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Bellamy Lockwood
A bit rough and tumble, family oriented and over protective. Ready for adventure or a fight.
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Cadence Compton
Academic Farm Girl. Age: 16-17
She is studious, diligent and cares about others.

Knowledge is a draw for her. Cadence wants to get ahead, and always pushes herself to excel. While she tries not to add to her family's burdens and troubles, she doesn't want to live a dull or boring life of simple servitude. Not when she has a clever and inquisitive mind...she can do more. Havenswood lacks a hospital or even a medical clinic, so she wants to become a doctor to fill that need.
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Harlem is an outside and arrived at the same time as Lucien. Like the latter, he's found a measure of acceptance in Havenswood as a quirky but otherwise decent sort of guy who works at the Coastal Leader, Havenswood's local newspaper. Most people recognize Harlem on sight; he's the twitchy, thin man in the long coat who keeps staring at his own shadow with those too-clear eyes. Harlem's got some damn striking eyes and they're alert. He tells people he sees things sometimes but most folks chalk it up to 'crazy old Harlem'. He was a veteran, they say, who got a little too much Agent Orange or something. Harlem just can't help himself; he's the harmless sort of kook. Just don't let your kids hang out alone by him.
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Mike Crowley
Mike's one of the few folks who left Havenswood though he did come right back when the Korean War ended. He's an odd duck, or so everyone says, and most people have a story about some weird event or another happening around him. Mike's terminally shy to the point of being a recluse but extremely dependable to the few who worm their way into his heart. He'll also dig bullets out without too many questions which is more useful to a werewolf pack than it might sound.
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Stephanie Ward
Samson Ward's younger sister, Stephanie is a local Havenswood girl, born and bred. She took after their mother with her lighter complexion and blonde hair versus Samson's swarthy, dark-haired self. She's a regular sight around town, whether it's jogging in the mornings or driving around one of the Sheriff's Department's older model Crown Vic's. She's brand new on the force and eager to make a name for herself.
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