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Smoke and Mirrors

Gemini Enigma
Born in Moldovia, shes only been in New Haven for about 2 years. She came up via Miami after made the city too hot to be in. Her cabal is close enough that they all relocated. Shes one of the Vets in New Haven. Shes a bit shy but friendly, loving and a healer. To kind for her own good.
Her other half, Enigma is the male aspect of her, he is her protector. When she cant bring herself to do something he takes over. He protects her as any brother should. He is her predator to her prey.

Striking Looks 2
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Jacob "Kelvin" Caulfield
Path: Moros
Order: Mysterium
Legacy: Caduceus of the Nephilim

Active in the Mysterium for little over a decade, Kelvin is best known as a traveling guardian, assisting Athenaea all over the country. Before arriving in New Haven he was in Miami, protecting the stores of knowledge from the ever-searching eyes of the Seers that had claimed the city as their own.
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Path: Mastigos
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Status(GotV): 3-Famuli-Susceptor (Guardian Only)
Faction: ???
Legacy: N/A
Cabal: Smoke and Mirrors

An enigma even among the majority of Guardians beyond his status. Rarely appearing in person and even then leaves as subtly as he appeared. Doing little to increase his status in the eyes of the Concilium, but still shows respect to their authority in his own way. Often replies to inquiries via proxy of the Emissary or dead drops.

Within recent months he's been harder to reach and takes more care in how he communicates with others. No one is quite sure why the change in behavior, but there are enough subtle movements to know he's still around if one looks close enough.
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