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The so called 'Mustang' of New Haven, Miranda is an independent-minded woman, who strongly believes in unique, sustainable technologies over traditional standards. While firmly believing in the good of others, she isn't naive enough to think well of everyone. More than willing to get her hands dirty, she has a proud, stubborn streak that can rub others the wrong way. This has put her at odds with the Consilium of New Haven, and gained her the moniker of Mustang, which she has adopted as her own.
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Path: Thyrsis
Order: Nameless
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Archimedes was a young boy of the best intentions. The seventh son of the head of the House of Ellyon, it was always known that Archimedes would be destined for greatness, and when his sixteenth birthday came he came into his power as a Proximi - acquiring the first step on the path of Awakening. He awakened three years later with some guidance from the Seventh Circle, who fashioned him into a greater person, helping hone his physical and mental capabilities as well as his natural legalese regarding the local politics, and he manuevered his way into the position of Hierarch. He should be the most powerful person in the city - but the reality is far different. The Shadow of his father casts a wide birth, and it's clear that the respect given to him is not his own, but anothers. Archimedes of course knows this, and has to walk a careful line between wielding the power of his mentors and seeming weak.

Within the House, Archimedes represents both a point of power for the Cabal as well as a political asset - he's unmarried, and given his position any bride suitable for him would be placed in a position of incredible power, even if at the whims of another. Still, Archimedes himself doesn't seem to be in any hurry to marry, and no one has yet proven themselves worthy in the eyes of his father.

Consilium Status: 2 (Hierarch)
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Overtaking the element of water and taking over the color of blue, Azure serves as the Hearthmaster of Synesthesia, keeping the group grounded and serving as a healer both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

She and Crimson seem to fill a complimentary role within the group - Crimson being the one who jumps into the fire for the burning victim, and Azure the one who tends to the Victim's wounds.
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The Seat of Sloth
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Christopher "Magnus" Martinnson
Path: Mastigos
Order: Guardian of the Veil
Legacy: The Eleventh Question

A native of London, the former profiler has arrived in the small town of New Haven after serving a stint with the BAU in the New York City offices. His exact reasons for coming to the city are unknown, and what he plans to do now that he is here has yet to be seen...
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Coatlicue Aurelius
The Head of House Aurelius, Coaticue is named after the Aztec mother of the gods, and she often has no problem citing why she chose it - a different story for a different occasion. A bloody handed woman, Coaticue is a harsh and unforgiving leader who expects both excellence and obedience from those who follow her - or, if they cannot be obedient, the strength to survive when they become her prey.

Consilium Status 4 - Councilor, Political Bulldog
Silver Ladder Status 3
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Heroes are born from the paths one takes, rather than the powers that they develop. From even before his Awakening, Crimson was a hero devoted to a single cause - saving lives and making the world a better place. New Haven was a city rife with evil - figuratively and literally.

Crimson started the most significant parts of his life as a volunteer firefighter. Each day spent was a day risking his life to save another - from there, it was no stretch to try to bring a better life to this city by becoming a police officer. But once he moved to the police office he became aware of just how corrupt the system was.

Bodies went missing all the time. Mysterious deaths were covered up and hidden. Investigations went cold due to tampered evidence. A Good Cop in a Bad World, Crimson found himself trapped within a sea of lies, red tape, and corruption, and found himself missing the flames - at least there, he felt, he was saving lives.

It was a fire that Awoke him - or rather, the aftermath. The investigation into a local arson lead no clues that legitimately made sense, but that didn't stop Crimson. Tied of his life of lies, he sought the truth that he found in the investigation until he eventually awoke to his true destiny.

Now, he's a member of Synesthesia, a Tamer of Fire, and he still tries to do good, but it's different now; He knows the problem is with this fallen world, and the only true way to fix it is by fixing the literal world itself and connecting it to the Supernal. He has all the power in the world now - he just needs to focus on using it for good rather than for ill.
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Doug Richards
Path: Moros
Order: None

New Arrival to town, on the run and unsure of what's happening to him.
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A young, freshly awakened moros who's already fallen in with the Mysterium.
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Gemini Enigma
Born in Moldovia, shes only been in New Haven for about 2 years. She came up via Miami after made the city too hot to be in. Her cabal is close enough that they all relocated. Shes one of the Vets in New Haven. Shes a bit shy but friendly, loving and a healer. To kind for her own good.
Her other half, Enigma is the male aspect of her, he is her protector. When she cant bring herself to do something he takes over. He protects her as any brother should. He is her predator to her prey.

Striking Looks 2
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The Witch known as Grimalkin is not well known within the city - despite many people wishing to know more about her. Those who study into the other cabals know her to be the so-called spymaster of the Silver Coin... but, since the Silver Coin is comprised of mostly Guardians and known for sneaking information from people, it's likely that's just a means to divert people's eyes to her.

