Within this dark world, countless others exist. Worlds in which all kinds of alien beings exist. Wormwood, the Shadow, the Hedge, the Human Soul - All worlds which can exist probably do, and this forum is where we put them.
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  • Wormwood
    An entirely different world, separate from New Haven - Wormwood is a victorian era city which is ruled by a high society of individuals formed of the various schools of learning within the city. Wormwood is much different from New Haven - it has no technology, and in it's place are what one might think of as mystical substitutions.

    Wormwood is only accessible by a form of Iris known as a Woundgate. They do not form artificially, nor is there any known way to close them.
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  • The Hedge
    As befitting their coastal location, the Hedge surrounding New Haven is primarily aquatic in nature, with the thorns represented by brackish water filled with hidden wreckage and hungry creatures eventually melding into towering forests filled with sharp brush as one moves farther inland. Some parts of the coastal area do not allow for passage on foot, requiring the traveler to either swim through the 'safe' waters or to have a vessel able to carry them across. A local motley called the Cartographers travels the area regularly, maintaining the maps used by members of the freehold to traverse the area as safely as possible. [Changeling]
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  • The Primordial Dream
    The seat of the nightmares of humanity, the Hive of the Primordial Dream is dominated by the legend of the Devil's Children. This deep seated fear makes it so that all the realms within it suffer in eternal night - vision obscured for all but the most keen of sights. Blood pools in burrows which should not have it, and laughter can sometimes be heard - even in chambers owned by no one.

    Apex Hive Trait: Poor Lighting
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