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Overtaking the element of water and taking over the color of blue, Azure serves as the Hearthmaster of Synesthesia, keeping the group grounded and serving as a healer both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

She and Crimson seem to fill a complimentary role within the group - Crimson being the one who jumps into the fire for the burning victim, and Azure the one who tends to the Victim's wounds.
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Heroes are born from the paths one takes, rather than the powers that they develop. From even before his Awakening, Crimson was a hero devoted to a single cause - saving lives and making the world a better place. New Haven was a city rife with evil - figuratively and literally.

Crimson started the most significant parts of his life as a volunteer firefighter. Each day spent was a day risking his life to save another - from there, it was no stretch to try to bring a better life to this city by becoming a police officer. But once he moved to the police office he became aware of just how corrupt the system was.

Bodies went missing all the time. Mysterious deaths were covered up and hidden. Investigations went cold due to tampered evidence. A Good Cop in a Bad World, Crimson found himself trapped within a sea of lies, red tape, and corruption, and found himself missing the flames - at least there, he felt, he was saving lives.

It was a fire that Awoke him - or rather, the aftermath. The investigation into a local arson lead no clues that legitimately made sense, but that didn't stop Crimson. Tied of his life of lies, he sought the truth that he found in the investigation until he eventually awoke to his true destiny.

Now, he's a member of Synesthesia, a Tamer of Fire, and he still tries to do good, but it's different now; He knows the problem is with this fallen world, and the only true way to fix it is by fixing the literal world itself and connecting it to the Supernal. He has all the power in the world now - he just needs to focus on using it for good rather than for ill.
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The Son of Lucifer, Silver was a young boy raised in the Seventh Circle's Awakening Program. Caught within the rigorous and hellish environment provided, meant to trigger him into rousing into a Proximi and Awakening, Silver existed in an abusive parent-child relationship until the day in which the Seventh Circle engaged with Synesthesia and Crimson was captured. Crimson escaped, and took with him two of the Seventh Circle's Projects - Silver, and one other.

Out of the two of the Project's stolen, Silver seems to have come out unharmed. While the other Project's Trigger increased in Severity due to leaving the Lab, Silver seems to have suffered no ill side effects from leaving and, in fact, seems to have since become a fully fledged Awakened. He's since taken to trying to understand his new life and make the most of it. He doesn't talk much to anyone, besides Crimson and Azure.
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