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The Seat of Sloth
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Lilith is a woman who follows a very alchemical look through life, and is a woman who puts that outlook into practice, particularly on those who the Seventh Circle pushes towards awakening. While Lucifer is the Head of the Cabal, Lilith fulfills the function as the Second in the Circle.

She could be seen as the Hearthmaster, but that would be a kindness. More accurately, she's the individual within the Cabal who pushes them forward and keeps them going, usually through the idea that anything she could give to a person would be worse than what their enemies could.

A Scientist at Heart, her goal parallels with Lucifers own; Where he wants to make new Awakened, She wants to explore the process. Every individual who doesn't trigger is worth study. Everyone who does, even more so. Of the members of the Seventh Circle, most 'Graduates' seem to fear her the most, even if they respect her.
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Every war needs Soldiers.

New Haven is a place where people are trapped, and yet there is no trapping those who have escaped from the Lie. At least, in theory. New Haven is a fountain of Mysteries, some of which are benign but most of which are dangerous, uncontrollable, and unmanageable.

Wormwood. Null Zones. Abyssal Abberations. A Shadow Storm. Bound. Vampires. Werewolves. Demons. Faeries. Seers. Liches. Scelesti. Banishers. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, you will always find yourself engaged with one of these dangerous groups, and even Awakened can be over ran by numbers.

To combat the growing threat, one Mage stood up to bring a greater focus. He took the knowledge of the nature of Proximi, a huge list of people from various lines, and began implementing a system to try to increase the number - and quality - of people Awakening within the city. The actions were extreme, but the results were promising, granting both a large reserve of resources to the Consilium as well as keeping the area filled with those who would awake. Some say the price is too much - Lucifer though says that no Price is too great for Truth.

It's said that if there is one man whose power rivals that of the High Lord, it's Lucifer - whether or not that's true or not has never truly been confirmed, as the Seventh Circle and the House of Ellyon seem to have a very symbiotic relationship - one in which, despite the fact that they do not always agree in all things, neither side seems willing to risk losing.
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