk* You've been here a few months, Allison. What do you make of the recent cordon and such? It affect your work?

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 6:59 am
"Thankfully I dont don't have any cases within that area.. but... It does worry me a lot..."

01/08/2017 7:02 am
*She nods* Me too. I mean the entire city's locked down but that part the most. We go on Duty soon. A little worried they might put us on the front lines.

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 7:04 am
*sh enodded* yeah, I hope it doesnt come to that

01/08/2017 7:06 am
*She grinned* Thanks. *Motioning gently* It's a bit chilly out here. You care for a cup of coffee? *Rico came trotting back and danced around Allison with the Frisbee*

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 7:08 am
Certainly *she smiles, reaching out to give rico scritches behind the ears* Coffee sounds good

01/08/2017 7:10 am
*She smiled and nodded* I've got my car if you need, or if there's one in walking distance?

*The dog perked up* Yes... you can have a biscotti. *The dog yipped*

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 7:13 am
Mmm yes.. should be one not far from here *she nodded* though you may want to drive to it anyways...*

01/08/2017 7:15 am
*She nodded and motioned across the rocks* Lets see if we can traverse the rocks and not fall down more than the old lady. That'd just be embarrasing.

*The dog ran before them, of course he danced across the rocks like a gymnist... furry bastard*

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 7:16 am
*she laughed and walked along.. leading the way* It can ebe quite slick around here

01/08/2017 7:18 am
*She went across the rocks and over to the vehicle. (Which I've not decided on. Unlocking it she opened the door and paused pulling out a hand towel to wipe off Rico's paws and let him in. Then motioned for Allison to hop in, as she got in, letting Allison tell her the directions*

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 7:21 am
*she smiled and directed the way to an old building.. well its more a kind of 'breakfast any time' that makes good coffee kind of place..

01/08/2017 7:22 am
*She grinned pulling up* Ohhh. Allison. You're a girl after my own heart.
*parking she got out and moved around to open the door for Allison. When Rico hopped out, she pulled a vest out of the back and slid it onto him. Grinning to Allison she winked*

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 7:24 am
Ah *she giggled and returned the wink as she stepped out of the vehicle* I did make it a point to check out the good places around here.. *she chuckles*

The Leviathan:
01/08/2017 7:25 am
For just this once, the Leviathan had stopped by a local coffee haunt to try to get some clarity of mind. There was an old place near the Beach - one where he sometimes went to in order to have a quiet conversation with one of his outside associates - especially of the medical variety. He'd not bothered them in some time, but with the quarantine he'd actually debated trying to rekindle a few old relationships and see where that lead - get him some information as to what was going on.

Not that it was his concern, but he'd always been insatiably curious in his lust for power, people, knowledge... anything really. A part of him wanted to find one of the infected and dissect them, rather than turn them away. To learn more, to get a feel for what was going on in the nebulous undercurrent of the city.

He's dressed in plain clothes - nothing fancy like you'd expect from someone who lived his lavish style. Jeans, a black t-shirt with an angel logo on it, with a winter coat to keep him protected from the elements. For all his solitude though, he couldn't help but keep eyes on him -- perhaps he'd smiled just a little too kindly to the girl across the counter, but at least he was reasonably sure she wasn't another Wednesday and that he wasn't the next meal.

01/08/2017 7:30 am
*When they entered, Talia's eyes scanned the room and let Allison choose the seat. She beheld Levi and gave him a once over with a soft smile before letting her eyes move on. She was in tall boots and dark jeans that framed her long legs nicely. A thick belt at the hips and a simple dark jacket. A thick gray scarf was wrapped around her neck with the tail tossed jauntily over a shoulder. Dair hair fell to the small of her back.

