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Alexai Ivanovich
Alder Alexai Ivanovich, Notary and Technologist of the First Estate.

Brother and Sire to the Alder Anastasia Ivanovich, Soldier, Libettrist, and Player of the First Estate.
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Alexander Wulfric
Predators hunt. They prowl. They take what they want and what they need. Society tells humans not to be predators. It tells them to protect one another. To respect one another. To respect their feelings. Their property. Their lives.
Humans these days. Full of themselves. Full of society. Feeling that they 'deserve' things. Like safety. Like freedom. Like possessions. They felt these things were deserved, all with out the work to go into them. A select few volunteer to maintain that society they so highly value. The rest, are Sheep protected by those few Sheepdogs.
Wulfric wasn't a Sheepdog. He was the wolf. The Predator that the Sheepdogs protected the Sheep from. He was very skilled at circumventing the Sheepdog, and the Shepard. The wolf hunted. Because he was a wolf. Because it was his nature. Sometimes the wolf hunted for blood for it's existence. Sometimes it hunted for money or possessions that the sheep were powerless to retain. Not that he cared overly much about money, and even less for possessions, but because it was who he was. What he was.
He was the Wolf among the Sheep.
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Amy [NPC]
She is fairly young and knows all to well that vampires are monsters. She was violated and killed. Drained of blood and left to die but instead rose despite the fact she was -not- WILLED to do so: Much to the surprise of the Invictus who had sought to slake his lusts upon her and leave her a faded memory...she was picked up from the streets while still trying to figure out what she was and with honey words brought into the Carthian Movement. NOW she has a voice that would make any Daeva proud and fights back against those who would be their masters, she brings the discontented into the fold. And those who fight it? Fire bombing ones haven is not above her.
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Anastasia Ivanovovich
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Baltazar [NPC]
He came across from the old world in one of the ships that crashed into the ship graveyard . He took this as a sign that the God of the Sea wanted him in this place for a reason, all happens for a reason does it not?He joined the local crone and became a 'friend' of the Hermit, her star pupil and some whisper lover. He doesn't talk about what caused the fraction between he and her, perhaps it was when he went from being a Father to the Heirophant and his acceptance into the god head. But they are at odds, and will happily kill each other if they got the chance. The -only- time they talk civilly is when the Crone as a whole is threatened. His words are gold as only a Daeva can spin, and he leads a more sophisticated group in the city who follow Dagon, the Fish god.
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Baroness Madeline Brice
Striking looks 2
Invictus status 3
Bite of the succubus

Lady Brice a Speaker of the First Estate, is from Prague, she travels with her knight and Brood mate. She was deals with the raising of ghoul families. A long time ago, she was a player of the first estate, but rarely now does she play for anyone not close to her.
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Cardinal Gemma [NPC]
She is the night incarnate, you can hear whispers of it every word she speaks. The shadows accept her as one of their own despite the fact she is not Mekhet. She leads the Sanctified as a Lord should. Her rituals are always bloody and brutal, it is her belief that all Lancae sanctum rituals should be; and everything is ritual to her. She preaches a disconnect from humanity, for they are the wolves and the monsters who act as the left hand of god so that the Humans do not fall, so the humans are not shunned from the light. There is reason to fear the night, for her flock stalks the sinners and their tithe is terrifying.
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Dimitri Skala
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Doctor Phillip Knight [NPC]
He came to New Haven in the 60's having received a invitation to visit the city and offered a chance to study some of the strange things that happen here. What he as not told, was that once he stepped into the spiders web he would never be allowed to leave.
Naturally this infuriates the lord, forever is a long time and he intends to shed the skin that has made him stagnant.
His studies vary from dragon nests, to alchemy ..even being rumored to attempt creation like Dr. Frankenstein: all for two reasons; ascension and freedom.
When he was offered the black of the Mysteries it was a surprise to him but he knows if he can use the navigators he can very possibly break the bonds that hold the city hostage.
In the mean time, he steers the covenant as peacefully as a good diplomat can.
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Duke Anton LaVigne "the Spider" [Npc]
There is fear and then there is the Spider. Once one steps into his web they never leave, they are denied that and those strong enough to try end up starved into torpor in his world under the cemetery.
Many would think him Mekhet for all his hiding but faced with his single sharp smile none can deny the fear he wields and fear belong to the Nosferatu.
One never knows where he might be and what he might know, but it is agreed that anyone called to see his true face sees no more; save one.
Cardinal Gemma has seen it, but does not talk about it and those who have tried to reach into her mind only know the icy cold fear left behind. The only thing she has to say about it is that all good shepherds should know their flock and sometimes the reflection of the lords hand can be found outside the sanctified.
He will say he has been here forever, that he IS the night and he IS the pillars and all must stay to keep him company or feed his wet appetite.
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Father Michael [Npc]
He was a Cajun Priest who was embraced after a night of debauchery and brawling by a Gangrel. Cardinal Gemma showed him that he was a sinner and that he deserved his damnation: a fact he owns. He smokes, he brawls, hes a sinner but he will make sure you aren't. He will tell you hes a bad, bad priest but the Lord has a plan even if you don't like it. And if you're a sinner and mortal? hes gonna insure you change your heathen ways, and if that fails there is always the beast that you cant stop that runs with him.
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Gage [NPC]
Little Mister Gage, hes not of the five covenant but claims another, one that is supposed to be lost. Hes old, old as dirt and appears so with his body language and clothing. He often smells of the sea, and rot. His humanity is lacking and when he and his are let loose, normally on those who try to leave or are blood hunted, they can hear the sounds of child like laughter in the woods or park. Imagine, being torn apart by a pack of children who have no compunction to do so and no mind to stop.
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Jesse Millar
Coming soon to a Bite near you
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Malcolm Donovan
'In violence we forget who we are.' ~Mary McCarthy
Carthian Gangrel
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Marcus Sorensen
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Invictus
Notable Merits: Invictus Status (Commissioner, Technologist), Acute Senses, Professional Training (Hacker)

