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An old lady often found at the Beach, she seems to be blind - but walks through the ocean picking up different kinds of seashells. She says she sells the sea shells, but no one you know ever buys them. Most people just assume she's crazy, but no one has the heart to call the Asylum on her.
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Brandon Killingsworth
Tribe: Bone Shadow
Auspice: None (Wolf-blooded)
Pack: None
Tell: Piercing Eyes, Horse

Owner of Twisted Ink Tattoo Parlor
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Casper Holloway
A recent arrival to New Haven, Casper's Scottish accent helps him to stand out among the locals, as well as his procilvity to always wearing a set of leather gloves, no matter the weather or occassion. He keeps to himself for the most part when out and about, but when it comes to the books that he sells from his small shop in the Downtown area he can talk your ear off if you let him.
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David Thaler [NpC]
David is the Leader of the Legacy, a bloodline that has spanned centuries. The Legacy will often train their children from the moment they can grasp something in their hands. They learn lores, and how to fight. How to kill.
But, they do not fight that which does not cause harm.
They have a code, the code of Thaler's. What they do do, is find those touched by the night stalking creatures and train them to survive. Those lucky enough to meet their criteria and are found before the Asylum finds them or they wander off the cliffs at any rate..
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Derek Millar
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Eleanora Rothschild
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Jack Connelly
Presence: 1
Status(Police): 2

Standing just under six feet and well fit, he typically wears long sleeves to conceal his the tattoos that trail up both arms. A young man of action who believes actions speak louder than words and lives his life accordingly. Sometimes causing friction with those he interacts with. A respected member of the local city S.W.A.T. team and on loan to various departments when he and his team aren't responding to an incident.
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Lydia Valentina [NPC]
Socialite with some clout, shes a flat lander..newer to the area. She came and married into one of the older families. Now she hosts parties at least once a month. To get a invite from her is every New Haven members dream.
And unlikely to come true.
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Michael Rosswich
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Samantha Connelly
One of the better detectives in the PD, she has a talent for getting into the mind those shes after.
Striking looks 2 : Vibrant.
Status: Police 3 *Detective*
Trained Observer
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Thalassa Zabat
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