Consilium Status 0 (Not Well Known)
Guardian of the Veil Status 3

Rumored Orphan of Proteus
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High Lord Ellyon
He's not the Hierarch, but he rules the city.

He's not upon the Council, but his vote carries more weight than three.

The head of the House of Ellyon is perhaps the most powerful member of the Pentacle within the city - at the very least, he's the most influential. He holds no official position within the city, but rather leads through his own action and through the House of Ellyon. While it's unknown how very long the High Lord has been around, the Seventh Circle claims to have known him for roughly thirty years. A Magister within the Silver Ladder and the final authority within the House of Ellyon, his word could force both silver laws and sentinel action, if properly applied.

Consilium Status: 5
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Jacob "Kelvin" Caulfield
Path: Moros
Order: Mysterium
Legacy: Caduceus of the Nephilim

Active in the Mysterium for little over a decade, Kelvin is best known as a traveling guardian, assisting Athenaea all over the country. Before arriving in New Haven he was in Miami, protecting the stores of knowledge from the ever-searching eyes of the Seers that had claimed the city as their own.
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Jason "Leviathan" Evans
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Legacy: Orphans of Proteus

An Australian national who found his way to the United States some time ago, this serpentine Orphan of Proteus is a bounty hunter for hire, using his skills as a tracker and his Awakened abilities to locate his quarry and harry them into well-planned traps. The money is almost secondary, though; the want - no, need - for the snake to hunt is paramount.
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A young woman in her own right, Kyoto was not born into House Ryujin, but rather was married to one of it's members at a young age and sent to New Haven to be raised with it's members.

Consilium Status 1
Arrow Status 2
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Laura 'Moment' Maher
Aspiring Guardian of Time.
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Lilith is a woman who follows a very alchemical look through life, and is a woman who puts that outlook into practice, particularly on those who the Seventh Circle pushes towards awakening. While Lucifer is the Head of the Cabal, Lilith fulfills the function as the Second in the Circle.

She could be seen as the Hearthmaster, but that would be a kindness. More accurately, she's the individual within the Cabal who pushes them forward and keeps them going, usually through the idea that anything she could give to a person would be worse than what their enemies could.

A Scientist at Heart, her goal parallels with Lucifers own; Where he wants to make new Awakened, She wants to explore the process. Every individual who doesn't trigger is worth study. Everyone who does, even more so. Of the members of the Seventh Circle, most 'Graduates' seem to fear her the most, even if they respect her.
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Mobile Containment is the word. This sentinel is often sent when things go very south. Shes good at handling situations and bringing them to a end, or ..containing them.
One thing she is known for: relentlessness.
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Every war needs Soldiers.

New Haven is a place where people are trapped, and yet there is no trapping those who have escaped from the Lie. At least, in theory. New Haven is a fountain of Mysteries, some of which are benign but most of which are dangerous, uncontrollable, and unmanageable.

Wormwood. Null Zones. Abyssal Abberations. A Shadow Storm. Bound. Vampires. Werewolves. Demons. Faeries. Seers. Liches. Scelesti. Banishers. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, you will always find yourself engaged with one of these dangerous groups, and even Awakened can be over ran by numbers.

To combat the growing threat, one Mage stood up to bring a greater focus. He took the knowledge of the nature of Proximi, a huge list of people from various lines, and began implementing a system to try to increase the number - and quality - of people Awakening within the city. The actions were extreme, but the results were promising, granting both a large reserve of resources to the Consilium as well as keeping the area filled with those who would awake. Some say the price is too much - Lucifer though says that no Price is too great for Truth.

It's said that if there is one man whose power rivals that of the High Lord, it's Lucifer - whether or not that's true or not has never truly been confirmed, as the Seventh Circle and the House of Ellyon seem to have a very symbiotic relationship - one in which, despite the fact that they do not always agree in all things, neither side seems willing to risk losing.
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Luna is sweet. That much is likely disarming to anyone who has met the other members of the Primal Shadows, especially the werewolf ones. Considered often the face of the group, she is a charming individual who seems to have a fun, carefree attitude.

Born into a family of wolf-blooded, Luna was raised under the careful thumb of her father and abusive mother. She was raised to expect that she would either undergo a First Change or be mated to one of the Wolves of her Mother's Pack and expected to bear his children and - she accepted this burden and role, understanding that she would either be a Predator and Hunter, or one of the Hunter's Prey.

When she awakened, however, everything changed - her eyes opened, and she realized that neither was true - and both were. She took to the Thrysus path and was discovered by the Tarrasque, who attempted to take her under his wing but was met with opposition by her family.

