• “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”

    — H.P. Lovecraft

    Its there in the back of your lizard brain, something is wrong at the edges of the world. You can see it out of the corner of your eyes, you can feel it at your back when you walk at night. You know to keep your feet and arms in the bed..some places are worse then others but you just do your best to ignore it. Ignoring it makes it go away after all, right? If they don't see you , you cant see them. After all you know if you stare to long into the darkness you realize something is staring back daring you to step closer..so you do not bother to look.

    Most New Haven residents have a deep belief in superstition or simply just rationalize it all away. But things happen, things one cant deny and you know its to dangerous to put into words. To tell even your loved one for fear of what would happen.

    A body is torn to shreds, the blood had foot steps animal first and then human and the DNA came back wolf saliva but you know that if you tell the DA or the Judge that a you think a werewolf did this, you will not only be laughed out of court but lose your credibility so its better to hide it, sweep it under the rug. Rationalize it that the killer had a dog with him. You don't want to end up like Andy, or Sophia.

    Sophia said she saw a human pull her child into the alley behind the dumpster, before she could stop it her child was dead. Neck torn out and sanguined. she was arrested and her defense swung to the supernatural a vampire she claimed. The night itself with fangs. They found her mentally unstable and put her in the sanitarium. She would be better off dead.

    Andy told you about the girl with the attitude, how she chased him out of the bar. How she made his skin crawl and yet made his pants tight. He saw her change he said, into a dog. Thats what killed the man in his house, thats what caused the foot steps. Andy took it to the supervisor, he was fired that night. He went around town telling his story, trying to get someone , anyone to listen.

    Then one night he took a dive off the suicide cliffs: at least hes not being treated in the sanitarium.

    Thats what happens to those not smart enough to keep their mouths shut, thats what happens to those too crazy to know when to quit. Thats what happens to the unlucky ones, the weaker ones.

    Someone saw you file away the report, label the evidence and corrupted but by garlic and go into the woods to find wolf bane, go to the pawn shop to buy a lot of silver.

    Some one saw.

    And you know they did. You know your alone and if you go to another those eyes will turn your way. While you stock pile the things of superstition protection you put the incidents in the back of your mind. You rationalize. But you know your alone..besides those eyes , you hope they pass and go about your life. Hiding the unexplained, shoving it under the carpet

  • Average Mortal (Tier One)

    Attributes: 5/4/3
    Skills: 11/7/4
    Merits: 10
    Experience: 10
    Notes and Restrictions: The majority of mortal applications will be submitted to Fairfolk for review before being approved, however depending on the merits you take, you may require an approval from another admin (or multiple). Any merits related towards mortals that affect a certain venue needs approval from that venue's admin. Examples would be Sleeper merits from the Mage Venue, the Human merits from the Vampire Book, Unseen Sense (Venue-Specific Phenomena), or any merit that ties a mortal to a certain type of major template without becoming a minor template themselves. These merits are not restricted; This is simply a courtesy for the admin to know to use those merits to the best advantage, storywise.

  • Veteran / Learned (Tier Two)

    Attributes: 5/4/3
    Skills: 11/7/4
    Merits: 20
    Experience: 20
    Notes and Restrictions: Players may require to play a character with a slightly higher edge than others - a Tier 2 character represents someone who has a slightly higher advantage over the norm, but is not so powerful that they cannot be surpassed. Depending on the venue, a Tier 2 character may find that certain merits, powers, or Greater Templates that are restricted for Tier 1 are open at Tier 2 (and certain banned items at Tier 1 may be accessible as well). In addition to this relief of restrictions, a Tier 2 character gains 10 more experience than a Tier 1 Character.

  • Elite (Tier Three)

    Attributes: 5/4/3
    Skills: 11/7/4
    Merits: 20
    Experience: Equal to Age
    Notes and Restrictions: Players who have been deemed responsible may be rewarded with an invitation to play a Tier 3 character. Tier 3 characters are usually elders, and are typically held free of the usual bans and restrictions placed on Tier 2 and 1 characters. Tier 3 characters gain a number of experience based on their supernatural age (for a vampire or changeling, 1 experience every 5 years. For a mage, 1 experience per two years). Tier 3 charactes may be asked for, but the permissions for a Tier 3 are approved by the whole staff rather than one admin.