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The Silence
In Wormwood, there are two gods of major note. The Church of the First Hope focuses their faith on the Goddess Lumier - Wormwoods equivalent to our own Christian God, Lumier is a Goddess of Light and Kindess, and the general pillar of most Obrimos who lead the Academy of Saints.

Then there is the other God - the Silence. They don't talk about this god, because to do so is a Blasphemy. It's actually illegal to speak of the Silence, which makes it curious that all the residents know what it is. It is the God which rests outside the Gates of Light that border Wormwood - the Other, the Outside. Some residents of Wormwood actually believe -Our- world to BE the Silence, which has and will lead to no end of hostilities between the two groups.
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Voice of Silence
Not many people have met with the Voice of Silence and lived to tell the tell. Stories exist of course - tells of when a person crossed a man and wasn't able to speak, or when everything went quiet - replaced with a nothing more filling than any emptiness had any right to be.

Those who speak of the being, censored though the topic may be to discuss the topic of the Silence, say that he was once a man. More than just a man, he was an Awakened - an Archmagus of incredibly standing and power. They say he fell from grace when he left the city's barrier to parlay with the Silence, to seek protection for the city.
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