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The Court of Tempest

Any individual whose seen the other side has seen it. It's a being so powerful, not even the greatest threats challenge it, but what it's doing here no one knows. An Incarna of vast power, the Eye of the Storm is blamed for a great amount of the turbulent weather of New Haven. Rumor has it it's only one aspect of an even greater entity, though which is up for speculation. It wanders the sky of New Haven, constantly looking down at it. Shamans say it's looking for something - but what, no one knows.
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The Spirits of lightning are often the most thought of group within the storm choir. Violent and Temperamental, the Storm Dragons strike where they want, when they want - with an anger so hot it melts the very ground. Fortunately, most are fairly short lived, but some spirits manage to continue to live on as powerful beasts in the stormy skies.
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Rain Dancers
The Rain Spirits are the Aristocracy and Infantry of the Courts of Tempest. Often, water spirits will move between the Choir of Depths and the Court of Tempest, but more often the various water spirits will battle it out between one another, taking from another to power each other. Those who look at the ocean waters of the Hisil can often see figures dancing on the waves, as the waves try to batter the figures down. The battle often begins at sea and travels inland, as rain and water spirits are pushed by the winds towards land and the people within it.
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The Sky-Wails are the spirits of the clouds. It's said that when it rains or storms in the shadow it is from the tears of these massive behemoths in the sky. Far more docile than the Levindrakes, the Sky-Wails are no less dangerous - their massive size and girth could take whole packs or cabals to take out just one.
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