Rico for his part was large dark and handsome. Tonight's attire was a thick leather collar with spikes on it, and now a vest with
NEW HAVEN PD" On the name patch on the side. It wasn't what you'd call stylish, but more functional. he was the quiet type.*

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 7:32 am
*she blinked, surprised to see levi theree and waved before guiding talia and rico to a seat nearbye* Oh hello Levi.. small world, eh? *she chuckled*

The Leviathan:
01/08/2017 7:41 am
As the two women entered into the room, Levi paused a moment to take them both in. There is the sound of wind chimes in his mind, a relatively unknown thing - but it causes his eyes to linger just a little longer on Talia - a smile on his lips. As he looks over to Allison and she addresses him, he grins, and said, "New Haven has a way of making it a small world. It's a pleasure to see you again, Allison."

01/08/2017 7:41 am
The Leviathan has rolled an Wits 2 +Occult 5 + Lair 1 - 2 Composure roll (6 dice), getting 5, 3, 5, 8, 3, 3, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. The Leviathan has 1 success.

01/08/2017 7:44 am
*Talia raised her brows and looked to Allison to see if she'd known Levi was going to be there, but saw the surprise and glanced back to the man. She nodded to him and reached down with her right hand to stroke Rico's head, before taking a seat at Allison's table. Rico obediently sat down beside Talia, and looked around the Waffelhouse and back to the man.

As she got comfortable she pulled off the calfskinned gloves and unwound the scarf from her neck, folding them and putting them in the booth beside herself. Reacing up she unzipped the coat and shrugged out of it, laying it on the booth too revealing a pristine white tanktop. A silver necklace held a small 6 pointed star that seemed to be carved of ivory or bone, around her slender neck.*

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 7:47 am
*she smiled and plucked a menu from its holder, handing it to tali before picking one for herself* Its nice to meet you too. Talia, meet Levi, Levi Meet Talia. *she chuckles*

The Leviathan:
01/08/2017 7:51 am
He offered another warm smile to Talia, and said, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Talia." He looked to Allison, and then to Talia once more, before asking, "Folks just get off work?"

01/08/2017 7:53 am
*She raised her brows at Allison's introduction and then nodded to Levi* Nice to meet you too, Levi. This is Rico.

*The dog glanced over at his name.

Tali took the menu with a smile and ran a long finger down the collums, before looking back up to Levi* I was taking Rico for a little exercize and heard the most lovely voice singing out over the water. Calling me like a siren to the rocks. Where in I found the lovely Allison, ready to charm me. *She grinned a bit and scratched her right forearm absently*

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 7:57 am
*she laughed* well Unlike the sirens of old.. instead of ruin and death... I rather be a friend and maybe more. *she grinned, amusied at how close to home that statement struck*

The Leviathan:
01/08/2017 8:03 am
"Allison has a way of charming every individual she meets. Some say it's the voice - I say that the voice is beautiful, but her true charm is in the smile... then again, I've also not heard her sing," He took a drink of his coffee, grinning to Allison, before looking to the dog, "Where are my manners. It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Rico."

01/08/2017 8:05 am
*Talia's eyes flickered up over the menu and her lips curled into a beautifuly seductive smile* Ohhhh... Allison. Keep talking like that.....

*Then her eyes flickered to Levi and a sculpted dark brow rose* You don't know what you're missing, Levi. As to her singing.

*Rico looked up when his name was called and beheld Levi. Offering a wag of the tail, but remaining at Talia's side.
Tali went on in her accented voice* Levi? Any relation to the company?

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 8:11 am
*she giggled, smiling as the waitress came to take her orders.. and ordering some pancakes to go with her 'mocho latte' which is basically Cofee with choclate syrup.. don't knock it!*

We definatly need to exchange numbers.

The Leviathan:
01/08/2017 8:15 am
"The company? No not really. Levi Strauss is the name your thinking of I suspect, the Jean people? More likely to run into them in Cally than here in New Haven."

01/08/2017 8:18 am
*Tali thought the pancakes sounded like a smashing idea. Smiling up to the waitress* I'll have the pancakes too. With the little sausage... *She glanced to Allison* What do you call them.. look like little.... polls?

