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Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Site Rules

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  2. Rules have been established so that we, as a gaming community, have a solid foundation on which to build our game. The most important goal on this site is enjoyment for both players and staff, but as with all things we find enjoyment in, there are basic rules to be followed. These rules are set up so that the players and staff can work together in an easy, respect filled environment. They are not established to restrict role-play in any fashion, but rather to allow for the expansion of role-play throughout the site. Also, these rules are created so that site business is enacted in an orderly, equitable fashion, and so that everyone, players and staff, have the right to express their viewpoints without having to go to levels of bashing, rudeness, _and flaming of others. This is a game, and it is a game that is meant to be fun. We want everyone to enjoy the time they spend on Fearful-Judgment, and the site was created as a place to get away from the daily/nightly hassles, not to argue and fight. Those are the reasons behind the creation of the house/site rules, and thank you for taking the time to read them.

    • Rule of Play
    • General Guidance
    • Rules for Experience Points, Influence, and Status
    • Character Creation
    • Merits and Flaws
    • Resources, Contacts, Elders
    • An Added Note

    Rules of Play
    1. "Role-Play" don’t "roll play". The RP experience is usually more fulfilling when you accomplish your character’s goals by acting them out, rather than by rolling a lot of dice. If you can do it through role-play, try to make that your first choice.

    2. While We prefer role play, any use of powers that may have a significant negative effect if botched requires a roll. Similarly, a player may request a roll for anything affecting their character. Additionally, a player may request a moderator (mod) at any time. It is strongly recommended that any scene that you expect to result in a character death have a mod from the start.

    3. Mods: Please find a staff member or a neutral party (who is knowledgeable in all the systems involved in the situation). The moderator should be agreed upon by all parties involved, and is responsible for verifying all dice rolls and decide the outcome of the event. All dice rolls must be made public to all parties involved in the event. If a person rejects 4 potential moderators for a scene, without a valid reason, it may result in an auto-kill for the character at the sole discretion of the Owners

    4. If a combat scene has been put on hold for more than one week (seven days) from the start of the scene, the scene will be scraped (erased). This is for the respect of the players so that their characters are not stuck in a single scene for a long period of time. If your character is stuck in a scene, they are not available to be played in other scenes on-site until the first scene has been completed. If this happens it is the reasonability of all players involved and the mod to contact the owners and admins. The owners and admins will determine what took place or did not take place in order to explain any holes in the overall game history of the site.

    5. Scenes: All scenes are binding and should take place On site. You have the right to request a or reject a particular mod at any time, this means the consequences of the scene are also your responsibility. ALL RETCONS must be discussed and approved by the Owners as a group. RETCONS will most likely only be approved if there is documented evidence of cheating, or major violations of Rules (game mechanics or site policy). Note a rules violation based on a interpretation of the rule, misunderstanding, or simple mistake is not sufficient to justify a retcon. EXAMPLES: Major Violation; ruling “Mages do not have humanity so all vamp powers based on it auto succeed on them” when a vampire trys to use such a power. Minor violation; ruling

    6. OFF Site Scenes: All scenes should take place on site, we are not outlawing one on one scens via IMs but well over 95% of your Role play should be onsite. If its not please consider if you actually want a character on Fearful-Judgment. After all if you are never RPing on site there is little reason to be part of our game.

    7. Reporting: It is the responsibility of all involved in a scene (including the mod) to report significant events to the appropriate admins/staff. This includes necessary posts in forums, potential police reports and news tips to mortal admin.

    8. If you want to introduce a story-line, please feel free to do so. We encourage all players to become an active-part of leading the role-playing experience on SLC through the introduction of storylines. We do ask, however, that players keep the staff informed, and if NPCs, special equipment, or supplies are needed, they must have the storyline and the requirements approved by the appropriate administrators in advance.

    9. Weapons: If you cannot purchase the item in real life, without a lot of hassle(or paperwork), you cannot get it on Fearful-Judgement without having it approved by your system’s Admin and the Mortal Admin. Influence and major contacts must also be approved by the Mortal Admin, as well as your system’s Admin.

    10. Please do not harass other players. Do your best to be respectful and courteous, to players, administration, and staff.

    11. Out of Character knowledge does NOT constitute In Character knowledge. Remember you and your character, do not necessarily know the same things. OOC info used IC will not be tolerated.

    12. Adult Content: The WoD is by its nature promotes stories of personal horror and adult themes. Sex, Rape, torture, and all other graphic scenes of an adult or disturbing nature may not be played out without the consent of all players involved. However, everyone is likely to draw the line as to what constitutes an adult or disturbing themed scene. These differences are increased by the fact that the internet is a community spanning all backgrounds. This means if a scene is developing in a a way you have issues with it is YOUR RESPONCABILITY to speak up.

