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Anthony Marks
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Artie Martinson
Artie seems... plain. His skin and hands are pale, except about a centimeter away from the clothes he wears - to which his skin seems to blend in and match. His eyes are where the real weirdness seems to be. They are like screens that are often as not turned off, except when they are at their most active.

His skin is smooth, like it's made of plastic. Pale white plastic is the default, of course, but you can taint the colors of the plastic colored skin without too much issue - it seems almost like what he wears, but usually only when what he wears is fae based, such as his uniform.
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Damien Wetherford
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Hunterheart
Notable Merits: Eidetic Memory, Fast Reflexes, Iron Stamina, Trained Observer

In his youth Damien was the lone iconoclast in a family of wealth and privledge, seeing the system his life was built upon as the bullshit that it was and fighting against it in the best way that he could. That spark remained with the young man as he was taken to Arcadia, shaped into one who leaped out from unexpected corners and struck fear into those that he faced with a single look. Now finding himself in a world that has passed him by the drive to fix what is broken is all the more potent, considering that he now is one such shattered piece on the board of life.
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Dominic Mathers
Athletic dark hair, Likes Birds
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Dominic Mathers
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Athletic dark hair, Likes Birds
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She's easy to overlook. Parts of her almost feel like they might even be see through, or at the very least clear like a clear puzzle piece of plastic or glass. Her eyes are a bit empty, which is to say it looks like you could fill them if you had the right substance. You might say she felt something like a ghost that hadn't quite vanished yet. The most memorable thing about the quiet girl was the silver thread that seemed to pour forth from the small of her back and drape down before fading to nothing. If anyone asked her about it she just shrugs.
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Jordan Wallace
In the game of Chess in Chess World, a Pawn could become a Queen by reaching the end of the stage - theoretically. The rules of Arcadia were different from the modern world, as the edge of the stage didn't exist - one could argue that the chessboard was a sphere, and if all you could do was move forward, eventually you'd reach the place you started. But that didn't stop the pawns from being able to change, like Jordan did. For them, what becoming a Queen (or whatever piece Thomas felt like he needed at the time) meant was was that the pawn moved as far as the pawn could ever possibly move - and then moved further.

If you asked the Chess Pieces about the things that haunt their nightmares, Jordan's transition into a Queen is one few really -want- to remember - but those who witness it remember flashes - like pictures snapped into their head.

They remember Thomas stripping off every article of clothing on her body. They remember him tearing into her flesh, covering her and painting her red in her own blood. They remember her screams, her whimpers, her moans, her tears. They remember him pushing her as far as she could go - and then pushing her farther.

And when her transition from a pawn to a queen had been completed, Jordan was changed - completely and utterly. No matter how many games they played after that, Jordan retained her title as Queen; As though the board had accepted she'd already reached the end by the start of the game.
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Maximilian Curtis
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Mindy Westford

Mindy is a crier. If one important distinction can be recalled of Mindy, its that. She cries a lot. When she's scared. When she's upset. When she's happy. She's got a fully functioning set of tears ready to go at the drop of the hat, and she didn't even have to rob the crocodiles to get them. When she was first taken, it was the most annoying, grating sound in the box. That whimper, that sniffle, that awful wail which only made a bad situation worse. As the Arcadian years passed, the tears never stopped, but they did quiet down to an almost tolerable level.

Some people remember moments she seemed strong, but ultimately she felt weak. Fragile. Every bit the pawn that she was made to embody. She was small, and didn't move fast. She was quiet, except when the tears would not let her be. And she was cowardly - she was not brave, was not capable of learning how to handle the fears that she had. Her happiest moments were the moments in which she was able to hide behind someone stronger, to let them take care of her and keep her safe. Her worst moments were the ones where she was isolated and alone.

Even now, she still hides behind those she's most comfortable with. Sometimes the fact that she is hiding isn't obvious - she's just a step behind someone else, or letting that person take the spotlight so she doesn't have to be. Arcadia taught her how best to back up someone else, so she makes herself into the ultimate wing-girl, the perfect partner, the bridesmaid rather than the bride.

She's escaped, but she still cries. These days, the tears are silent and more hidden - most often after sleeping. Most of the Chess Club figures she's still having nightmares about Arcadia. They don't realize she's having nightmares about what it was she left behind.
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Richie Tyler
Drugs, Sex, and Rock and Roll - in that order, was Richie Tyler's life. One of the outcasts, but never a loner, Richie was always a bit of a socialite in the set of people who refused to be defined by the rules of society. He liked to party, and liked to be the life of any party he joined.

