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Worshipped as a chosen Uratha by one of the cults within the city, Avalon was raised with the knowledge that she was the Scion of Fenris-Ur. Determined to take up her destiny, she seeks to find those who might be the Scions of the other Firstborn and create the strongest pack the world has ever known - surpassing even their parents.

Raised to know only combat, Avalon lacks much in the way of social skills, preferring to end things at the end of a blade or her claws.
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Chavali "DoomStrike'
Doom strike is of Gypsy blood, something shes never really moved away from. As a Blood Talon shes always ready to throw down, but as a Irraka she prefers to stalk and strike at the best time, silent, efficient and very deadly.
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Colin 'Far Cry' Wymen
Blood Talon, Lodge of Garm
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Crystal 'Saint' Smith
Born in Fairbanks Alaska, Crystal had a rocky childhood. Her father was a gunsmith by trade, but a werewolf "by night." if you could call being a werewolf a profession. Crystal was soon left to her mother after her father died during a hunt, though at the time, she was unaware of her father's other lifestyle.

Her father's pack did their best to take care of her as her mother's mental state (and liver) deteriorated, teaching her the gunsmithing trade and how to shoot. When her change finally happened, it was a violent one, though one could argue that nobody would miss the two who cornered her. Despite all of this, she clings to some of her old beliefs, believing people like her were put on this world to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Now she works as a 'troubleshooter' or cleaner of a sort, specializing in supernatural threats. During the day, she can be found working behind a gun counter.
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Drina "Unity" Fieraru
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