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The Wyld Hunt

Jason "Leviathan" Evans
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Legacy: Orphans of Proteus

An Australian national who found his way to the United States some time ago, this serpentine Orphan of Proteus is a bounty hunter for hire, using his skills as a tracker and his Awakened abilities to locate his quarry and harry them into well-planned traps. The money is almost secondary, though; the want - no, need - for the snake to hunt is paramount.
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Mobile Containment is the word. This sentinel is often sent when things go very south. Shes good at handling situations and bringing them to a end, or ..containing them.
One thing she is known for: relentlessness.
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The Immortal
A powerful Thrysus, the Immortal has received a lot of flack over his particular name. Rumored to be within the Immortal Council, The Immortal (Or Cross, depending on who you ask) is a renowned Arrow who came to New Haven seeking a challenge.

The Immortal is a powerful, renowned Thrysus in the Pentacle. Known for his work in world war two, many mages who do not know him are off put by the man's youthful appearance (even if he is a Thrysus) and his Shadow name. Rumored to be a member of the Immortal Council, many New Haven mages have given him a wide birth or excessive scrutiny.

He came to New Haven, hearing that the location was a hotspot for dangerous supernatural activity and that the people there were having to resort to extreme measures to ensure they had the manpower and capability to keep fighting. Looking for a challenge, he's been known to hunt even within the Null Zones and, magic or not, he is an extremely capable threat to any who'd face off against him.
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