People back then knew him as the guy to talk to if you needed to get high - he had a series of hookups that seemed to work for him to get easy access to whatever you needed. You'd never find him in class though - you'd find him on the outskirts, or in the bleachers, always a master of avoiding authority figures and setting up hookups.

He thinks it was that ability to find what he needed that caused the Black King to take him, and add him to the alien game of Chess. He took the role of a Knight, and used his abilities to find what he needed to find weaknesses and strike his designated enemies from angles that they couldn't have ever expected.

When people try to remember Richie in Arcadia, they tend to recall that he was good at finding ways to cope. Just like in the physical world, he knew how to hook people up with connections with brewers and with the right kind of Arcadian Fruit to get you high enough to deal with the next war. They remember him playing music to try to get their mind off the wars, the battles and the bloodshed. They remember him being a light flirt.

He hit on one of the Queens once, they recall. They can't for the life recall if it was one of the Queens who managed to escape, nor can they recall the aftermath. Just the fact that he -did-, and the result from the Kings was savage enough that he never played music again after that.
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Ross Ford
Ross was one of the more popular kids back when High School was around. That wasn't surprising - it was almost stereotypical. He was known to be smart, athletic, and strong - had a good reasonable amount of wealth to his name and knew all the right people. He made sure to be in one sport at least every season, not always the same ones. Wrestling, Swimming, JROTC, Football - he was even the Quarterback when he played.

He doesn't talk about how he was taken. He honestly probably doesn't remember it. But he knows he was taken because he was good. He was powerful, strong, and needed little training in order to hurt people around him. He was dubbed a Rook, and shaped by the Game Master into a piece that better suited his speed and ferocity. And he - like all the other pieces - was made to play in a game that worked on alien rules, in a world that wasn't his own.
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Darkling Witchtooth (Bishop) - Status 3 (Chess Club), Autumn Mantle 1, Intimidation 2, Occult 3

Sabrina is kind of a bitch. Well, kind of is putting it nicely - she doesn't bother trying to be kind or supportive to many people - and those she does dislike she makes a point to ensure everyone knows it.
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Shane Kesner
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Shelby Mycroft
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Victoria Harper-Sutherland
They fear her.

She's a part of Chess Club of course, no one would kick her to the side - they all came from the same world, they all went through many of the same things. She was hurt, like their own queen was. But that doesn't change the fact that it's in their face, the way they hold themselves, the subtle but distinctive distance they keep and the way that - when the whole club gathers - the white pieces move into formation, and she seems almost jarred against that formation:

They fear her.

And they have good reason to fear her, because while the pieces and sides could and did change throughout the world of Chess, the memories they all seem to have of her are the ones of her on the opposite side. Because in that world, there were...

Hundreds of Rooks. Hundreds of Bishops. Hundreds of Knights. Thousands of Pawns. Dozens of Pawns who evolved into any other piece.

And two original Queens.

And she was the Other Queen. The only piece in Chess Club to come out that wasn't on the same side as them, they recall memories of her on the field of battle. A monster who could be anywhere, at any place on the field - who could even walk both the White and Black Paths, and who - unlike all the other pieces - never walked as a unit.

She was more than a Queen. More than an enemy. She was a symbol of death. The ultimate carnage that the Black King could inflict upon you.

Many of them can remember the feel of her hands on their neck, or the dispassionate gaze of her eyes as they fell before her.

And she came out with the rest of them. Distant, and aloof. Cold and dangerous.

Of course they fear her. She's different. But with that fear, there is a certain amount of respect. A balance of sorts, between the White and Black Queens, where they hold each other in check and feel a certain comfort and security from that fearful strength.

After all, better to have her on their side, than on the other side of the board again.

The air around Victoria is cold. It's not a mantle - it's the chill. Her hair is black and silky, and glistens almost like starlight. Her crown is a golden design, but it's not quite... gold. Too dark, and something about it seems almost... sacred.

Her skin is smooth - and flawless. There isn't a single scar on her unmarred skin. When she walks, it's with a determination and poise that only royalty could manage. In the rare moments that she smiles, it's...
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