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Out of Character Room - Where all the out of character takes place. Hang out here while waiting for someone to role play with or to find and ask a member of staff questions. PLEASE REMEMBER TO LOG OUT.
Private Room 1 - Many scenes do not fit into the offered rooms, cabal scenes, motley scenes, private scenes, venue specific scenes. This is a good place for them. Do not enter and interrupt a scene in progress.
Private Room 2 - Many scenes do not fit into the offered rooms, cabal scenes, motley scenes, private scenes, venue specific scenes. This is a good place for them. Do not enter and interrupt a scene in progress.
Havenswood - A small town off the coast of Maine, Havenswood is a large track of land with a tiny population. There are only three real jobs in Havenswood - working at the mines, working at the docks, and working in the transport industry between Havenswood and the neighboring town of River Run. Only the transporters really ever leave the area, and then only a short way out - other folks who try to leave tend to not get heard back from, and it's lead to the birth of the rumors of a great and diabolical beast out in the woods.
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Arkham Isle - Off the coast is an island. Early settlers called this island Requiem Finalis, because the winds were difficult and many ships found their way crashed into it's shores, creating a graveyard of ships that is still salvaged to this day by Deep Sea Salvaging Corporation - but these days the people call the island Arkham Isle. The towns that are built here have an almost suburban feel - many are rich, wealthy, and well off - and it can seem idyllic, except for the fact that the rest of New Haven sends their mad and broken here - to the Asylum where those who've seen too much of the truth are contained and silenced.
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Beach - The beach is a long expanse of land with various places to park, one must walk across the small rocks to get to the sand of the beach. The air is always cold and the sky is always gray but that does not stop those who wish to spend time upon the beach. [Applicable to All Games]
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Surrounding Woodland - During the day the surrounding woodland seems friendly enough. Its at night that its the most dangerous, the fog rolls in and visibility became almost impossible. Often there are the calls of wild, the sound of animals but never bugs, never normal night sounds. Sometimes hikers are lead astray by witch lights. And others, well they take a wrong turn and end up eaten by the parts of the woodlands that become almost marsh like. Many campers have returned telling tales of white shadow women that disappeared as they got closer. [Environmental Tilt: Fog]
New Haven Metropolis - The Heart of the New Haven Region, New Haven Metropolis is a bustling city that has seen significant advancements ever since Arkadia Technologies set up their headquarters here.
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Torntown Alley - They say that New Haven has it's own culture, it's own life. Hell, it even has it's own religion in some ways - stories tell that there are gods here that walk among us, imprinting mortals with their message. Torntown Alley is, in many ways, a temple dedicated to one of those very gods. You see, it's sad that artists who come to look down at the sea from the top of the hill feel it's draw, like blue fire trickling along the waves. They see impressions of the Goddess in everything there, and draw her likeness upon the walls of every building - a variety of graffiti artwork that people try to wash away but always seems to come back up. Nothing ever settles right in the artwork, but it settles to the artist and that's all that matters. Because of the legends instilled, and the culture of artistry of a Goddess of Desire, the Alley doubles as a Red District at night - and numerous bars and clubs in the area use that legendry for themselves, such as the Arabian Nights club, where the owner is said to be able to grant any wish... for a price.
Arabian Nights - A club located in the Metropolitan area that caters to the wicked and the sinful. It's popular enough that even on the weekdays, it's always got a crowd of people waiting outside the door. Rumors say that if you get in, you can make a wish and set it in the lamp - and if the owner reads your wish, they say she can make it happen. [ Located in New Haven Metropolis]
The Hedge - Most of the Hedge in New Haven is a dark and gloomy woods, filled with shadows and things that lurk in the foliage. The mind plays tricks in the woods, and this is doubly true in the hedge, where the Realm reacts to the thoughts, desires, and paranoias of the ones traveling through. By day, the path feels warm and bright. The seasons will change the path, but even when it's raining there is something almost magical and fey about the trods. The leaves sparkle with dew like starlight and the heavens are lined with a variety of rainbow colors. All that glitters is not gold, the Lost will remind you, and the same beauty that lines the path will entice those to wonder off it, into the shadows of the Woods themselves. By night, the path is far more foreboding. The trees seem to reach out hungrily, but stay out of the beaten path. It's always lit by ample starlight. There are some roads, however, which end in darkness - and only the Court of Madness walks these roads - creating special lanterns which light the path. It's not just woods of course - get closer to the Coast, and the Hedge starts to become more aquatic in nature, with the thorns represented by brackish water filled with hidden wreckage and hungry creatures eventually melding into towering forests filled with sharp brush as one moves farther inland. Some parts of the coastal area do not allow for passage on foot, requiring the traveler to either swim through the 'safe' waters or to have a vessel able to carry them across.
The Dreaming Roads - The Dreaming Roads are part of the Hedge, and the Hedge of Maine perhaps looks closest to the Dreaming Roads out of any Hedge in the world - but there are still noticable differences. The road is clearer here, if not equally foreboding, and the ever moonlit sky that lights the path has an eerie sort of tranquility that the Hedge does not. Travelers will take the Dreaming Roads to lead to paths unknown. The most obvious paths are the Bastions of Dreamers - each different and unique to the dreamer... but the Dreaming Roads do not lead to Dreams alone. Wayfarers of the Courts and Beasts who call them their allies will use these roads to strange and alien locations - the Underworld, the Shadow, and then other locations more native to Dreams, such as Club Vertigo and the Primordial Dream.
Ship Graveyard - It just is. They never try to remove it and they rarely even acknowledge its there. They certainly -haven't- bothered to do much exploring of it the land is treacherous. Occasionally, the light house will fail in the gulf storms and a new ship will be lost to the grave yard. They have found their final resting place since before the civil war. And those who dare look into it, those who have peered to closely to the whispers of what lie beneath say a lot of the trouble started here. [Location Pending - Will Still Be Used in Geist Game]

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