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Luna is sweet. That much is likely disarming to anyone who has met the other members of the Primal Shadows, especially the werewolf ones. Considered often the face of the group, she is a charming individual who seems to have a fun, carefree attitude.

Born into a family of wolf-blooded, Luna was raised under the careful thumb of her father and abusive mother. She was raised to expect that she would either undergo a First Change or be mated to one of the Wolves of her Mother's Pack and expected to bear his children and - she accepted this burden and role, understanding that she would either be a Predator and Hunter, or one of the Hunter's Prey.

When she awakened, however, everything changed - her eyes opened, and she realized that neither was true - and both were. She took to the Thrysus path and was discovered by the Tarrasque, who attempted to take her under his wing but was met with opposition by her family.

The event sparked a small war between the Tarrasque and the Pack, and would have escalated in the Death of likely both the mage and the group, but Luna intervened; She asked if she could walk within two lines and negotiated between the two groups that existed. She was Predator -and- Prey she explained, and would live as both - to do her Duty to the Mother, and her Duty to Herself. From this negotiation came the birth of the Primal Shadows - A Cabal of Spiritual Mages who were also a part of a Pack.
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The Tarrasque
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Mage - Primal Shadows Email View

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