A very new arrival to the city but one who has long danced in the Requiem, this fresh face is a mystery to any outside of the circles that he has made himself known to...so far, anyway.
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Marquise Saraphina Moreau
Marquise Saraphina Moreanu Meister of the Most honorable order of Moon Knights.
She is a Egyptian immigrant who came over a few hundred years ago, shes lost time due to hiding in the dark and getting to know the city and its delicate secret and quietly teaching the Invictus Knights of the Moon. She hears and sees more still, but then most Mekhet do.
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Nox [NPC]
Nox is a Gangrel crone who has been in New Haven as long as anyone can remember, a few who dare speak her name say she was one of the twin children born of rape, they say she is the child of the Penobscot teen who was taken by Adam Duran and strangled her twin in infancy than later spontaneously became kindred to torment the white settlers. But some rumors are best left as rumors.
She started off as the Hermit, and taught Baltazar when he came to her for knowledge of the dark mother. They where once "friendly" but no one can tell you what made them split. Now, she runs the outland coven that claim Dogwood presence and the woods beyond.. Coming across her and her group is normally fatal. They give the kindred a choice, become a hunter or the hunted. Join them, or Flee. Those who flee become the sacrifice to Marduke, who is a hungry god of Magic and magics price is always paid.
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Professor Jared Armstrong
He doesn't talk about where he came from, he doesn't mention his nationality. He simply doesn't care, the past is the past and it does not lead to enlightenment. What does matter to this Mekhet is knowledge, knowledge and judgment.
He is respected as a Justice among the Ordo, his attention is like a microscope. He has a great many knowledges in many fields from simple occult, cryptology, demonology, religions; all the better to identify a issue. He tries to be fair, his concern is for the greater benefit of the covenant after all. Unless of course it does not suit his needs.
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Rayne Thatcher
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Sophia [NPC]
Made to be a play mate for Gage, she runs as his second in command of his pack of wild children. Shes vicious, and feral. And so close to losing what mind she has...
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Stalin "Body Count" Evengi
Once a proud member of the Cossack people, a proud Officer in the Czars army..created by the Russian Bogeyman Baba Yaga this Yagnatia is misplaced, he was doing a job as a Monkey Wrench in another city on the orders of the Zelani and when he went to sleep for the day, woke up in a cave near Suicide Cliffs.

Baffled he has found he can not leave , nor can he remember anything beyond what knowledge he has. Trying to find a touchstone with this city, he has found his brother and sisters, and likes how Amy works, he had always been of the burn and salt the earth mind when it was needed anyways and she needs direction.
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The Fisherman
Fisherman, Fisherman seen here and there. He watches, he waits watching with a dead stare.
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Valerie Fortuin
A vision of elegance, grace, and natural beauty.
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In the dark of the night, silence is deafening.
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