    13. Try to keep OOC conversations relegated to PMs (private messages).

    14. Test Play: All characters must be approved before play, unless the administrator for that System allows test playing of characters. No Test-Played character is allowed to be involved in combat and cannot use the disciplines, gifts, influence, contacts, numina, or most merits and flaws. They are allowed to ROLE-play. So if they are involved in combat that automatically fail all roles.

    15. Please do not use font sizes bigger than five, the blink tag, or Wingdings.

    General Guidance

    We understand that we do not hold the right to dictate how you act, but we do hold the right as to establish guidelines for how you will act while on the site. We do not moderate everything that you do, but we ask that you act in a responsible manner and are respectful to your fellow players as well as site staff.

    This is not a power playing site. Some characters on the site are powerful, but we ask that you do not use your character simply to go on a killing spree or to harass other players. Please respect the fact that all players here have worked hard on their characters and have taken the time to create them and those characters should not be killed randomly because you're not having a good day or simply because it makes you feel good. If this type of activity is seen by another player or has been acted out in any way upon another player, the Admins. of the characters involved will be notified and action will be taken place. NOTE: The owners are BIG fans of consequences, go on killing sprees or other things that casue big waves expect repercussions. We do this out of respect for all players so that they might be able to enjoy their time here, and not be in fear that their character is going to be destroyed if they come out and play. If you feel that this sort of action is being placed upon your character, please notify your administrator. If for some reason your character is going to go around randomly killing talk to an admin and utilize random NPCs, there will still be consequences, but there is no reason/excuse to pick on random PCs that are weaker than yours when a NPC will serve the same Story Line / Role Play purpose.

    Please do not bring off-line problems on-line. You and your friends come here to play and have fun, and we ask for that to be exactly what you do. Do not bring your off-line problems into the chat. If you are having problems with another player, there are other means for you to discuss the problem and solve it outside of the chat. If you are having a bad day, remember that your character is not necessarily having a bad day, too. If you bring your problems into the chat and express them through your character, your character will be removed from that scene. If you are having problems with another player and you are both in the same scene together, you are asked to ether leave or respect the fact that it is your characters that are associating and interacting, not YOU as players. If you bring an out of character argument into a scene, then you will also be removed from the scene. We realize that the Staff is not always around to see these actions, and if they happen while a staff member is not available to assist you, we ask you to please leave the scene and contact your Admin. rather than finish it and ruin possibly good role-play. The player affiliated with these actions will be consulted by the Admin. of the System under which they play.

    This is not a cyber sex site. It is up to the decision of the players involved whether a scene with sexual contact is played out. We do ask that players under the age of 18 years old respect the wishes of the owners and the laws of the state in which this site is hosted, and not play out a sexual scene with another player. If you feel that a player is simply using their character for the sole purpose of playing out sexual contact, please contact your Admin or owners, and action will be taken if it is determined the player is doing so. We ask that you simply leave the scene if you feel you are being harassed in any such way, and contact a staff member or your Admin. We are not banning sexual scenes but sex, like violence, is only one aspect/activity a character that only has sex ore only fights is not a valid Character. Characters have more than 1 activity they take part in.

    If you and another player start to have an argument outside of the scene, we ask that you leave the scene and have your argument elsewhere. If it has to do with the scene you are involved with and there is a disagreement, we ask that you contact a staff member. Please have the respect not to argue during a scene so that the other players do not feel uncomfortable.

    The OOC Room is designed to be used as a method of contacting people for scenes, getting to know other players, or asking the Staff questions. It is not a place to go to argue, sit around and gossip for hours, or as a singles dating room. Please note the admin can, and if necessary will, look at your PMs -- they are not there to avoid the staff, they are there to discuss things without other players knowing. We ask that you have respect for the OOC Room and the people within it. If you are using vulgar language and another player asks, please tone it down. Do not stoop to levels of argument and please respect the other players in the room. This is a role-play site; we ask that while on it, you role-play. There is no problem with hanging out and talking to your friends, but we do ask that you do not hang in there for hours for no reason other than talking with your friends. The OOC Room has been created for convenience for the people on the site, if it becomes an inconvenience for the people then it will be removed until people can learn the respect of the room.

    If you’ve witnessed a staff member or administrator acting in a manner in which they should not, please contact the Site one of the Owners.
    We ask that in any problem, if you cannot find a Neutral Staff member, that you Copy & Paste the incident and mail it to your Administrator (or Owners if it involves a Administrator) with your reason.

    Infractions of the established rules on Fearful-Judgment may result in one (or more) the following actions:

    First: Warning
    Second and Third: Booted
    Fourth: 24 hour ban
    Fifth: 2 week ban
    Sixth: Permanent ban

    The Owners of Fearful-Judgement reserve the right to skip any level of disciplinary action and advance to a higher punishment if they feel it is warranted by the actions of the person involved. NOTE: Violations of the code of conduct are more strict, see the code of conduct page for more information.
    Please respect all Players and Staff alike. We want this to be an enjoyable environment, not a hostile one. #