Some of those.. and the largest, blackest, most tar like, strongest, coffee that you possess. The type that melts the spoon when you stirr it? A bucket of that..

And if possible a bowl of water for my friend?

*When the waitress departed she looked to Levi* Ahhh... Sad for you though. I've the absolute -best- pair of jeans. *A whistful sigh and then smiled* Yes? I thought that New England had alot of.... Wrinkled money? Elder money?

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 8:21 am
Old Money *she nodded*

The Leviathan:
01/08/2017 8:25 am
"Oh most definately, but Levi Strauss and Co. is centered in Cally, in this case." He sipped his drink once more, and then said, "But yeah. New Haven is infested with old money, particularly in Bayside." He paused a moment, and then said, "Probably a bad choice of words, given the city situation."

01/08/2017 8:27 am
Ah! Thank you. *she motioned with a long finger to Allison.* That's it. *Reaching to her jacket she pulled out a little note book and flipped it open. Using a small pen therein she jotted out a number in sharp writing and tore it out, sliding it to Allison.

Pausing and scratching her forearm she jerked a bit and then cleared her throat when the Coffee arrived. She eyed the coffee with a critical eye and nuged the cup to test the viscousness of the liquid within the cup. A bowl was put down for Rico who took a few tongue fulls and then laid down.

Talia's eyes flickered backt o Levi* Perhaps so. *A bit of a nod* What is it that you do, Levi, if you can't get us deals on good jeans?

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 8:30 am
*she grins tucking the number awaybefore reaching for her purse and retriveing a business card.* Not quite as personal as handwritten.. but I do have an absurd number of them.. *she chuckles and slides it across, then thanks the waitress when her drink arrived*

The Leviathan:
01/08/2017 8:33 am
"I'm a private doctor," He said looking to her. "Usually do jobs for the wealthier class of individuals who want a more personalized experience. Of course that's but one of my trades - I dabble in a number of them as the case may be. That's just the one that gets the bills paid."

01/08/2017 8:37 am
*She took the card and glanced to it with the same curling of lip and slid it into her jeans pocket. Looking up as the food arrived, the silverwear was taken from the napkin and she let allison pour, then took the syrup and drenched her pancakes in it before smiling to Levi* Ahh... there's a word for that too. Concierge Physician?

You must be very good Dr Levi, to keep trade with such a practice. Or very clever? *A brow rose an she cut off some of her pancakes and took the bite*

Allison and I are mere public servants.

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 8:43 am
*she poured the syurp and handed the bottle over to Talia, chuckling* Well he also has charisma.. that helps a lot.

The Leviathan:
01/08/2017 8:48 am
"I'm both. And yes, I like to think I'm charming as well, as Allison mentioned. Actually, it's probably that more than anything that truly pushes the job. You have to be good - yes. The best even. But more than that, you have to be able to make connections and to know how to talk to people. They call me because, in the end they like me as an option better than the public, overworked doctors in the hospitals. Trust me to put their and their families wellfare on the line efficiently." He paused a moment, and then said - almost as an afterthought, "And of course, to verify that they don't have the swine flu, because they don't want to go to the hospitals and risk catching it if they don't have it now."

01/08/2017 8:51 am
And so incredibly modest too. *She grinned sipping her coffee. *Talia was amused, pausing she stabbed one of the sausage links and held the fork down for Rico who took it from the tines delicately. She then continued to eat as Levi kept talking* Ahhhh. *She nodded* How does one verify or disprove the diagnosis of what type of flu one might have in a home setting?

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 8:57 am
*she noms a mouthfull fo pancake.. mm pancake... before speaking* I'd think you'd ahve to send a blood sample off to a lab.. but then.. these are the sort who aren't exactly.. reasonable.. in thier demands.. so it would totally depend on how far you're willing to give into their paranoia.