The event sparked a small war between the Tarrasque and the Pack, and would have escalated in the Death of likely both the mage and the group, but Luna intervened; She asked if she could walk within two lines and negotiated between the two groups that existed. She was Predator -and- Prey she explained, and would live as both - to do her Duty to the Mother, and her Duty to Herself. From this negotiation came the birth of the Primal Shadows - A Cabal of Spiritual Mages who were also a part of a Pack.
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Nymbus: As Omi unleashes the magic, the paradox wracking throuhout his body being pushed aside like a whim and the true power that existed within his soul escaping to the reality, his eyes started shift in color, the black liquid pools showing his hatred of the target, like the Abyss seeking to draw one in. Static electricity seemed to pulse around him, and the lights flickered angrily as he continued his step, the words of power escaping his lips as the sounds of screams can be heard, high pitched and echoing throughout the hallway. The screams of a mother dying at the hands of her child, it's enough to cause those unprepared for the sound to weep, shaking in the experience. Glass starts to crack and shatter and light bulbs pop as he reaches out, his will invoked into one dark spell touched with the anger of all he has ever known...
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Path: Mastigos
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Status(GotV): 3-Famuli-Susceptor (Guardian Only)
Faction: ???
Legacy: N/A
Cabal: Smoke and Mirrors

An enigma even among the majority of Guardians beyond his status. Rarely appearing in person and even then leaves as subtly as he appeared. Doing little to increase his status in the eyes of the Concilium, but still shows respect to their authority in his own way. Often replies to inquiries via proxy of the Emissary or dead drops.

Within recent months he's been harder to reach and takes more care in how he communicates with others. No one is quite sure why the change in behavior, but there are enough subtle movements to know he's still around if one looks close enough.
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The youngest mage in the city, no one would ever suspect any position she held within the city to be any more than a Joke - however, she's a prodigy from House Ryujin, capable of much more than her young age would suggest.

Consilium Status 2 (Hierarch's Provost)
Adamantine Arrow Status 1 (Talon)


She's created her own legacy. It's only just forged, but she's working on gaining enough power to take students.

She's a prodigy. That much is obvious, given her age - but did you know she was tutored by High Lord Ellyon himself?

She's a lich. The body that is what we know as Pixie is nothing more than the shell of a mage who found a girl and hollowed her out, leaving what is there now. How else would she be as strong as she is now?

Most Awakened come out with a modicum of the understandings of causality, but not her. Her youth means she hasn't learned restraint, and has all the power in the world. Stay away from her - she may well decide to make -you- her next experiment.
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The Son of Lucifer, Silver was a young boy raised in the Seventh Circle's Awakening Program. Caught within the rigorous and hellish environment provided, meant to trigger him into rousing into a Proximi and Awakening, Silver existed in an abusive parent-child relationship until the day in which the Seventh Circle engaged with Synesthesia and Crimson was captured. Crimson escaped, and took with him two of the Seventh Circle's Projects - Silver, and one other.

Out of the two of the Project's stolen, Silver seems to have come out unharmed. While the other Project's Trigger increased in Severity due to leaving the Lab, Silver seems to have suffered no ill side effects from leaving and, in fact, seems to have since become a fully fledged Awakened. He's since taken to trying to understand his new life and make the most of it. He doesn't talk much to anyone, besides Crimson and Azure.
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Simon Greer
Simon is a quietly confident young man who has lived in the shadow of his father for years. While he tries to deny the things they have in common, he can he rather argumentative and stubborn. It's a good thing he has his friends to keep him somewhat humble.
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The Dragon
Whereas the most powerful member of the Houses of Ellyon would be the High Lord Ellyon, the Dragon himself is a well known man of considerable power himself. The High Lord to the House Ryujin, he leads a Japanese House which is said to have come to the city as a result of gateways between their homeland and this place, and stayed to investigate the connection between the two areas.

Consilium Status 4 (Obrimos Councilor)
Arrow Status 4 (Adamant Sage)
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The Immortal
A powerful Thrysus, the Immortal has received a lot of flack over his particular name. Rumored to be within the Immortal Council, The Immortal (Or Cross, depending on who you ask) is a renowned Arrow who came to New Haven seeking a challenge.

The Immortal is a powerful, renowned Thrysus in the Pentacle. Known for his work in world war two, many mages who do not know him are off put by the man's youthful appearance (even if he is a Thrysus) and his Shadow name. Rumored to be a member of the Immortal Council, many New Haven mages have given him a wide birth or excessive scrutiny.

He came to New Haven, hearing that the location was a hotspot for dangerous supernatural activity and that the people there were having to resort to extreme measures to ensure they had the manpower and capability to keep fighting. Looking for a challenge, he's been known to hunt even within the Null Zones and, magic or not, he is an extremely capable threat to any who'd face off against him.
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The Tarrasque
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Winter Soldier
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