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The Houses of Ellyon

Archimedes was a young boy of the best intentions. The seventh son of the head of the House of Ellyon, it was always known that Archimedes would be destined for greatness, and when his sixteenth birthday came he came into his power as a Proximi - acquiring the first step on the path of Awakening. He awakened three years later with some guidance from the Seventh Circle, who fashioned him into a greater person, helping hone his physical and mental capabilities as well as his natural legalese regarding the local politics, and he manuevered his way into the position of Hierarch. He should be the most powerful person in the city - but the reality is far different. The Shadow of his father casts a wide birth, and it's clear that the respect given to him is not his own, but anothers. Archimedes of course knows this, and has to walk a careful line between wielding the power of his mentors and seeming weak.

Within the House, Archimedes represents both a point of power for the Cabal as well as a political asset - he's unmarried, and given his position any bride suitable for him would be placed in a position of incredible power, even if at the whims of another. Still, Archimedes himself doesn't seem to be in any hurry to marry, and no one has yet proven themselves worthy in the eyes of his father.

Consilium Status: 2 (Hierarch)
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Coatlicue Aurelius
The Head of House Aurelius, Coaticue is named after the Aztec mother of the gods, and she often has no problem citing why she chose it - a different story for a different occasion. A bloody handed woman, Coaticue is a harsh and unforgiving leader who expects both excellence and obedience from those who follow her - or, if they cannot be obedient, the strength to survive when they become her prey.

Consilium Status 4 - Councilor, Political Bulldog
Silver Ladder Status 3
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High Lord Ellyon
He's not the Hierarch, but he rules the city.

He's not upon the Council, but his vote carries more weight than three.

The head of the House of Ellyon is perhaps the most powerful member of the Pentacle within the city - at the very least, he's the most influential. He holds no official position within the city, but rather leads through his own action and through the House of Ellyon. While it's unknown how very long the High Lord has been around, the Seventh Circle claims to have known him for roughly thirty years. A Magister within the Silver Ladder and the final authority within the House of Ellyon, his word could force both silver laws and sentinel action, if properly applied.

Consilium Status: 5
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A young woman in her own right, Kyoto was not born into House Ryujin, but rather was married to one of it's members at a young age and sent to New Haven to be raised with it's members.

Consilium Status 1
Arrow Status 2
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Nymbus: As Omi unleashes the magic, the paradox wracking throuhout his body being pushed aside like a whim and the true power that existed within his soul escaping to the reality, his eyes started shift in color, the black liquid pools showing his hatred of the target, like the Abyss seeking to draw one in. Static electricity seemed to pulse around him, and the lights flickered angrily as he continued his step, the words of power escaping his lips as the sounds of screams can be heard, high pitched and echoing throughout the hallway. The screams of a mother dying at the hands of her child, it's enough to cause those unprepared for the sound to weep, shaking in the experience. Glass starts to crack and shatter and light bulbs pop as he reaches out, his will invoked into one dark spell touched with the anger of all he has ever known...
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The youngest mage in the city, no one would ever suspect any position she held within the city to be any more than a Joke - however, she's a prodigy from House Ryujin, capable of much more than her young age would suggest.

Consilium Status 2 (Hierarch's Provost)
Adamantine Arrow Status 1 (Talon)


She's created her own legacy. It's only just forged, but she's working on gaining enough power to take students.

She's a prodigy. That much is obvious, given her age - but did you know she was tutored by High Lord Ellyon himself?

She's a lich. The body that is what we know as Pixie is nothing more than the shell of a mage who found a girl and hollowed her out, leaving what is there now. How else would she be as strong as she is now?

Most Awakened come out with a modicum of the understandings of causality, but not her. Her youth means she hasn't learned restraint, and has all the power in the world. Stay away from her - she may well decide to make -you- her next experiment.
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The Dragon
Whereas the most powerful member of the Houses of Ellyon would be the High Lord Ellyon, the Dragon himself is a well known man of considerable power himself. The High Lord to the House Ryujin, he leads a Japanese House which is said to have come to the city as a result of gateways between their homeland and this place, and stayed to investigate the connection between the two areas.

Consilium Status 4 (Obrimos Councilor)
Arrow Status 4 (Adamant Sage)
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