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The Principal at New Haven Academy is perhaps one of the harshest principals in the country. Utilizing a system designed to segregate those who are succeeding from those who are failing, Alaric teaches his students that the weak fear the strong. The school is known for it's harsh treatment of failing students, even going so far as to ignore when such a student is bullied, beaten, or otherwise ridiculed, with even staff beating such students down. This pressure has made being one of the failing students one of the most terrifying things that could possibly become of the local community, making New Haven Academy a Grade school with some of the highest grades and recommendations in the country.

Alaric himself seems to care for his children, even the failing ones - though he expresses it through pushing the militarized belief of the General onto them. He has a deep, resounding hatred for the Seventh Circle, both for their insistence to forcibly awaken those that are not to be awakened, and for their mistreatment and torture of sleepers. His idealism and his conviction towards his morals actually keeps Alaric fairly low on the Seer Totem pole, but despite that he's both a powerful ally and a powerful enemy to have.

Alaric's school also seems to have a special program, specifically for the students who are failing. This program is taught by a local demon who haunts the school. Alaric and the Demon seem to have an arrangement, though their attitudes would appear to oppose them. The students are trained to try to kill the demon, and in doing so are taught to kill, serving as a hand of the General to further Alaric's goals and to put even the weak to use. The Demon when killed returns the next year, and in any year where the children do not kill him, he takes a life.
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