The Leviathan:
01/08/2017 9:03 am
"Takes time, really," He said. "Most of the symptoms are pretty similar, though the H5N1 virus typically has a longer incubation period and is a little bit more likely to develop certain kinds of symptoms in it's initial stages. For the most part, I end up having to discern whether or not what they have is paranoia or real first - and then if it's real I end up treating it as I would under the assumption it's bird flu while making taking samples for examination. Then I do regular checkups on them to see whether or not they get better or if they get worse until results get back to me."

01/08/2017 9:07 am
*she nodded and motioned to Allison with her fork and then fed Rico another sausage. Which he took eagerly. Sipping her coffee she rubbed the back of her forearm and then looked to Levi for his reply. She smiled* So.... you fake it and return to charge them more and keep an eye on them and if it gets dramatically worse you get them to a hospital?

*She motioned to the window* I imagine the city is one step from mass hysteria with this stuff. That's going to make my job that much harder. *She sighed a bit, then looked to Levi* I'm going to guess, there has been a proliferation of psychosomatic symptoms exhibited in your patients lately?

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 9:09 am
*she reamins quiet for the moment as she listed for levi's reply*

The Leviathan:
01/08/2017 9:16 am
There is a pause as Levi watches Talia for a moment, and says, "...Not really. I make a diagnosis over whether they have the flu, and given the circumstances give them the best care they can manage. Thing is, the ones that are sick are looking to be told they don't have the worse option and while I can tell them that, it's better not to unless your absolutely certain. In an event where two illnesses are possible but one is more life threatening, you treat it as the life threatening option and proscribe for that, unless doing so would make the alternative worse."

"But yes. There have been a lot more psychosomatic patients as of late, after the issue. I've actually only had one patient who actually had the flu so far, and I'm pretty sure it's not the one they locked down the Peak for."

01/08/2017 9:20 am
*She listened and raised her brows, nodding* I would hope not.

If so... *She eyed the distance between the table Allison and she were sitting at, and Levi.* What's a safe distance for that sort of thing?

What sort of things do the CDC and DPH have you looking for? I'm guessing that as a doctor you get updates, and emails and such from them. *Another motion with her fork* Most especially in cases like these.

You know.. What can Allison and I keep an eye out for, as we interact with the public?

01/08/2017 9:21 am
What's the vector? Airbourn? Fluid transfer? Intimate contact?

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 9:23 am
"Hmmm" she nodded to talia

The Leviathan:
01/08/2017 9:30 am
"In a normal situation? Between people the H5N1 flu is one I would suggest no personal contact with an individual. Usually people get it from close proximity to birds or bird droppings. As far as this particular strain, a lot isn't known about it including it's vector. Most likely given it's history it's going to be through intimate contact or fluid transfer." He shrugged and then said, "Details have been rather sparse concerning it."

01/08/2017 9:32 am
*She raised her brows* This long and no concrete information? Well... that is very scary.

*She finished her food and wiped her mouth finishing her coffee. Checking her watch she smiled to each of them* It's been very nice meeting you both. Sadly Rico is a grouchy pup if he doesn't get his beauty sleep. So we should be going. Allison, did you need a ride some where?

Allison Smith:
01/08/2017 9:33 am
*she smiles* It was nice meeting you Levi.. *she chuckled* I wouldn't mind a ride...

The Leviathan:
01/08/2017 9:35 am
"It was good to see you again, Allison," Levi said, motioning. "I'll speak with you later." He looks to Talia, and then said, "It was a pleasure meeting you, Talia."

01/08/2017 9:36 am
*She grabbed her jacket and slid it on. then the calfskin gloves, finally the scarf. Pulling out some cash she put it under the edge of the coffee cup, including a nice tip for the late night waitress. Standing she clicked and Rico jumped to his feet. She nodded to Levi but gave him a wide birth, considering he might have, probably not, but might have been with one of the infected, and headed for the door* Sure thing.

Have a nice evening Levi. Be careful
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